The Kitsune is a fox-like monster with numerous tails, the amount of which signifies the power of the kitsune. A small number of tails signifies that the kitsune is fairly weak, and a high number of tails means that the kitsune is particularly powerful. They’re known to have the highest potential power among all animal-type monsters.

Having nine tails, Tamamo is the strongest kitsune and also the leader and queen of the race. Yao comes on the second place with her eight tails, and Nanabi takes third place with her seven tails.

Most kitsune tend to fall in love with a man at first sight. In the kitsune family, in order to marry, a kitsune simply needs to make their partner orgasm at least three times. Once a man experiences this, they are recognized as agreeing to be the kitsune’s husband.

Alice has an deep-seated hatred towards kitsunes, as they bullied her in the past. According to Tamamo, this was part of her attempt to prevent Alice from growing to hate humanity.

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