Granberia, Cursed Sword's most well-trained and experienced user alive.

Cursed Sword is the name of the fighting style which gathers most of the sword techniques and skills that are used by Luka throughout the game, particularly Chapter 1 and 2, though most get replaced by Angelic Skills in Chapter 3. It has a complex tradition which has seemingly evolved greatly over the course of years if not centuries. Other than Luka, Granberia and "Bloody" Fernandez appear as users of this fighting style, and Heinrich is at least strongly implied to base off this style. In addition, both Tamamo and Alice display knowledge of some of the attacks and the capacity to respectively use and teach them. Alice is never shown actually using any of the style's techniques, but given how familiar she is with them and her capacity to pass them on to Luka, it is highly likely she is also well-versed in this fighting style.

Basic Skills

These are the attacks and skills that compose the very basics of this fighting style, or at least are taught as if they were to Luka. It's unknown when specific techniques were developed though, and whether the more complicated attacks are always developed *from* these attacks; for example, the second technique learned, Bloody Fissure Thunder Thrust, was seemingly developed during the rule of the previous Monster Lord, while its advanced version might've been used as far back as Heinrich's time.

The attacks of this level seem to require no mastery over any type of magical energy - dark or elemental - to use, but consume a significant amount of Skill Points in proportion to their actual attack power.

Attacks of this level include:

Advanced / Elemental Skills

These skills are more powerful, but harder to master, versions of basic Cursed Swords skills and similar derivative skills that require a level of elemental magic to be mastered by their user beforehand. Monsters of sufficient power can use them on their own; human users only were able to use them after a contract with one of the Four Spirits was formed beforehand.

In addition, there appear to be several ways of achieving a similar effect, leading to different Advanced skills with the basis of the same "basic" skill to appear; Granberia presents her own Cursed Sword counters to every spirit summoned by Luka, however she also seems able to use the variants he himself uses. As a result of her own mastery over this style, at least one attack is mentioned and possibly developed by her to counter another Heavenly Knight's (and an Elemental Spirit's) defensive capability, and she's also the recognized creator of Vaporizing Rebellion Sword.

Luka's techniques of this level include:

Granberia's attacks of this level include:

  • Bloody Fissure Thunder Thrust * Gale, able to keep up with Sylph's Devastating Gale (Level 3 version)
  • Dragon Butcher Attack, able to break through Tamamo's earthly defenses as well as Gnome's Wild Lands (Level 3 Version)
  • Cursed Sword * Decapitation, able to knock a fighter out of imperfect version of Undine's Serene Mind (Level 2 version). (NOTE: In the original Japanese, this move has the same name as Demon Decapitation. It's unclear why it was translated differently)
  • Alternate improvements of Demon Skull Beheading: Demon Skull Beheading * Blaze and Demon Skull Beheading * Purgatory.
  • Vaporizing Rebellion Sword, also known by Salamander and Luka.

Heinrich's attacks of this level include:

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