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The seraphim are angels that have been personally created by Ilias. They were her first attempt at creating other beings different than her. They include:

  • Micaela, also known as the "Blade of Heaven", a serious minded skilled warrior with an analytical mind. She left Ilias after the latter orchestrated the Slaughter of Remina
  • Lucifina, also known as the "Daystar", she was feared for her bloodthirsty nature and her signature skill. She left Ilias after the latter decided to kill Heinrich and keep Black Alice
  • Eden, the "Garden of Creation". She was used by Ilias to birth several more angels.

Second Generation Seraphim

In a certain world, Ilias modified her plans to beat the Dark Goddess and created several new angels, including the Seven Archangels. Since Micaela took the lead of the new group, Eden was named the leader of the second generation seraphim, who now include:

  • Zion: A seraph dressed in a military garb and using a mechanical fist. She hates succubi and is extremely impulsive.
  • Gnosis: A strange angel made of flesh as much as metal.

They appear highly hostile to the Lilith Sisters, engaging them in deadly fights each time an opportunity present itself.

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