Humans are one of the three main races of the game, the other two being the monsters and the angels. Falsely led by Goddess Ilias, the humans try to exterminate the monsters, who in turn try to rape humans. Their faith in their goddess is more strict in the south and more lenient in the north.

Ilias blesses human warriors known as heroes to combat the monsters, this makes it so that of their semen is claimed to taste horrible. Yet Granberia's Monsterpedia entry states that heroes are rather lacking in skill to defeat their opponents. Heroes also have taken advantage of their status by freeloading off of others.

Another group of humans, known as Ilias Kreuz, strongly enforces Ilias's teachings, using terrorism and attacking monsters no matter the cost. However, because of their cruelty, they're not necessarily deemed "heroic".

Although monsters and humans are in a harsh war, this does not mean coexistence is impossible. For instance, Iliasburg accepted the Four Bandits, the humans and harpies of Happiness Village work in tandem, humans and mermaids live together in Port Natalia, the Sabasa Kingdom takes great pride in their monster bloodline, humans and various species of monsters live together in peace and harmony within Grand Noah, and the humans of Grangold Kingdom agreed to coexist with the ants.

They are defined by their submissiveness, as once a man ejaculates, they reach a state called Critical Ecstasy and are easily taken advantage of. Humans who succumbed to Critical Ecstasy are forced to submit, no matter the difference in level between the monster and human. Their submissiveness is also evident with the Grand Noah Colosseum, where men "battle" monsters just to have their fix of sex.

Artificially experimented humans, Undead and Lesser Succubi are humans who have transformed into monsters by powerful magic. Transformed humans may lose their willpower which is replaced with insatiable lust, though they may regain part of or all of their humanity by sealing their monster part.

In the original Monster Girl Quest, although it is possible for humans to learn magic, to use it one must spend his/her whole life learning it. They also have the highest population ratio in the MGQ world. One notable human is Luka, who dreams of coexistence. Although he can be an idiot at times, this "Fake Hero" has come a long way to achieve his goal.

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