Monsters are one of three main races of the game, the others being the humans and the angels, and are the initial antagonists in the game. They appear as hybrids of a human and other non-human species, mutated by the dark genes of the Dark God Alice I (First), the manifestation of darkness itself. Monsters are defined as creatures with a sexual drive and try to rape human males, with their usual diet as semen. Monsters also have an incredibly longer lifespan than humans; for example, Sphinx is stated to be over a thousand years old. Monsters usually have a leader, a Queen of some sorts of their species, but all monsters are ruled over by the Monster Lord, who exerts power to maintain order of the entire monster race; however, monsters occasionally tend to do their own thing, twist the commands of their lord into their own ideals, or even spike rebellion against the Monster Lord.

The majority of monsters are all female. However, there is a rumor that male monsters exist, with the male offspring either being a mutated creature or a normal human with monster powers; cases of such are extremely rare, as the only male monster known to ever exist is the 9th Sabasa King. The Sphinx mentions during Luka's Dragon Seal Trial that monsters can turn men into monsters, though this is not further elaborated upon.

Monsters are often described as "sinners" and almost all of them care little about anyone but themselves. They are infamous in the entire world due to their lustful nature, raping men for their own sexual pleasure, enjoyment, food, or even reproduction, and will thus almost always attack men first. Their personalities differ, although many are very sadistic and/or carefree.

Monsters were born out of creatures and objects that were genetically mutated by the dark genes of Alice I. However, Goddess Ilias, the manifestation of light, grew jealous of Alice I because the mutation allowed her to create creatures at a much more faster and controlled rate, and a 1000 years prior she started the Great Monster Wars, a historical war between the monsters and angels. While the monster force was said to be superior, the manifestations eventually realized their constant clashing would ultimately destroy everything they created, but Ilias continued her onslaught and force the surrender of Alice I by striking a deal: Ilias would not harm the monsters if Alice I sealed herself. However, Alice I created a counterbalance to the seal: if Ilias were to break her promise and kill monsters, the seal would break and Alice I would be freed. Ilias, however, plotted to continue destroy monsters and by recruiting the eighth Monster Lord Black Alice, a descendant of Alice I with intense hatred for humanity, and having Promestein create the chimera monsters to keep the darkness of the world in check, allowing her to exterminate monsters.
As the years passed, monsters and humans eventually came to coexist. Ilias could not stand for that and successfully drove a wedge between the two by destroying Remina, one of the most famous coexisting cities, and thus causing the two races to blame each other for the city's destruction. Furthermore, Ilias also appeared to her religious humans and ordered them to kill monsters and the Monster Lord, falsely claiming that they are her "failed creations." Heroes are deployed to combat the monsters, however there are very few humans who can actually defeat any monster on even terms; this is supported by Granberia's Monsterpedia Entries.
However, coexistence was not entirely shattered. Iliasburg accepted the Four Bandits, harpies and humans aid one another at Happiness Village, mermaids and humans live together in Port Natalia, the Sabasa Kingdom are proud of their monster bloodline, various species of monsters and humans coexist in Grand Noah, humans in Yamatai Village worship monsters as gods, ants and artificially-made monsters agree to live peacefully with the humans of Grangold, and humans willingly have sex with the succubi of Succubus Village. Luka, Alice XV (Fifteenth) and XVI (Sixteenth), and Tamamo all dream of both races living in peace and harmony. Throughout the human Luka's journey, he manages to resolve the conflicts between humans and monsters.
Luka was eventually tasked by Ilias herself to defeat the Monster Lord, Alice XVI, but after seeing the world with her he could not bring himself to it and turned against Ilias. The evil goddess decided to take matters into her own hands and sent her angelic army, coupled with Black Alice's rebel monsters and Promestein's chimera, who believe to have a place in Ilias's new world, are sent to assault the entire world and eliminate the coexisting humans and monsters, but fails as Luka comes to the rescue. With the monsters and humans unified and united, they push forward to counterattack Ilias's forces. Meanwhile, Black Alice and Promestein betray Ilias in their plan to become the ultimate entity of light and darkness by incorporating themselves with the power of angels and monsters; Black Alice absorbs Ilias into her body while Promestein injects herself with the White Rabbit that contains Alice I's genes. Luka fights and defeats the two, but Ilias emerges from Black Alice's remains and reveals her true master plan was to become the ultimate entity and assimilate the power of monsters and Alice I into her body. The humans and monsters fighting all over the world against Ilias's force pray for Luka and Alice XVI's victory, and with their combined powers they put an end to Ilias once and for all and finally usher peace between humans and monsters at long last.

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