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The Four Bandits consisted of four young monsters: Goblin Girl, Tiny Lamia, Vampire Girl and Dragon Pup. Their base of operations was located at Irina Mountains. Mischievous, but not necessarily evil by any means, the four saw themselves in light of the Four Heavenly Knights, but instead they stole from various villagers at the beginning of Luka’s quest, before he managed to ‘defeat’ them and convince them not to cause any more trouble. They were only feared because of the vampire and the dragon, two monsters famous for their sheer power, though in reality they are not actually as dangerous as their adult counterparts. The Goblin Girl mentions that they met at Sentora and migrated to Ilias

If Luka is defeated by any one of these monsters, he is kept as a toy to be used by all four of them for the rest of his life.

They all “correspond” one another to the four elements of the Heavenly Knights; the Goblin Girl as earth, Tiny Lamia as water, Vampire Girl as wind, and Dragon Pup as fire, however they do not actually use the elements in a major way or even have them at all. Out of all four bandits, the only one who actually manages to use anything remotely close to their element is Dragon Pup, who breathes fire in battle (albeit the Goblin Girl kicks sand in Luka’s face).

Their battles differ greatly between the difficulties of Normal and Hard. While in Normal Mode, most of them surrender as soon as Luka stops their most powerful technique, but they give a legitimate fight in Hard Mode (aside from the Dragon Pup, who can only be fought on Normal). The fights, nonetheless, are not difficult at all considering they’re beginning-game enemies.

Luka first hears about them from Amira and the other citizens of Iliasburg. The former pleads Luka to defeat them. He heads to their base and defeats the Four Bandits, who turn out to be young, juvenile monsters. After defeating them, Luka then convinces the bandits to give up their ways and has them apologize to Iliasburg. For not causing serious trouble, the citizens decide to forgive them and hire them for various jobs to make up for their actions. It is presumed that by Chapter 2 the girls are still working hard, as Goblin Girl makes an appearance making deliveries between Iliasburg and Yamatai Village.

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