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San Ilia (サン・イリア San Iria?) is a location within the Natalia region. The kingdom holds high respect for Ilias, having being named after the goddess.

Defeating a Lamia along the way, Luka signs in to meet the San Ilia King whom will guide him through his journey. Having met Ilias in a dream who informed the king he would meet an unbaptized boy named Luka, the San Ilia King welcomes him and trials him to meet three wise sages and complete their task to obtain the Goddess Sword. Alice steps in and calls it blasphemy as she shatters the sword, sending the king into a delusional state, and tells Luka to find the Four Spirits instead.

Having heard the “Monster Lord” attacking, the guard increases its security.
Just then Granberia shows up and challenges Luka, who repels her after showing off his new techniques.

Luka and Alice visit the Underground Library to retrieve a book on the Four Spirits, though this involves fighting against the book's guardians and the library being set on fire by accident.

Within town, Luka acquires Sacred Anti-Ghost Water and hears a request coming from Port Natalia as well as various rumors from the citizens surrounding a Haunted Manor Additionally, Amira reveals that Sylph, whom is in the Natalia region, lies within the Forest of Spirits.

After clearing the Haunted Mansion, the ghosts there begin invading San Ilia and treats it as a haven for them. Additionally, after Luka defeats the Chimera Dryad within the Forest of Spirits, the Fairies invade San Ilia and begins playing pranks on the citizens. As he sets off for the Safina region, Luka wonders if everything will be okay with undead souls and monsters invading a religious place.


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