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The gameplay of Monster Girl Quest is that of a straight-forward RPG on an NScripter. The player controls Luka, making various choices to determine the actions he follows.

Outside Combat: Most of the time outside of combat will consist of simple clicks to continue the dialogue in the story, or rape scenes with the occasional choice. Most choices will only affect the dialogue for a short duration, such as Luka telling Alice who he is himself or Alice hypnotizing him into telling her, but some choices have a right or wrong answer; making the right choice will continue the story while the wrong choice will end in an almost immediate game over with either Luka dying or simply giving up on his journey. While in towns and cities, Luka can click on various NPC names to converse with them.

Combat: The combat consists of turn-based commands. With a few exceptions, combat will follow the formula of: monster girl appears, combat starts with Luka at full HP and SP, Luka moves first, and Luka and the monster girl take turns until one defeats the other. Luka has various commands at his disposal, such as attacking and using skills, guarding to reduce damage from an oncoming attack, simply wait and do nothing, or even surrender or request a specific rape attack that results in Luka's defeat. Luka's goal in combat is to play his choices wisely and defeat the enemy before she can defeat him.

Overworld: The game is broken up into sections, and clearing an area will lead to the overworld to pick the next area to go in that section. The map will display the names of towns, points of interest, and the recommended level to be at before going to a given area. It is generally recommend to go to each area in order of level, but it is possible to do them out of order, or even skip some areas entirely by going to the highest-level area in that section of the game. Going back to a town after clearing an area will sometimes get extra dialogue or even an extra item.

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