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The Monster Lord is a title that signifies ruling over the other monsters. Being the most powerful out of all monsters, none dare revolt against her. It was founded by Alipheese Fateburn I (First), the manifestation of darkness itself and an equal to the manifestation of light Goddess Ilias, who mixed her genes with natural life to mutate and create monsters starting with the second generation, before entrusting the title to the firstborn creation and falling in battle against Ilias; humans incorrectly believe that the founder was a fallen angel and a former subordinate to Ilias. The Alipheese Fateburns managed to keep the title for sixteen generations, an achievement they attribute to hard training fueled by a need to maintain their family’s proud position in the hierarchy of monsters and eldritch history.

The concept and duty of the Monster Lord is to use “power to maintain order”. With the Monster Lord present, the other monsters are kept in check, with no black sheep roaming about causing serious rebellion or harm against others; her presence thus prevents anarchy and chaos throughout the monster world. If necessary, the Monster Lord has the legal right to punish and even execute her subjects if they are found to trespass her major orders blatantly, evident when Alipheese XVI (Sixteenth) “passed on judgment” to the Chimera Dryad, Cassandra, the Beelzebubs, and Alipheese VIII (Eighth)'s evil followers.

Under normal conditions, the Monster Lord will hand over the throne to her daughter when she has grown enough. However, if the Monster Lord were to perish, the daughter would be conferred the title. However, other monsters may challenge her for the right to become the Monster Lord; this happened with Alipheese XV (Fifteenth) who was pitted against Cassandra while Alipheese XVI (Sixteenth) fought against Alma Elma, Tamamo, Erubetie, and Granberia.

According to a rumor, Tamamo was the tutor of the Monster Lords for five generations straight. Tamamo is later revealed to be a member of the Six Ancestors, a group of monsters created by Alipheese I that served as the ancestors to all the monsters sans the Fateburn line. As a result, she was entrusted to secretly guide the Monster Lords to better prepare them for the future against Goddess Ilias, as well as to prevent them from going rogue and destructive like Alipheese VIII. Though Tamamo tends to annoy the Monster Lords due to her nagging as well as having kitsunes bully them, she is nevertheless respected as a "second mother". Tamamo intends to keep monitoring and tutoring the Monster Lords forever.

Whether all of the Monster Lords, being part of the Fateburn family line, are lamias is unclear. Alipheese VIII has the appearance of a small human girl; her "true" form has a snake-like main body surrounded by tentacles, but whether this form was modified by the White Rabbit isn't entirely clear. Alipheese I, XV, and XVI all have a snakelike lower body.

Interestingly, all Monster Lords that went rogue or wished to be sacrificed were defeated by Luka and his male ancestors, albeit with help. Luka and the Four Spirits defeated Alipheese XVI; his father Marcellus along with Lazarus, Merlin and Karen slew Alipheese XV; and his great-grandfather Heinrich with the Four Spirits triumphed Alipheese VIII. However, unlike his ancestors, Luka did not kill the Monster Lord of his generation as his journey showed him that her ideals of sacrifice was flawed, unnecessary, would not result the outcome she desired, and that he could not bring himself to it.

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