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Insects are one of the most diverse groups of monsters that Luka encounters, tracing an ancient lineage back to at least the time of the first Monster Lord Alipheese I (First).

Some insects live in large colonies, ruled over by a queen who takes care of the breeding duties of the otherwise sterile group. These and some other examples tend to turn into unstoppable breeding machines once they find a man with good genes, such as Mantis Girl, Queen Ant, Queen Bee, the Beelzebubs, and Rapunzel. This gives them the potential to overpopulate any other race and possibly overwhelm them, which is why Alice I deemed the Beelzebubs a threat.

Otherwise, the members of this diverse group tend to live solitary lives and use men mainly as a way to feed and sate their lust, making quick work of whatever "snack" comes their way. In either of these cases insects show a rather oppressive and dominating outlook, looking down on their quarry; in effect, anything that isn't food is just something to attach to their "reproductive" organs.

Apart from their taxonomy, insects have no real universal links with each breed having unique reproductive systems and overall body design. This diversity has led to various monsters developing unique ways of trapping men, from pits, to webs and cocoons. Though they hold no real magical power, they hold strength in their unique adaptations, breeding ability and definitely in their numbers.

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