The title of “Hero” is a theme within the world of Monster Girl Quest. While it is initially defined as those who are blessed by Goddess Ilias, its definition is later shaped by some NPCs as well as Luka and Alice; the Inn owner of Iliasburg claims a person is defined as a hero by his/her actions, while Luka and Alice state that a hero is those who fight for others to the bitter end.

Ilias only provides her blessings on the day of her birthday. It is said that she descends from the heavens to bless a human into a hero. Those who have been blessed by Ilias are said to have their semen taste like angel liver, which Alice hints to be very repulsive. Although this makes them safe from erotic attacks, heroes are more prone to physical attacks as well as being devoured; they are useless otherwise. Although Heinrich and Luka are unblessed, they are nonetheless respected as heroes.

In addition to being somewhat monster resistant, the title of a hero provides various perks. Heroes are known to stay at inns, shop for items for free or at sharply reduced prices, or being able to demand audiences from royalty members without having to be recommended first. However, people who have wielded the title have actually taken advantage of it. It is known that heroes have entered homes just to freeload from it and possibly even commit theft.

Being blessed does not necessarily give humans the firepower to overcome monsters. This is supported byGranberia’s Monsterpedia entries, claiming that there are many weak, unskilled human soldiers. Also, an example of this would be in Lily’s Mansion, where a man who claimed himself to be a hero was easily overwhelmed by an Iron Maiden.

According to the current Sabasa King, one of the requirements to serve as royalty is to be blessed by Ilias.

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