Battles With Interferences notes monsters who, within the fight, lose the fight or are postponed from continuing the fight due to a circumstance such as a third party, a technique which backfires on them, or the foe surrendering the fight. In other words, Luka does not send their HP to zero on his own accord, however the scripts do commonly revolve around bringing their HP down to a certain point before they activate, though here are some exceptions that can revolve around selecting certain commands to survive or advance the battle.

Usually in these cases, the reason for such battles is in an effort for plot advancement and/or denoting that the said monster is far too powerful for Luka in his current state, a common example being the Four Heavenly Knights who face Luka multiple times in the story and are only on equal footing in their final battle. Such instances are Alma Elma’s tendency to submit in battle early due to not taking fights too seriously, Granberia’s testing of Luka’s skills and Erubetie’s simple eagerness to kill Luka only being realistically restrained due to Undine’s interference.

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