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Seven Archangels are the highest rank of angels from Monster Girl Quest: Paradox. They came from a parallel world where Goddess Ilias and Angels had ultimate victory against Monsters in the Great Monster Wars and eradicated them once and for all. They are highest rank of all angels, who only follow direct orders from the goddess herself. Each of their power is equal to that of the Six Ancestors. Despite their name, these angels are not related to the Archangel rank in the Hierarchy of Angels. They are as follow.

  • Gabriela, an angel using plant and the vitality of the earth and who hates Kanon for being the anathema to the more bountiful side of nature.
  • Uriela, a strong warrior who is based on one of Ilias old weapon plans.
  • Sandalphon and Metatron, twin angels who always fight together and use incredibly powerful combination techniques.
  • Sariela, a black mage who can apparently summon the power of mage itself.
  • Raphaela, a supposedly pure spiritual leader
  • Micaela, their pragmatic leader.


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