These are fights that can be avoided by choosing certain choices. Most of the time, these are hopeless boss fights (Alice, Tamamo, Sphinx). Even if you fight these battles, you often gain EXP equal to the amount you would have gotten from fighting the battle.

In Paradox, these battles are often bosses that are only fought when choosing a certain choice on a route. However, we are only counting bosses that you cant go back and fight at any time, so no Super Bosses are included here or any side quest bosses (Saki, Lizard Boss, Sluggy Stars…). We are also not including any boss that can be fought on only the Alice or Ilias route (Eden for Alice, Queen Ant for Ilias), only bosses that force you to choose a side, such as Lucia/Lily, Bonnie and Ashel…, among others.

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