Ilias Continent

Ilias is also the name of the southernmost continent housing the most devoted of Goddess Ilias's followers, and where Luka begins his journey. Although the southern areas in the world is well known for monster prejudice, surprisingly most of the humans on the Ilias Continent do not seem all that opposed to coexisting with monsters. The priests who run the various churches, however, are very much opposed to them, as they are elsewhere. The focus of religion is at the shrine of Ilias to the south and thus the general population in Ilias Village is more likely to hate monsters.

Topographically the continent resembles a large basin with beaches on the north and south coasts while mountain ranges line the east and west coasts alongside dense forests. Much like Hellgondo, the continent’s smaller size also makes it roughly an equivalent to one of Sentora's regions.

Ilias Village lies to the south, the capital city Iliasburg is located within the center, Irina Mountains due west, Happiness Village to the east, Enrika within the forests of the southwest, Iliasport to the northwest, and finally the Treasure Cave to the north.

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