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ROBFS4U is one of the game involved in the Collaboration Scenario. Several characters from the game are present in Paradox and serves as enemies and allies.

The game itself uses RPGMaker. The land of Komodo is threatened by a strange fog that brings in monsters, and after discovering an amnesiac young man, the warrior Novissa and the dancing priestess Tarsa prepares for the spirit festival where new shrine maiden are to be chosen even as monsters edge closer.

In Paradox

The following characters appear in paradox.

  • Novissa, a silent warrior
  • Tarsa, a dancing priestess who also possesses the properties of a succubus
  • Executioner: A confident, even cruel succubus skilled with weapons.
  • Ogretooth: A strong-headed succubus who enjoys getting physical.
  • Mysteltainn: The leader of the trio, who is the most level-headed of the lot and a powerful spellcaster.

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