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frfr is the net name of one of the artists of the Monster Girl Quest bestiary.

The bulk of frfr’s work is for lead characters such as the Four Spirits and Four Heavenly Knights (barring Tamamo and Erubetie) along with the bulk of succubus and harpy enemies plus the Goblin Girl.

This puts forward frfr as one of the lead artists and most recognizable sources of in-game art for the MGQ series since Chapter 1.

The art is characterized by mostly humanoid forms with large glistening eyes, soft lines and a soft palette based on complimentary colours. Since Chapter 2, sheen effects have been added to skin and the shading has become stronger.

He has also provided Valkyrie, Cupid, Sister Lamia, and others for Chapter 3.

His Pixiv could have been found here, and his new one is locate here.

some places where you can find some of his art (not owned by him)

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