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The 5 main bosses and 2 of the Four Spirits.

Bosses are extremely powerful monsters fought in the game which are pivotal to the main storyline; they usually appear at the end of an area and notably have a different battle theme to usual enemies.

As boss enemies, their attack patterns can be more varied and specialized leading to harder battles that involve particular strategies to beat them. In addition most of the boss fights are also “scripted”, meaning that when certain conditions are met, the fight changes in one way or another; for example, if Luka survives the first attack of Erubetie, the fight is “over” because Undine will protect him in the next turn.

Alice, the Four Heavenly Knights, and the Four Spirits are notable boss enemies. Many Angels in the 8th circle and above as well as some in the 9th of the Hierarchy of Angels are also bosses.

Take note that some of the bosses are scripted to be totally unbeatable, these fights can only be avoided by making the right decisions before the fight can start. However, it is advised to fight and lose the unwinnable enemy at least once to fill up the Monsterpedia before avoiding the fight as revisiting the chance to battle again can only be done in a separate playthrough.

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