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Monster Girl Quest Paradox v2.40 saw the addition of the sorcerer job line. This job line has the possibility to learn specific skills from different enemies by seeing them use it in battle. They can then be used by the sorcerer afterward against the foes.

The condition to learn the skill is to see it in action, which means the following:

  • Every active party member will learn the skill when someone use it on the battlefield.
  • A character that has learned a skill can "share" it with their allies by using it, even if it targets the enemies.
  • Learning must be activated: The character's current class must be Sorcerer or Nether Sorcerer, or he must have the Learning Ability equipped which becomes available when reaching lvl 10 of Nether Sorcerer.

Learnable skills include all range and sort of attacks, even including ones using chaos element. Most of theses skills also have the additional effect of doing additional damage, which can be further reinforced by an ability specific to the Sorcerer job line. Their effect also have unusual percentage chance, as while most standard skills have a X*25% chance of working (25%, 75%...), sorcery ones have a X*13.33% chance (13%, 80%...)

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