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Setouchi is one of the head artists for Monster Girl Quest, as such his work has been prominently featured since Chapter 1.

Themes of his work revolve around femdom, usually involving tentacles, bondage and anal penetration along with somewhat outlandish monster designs that also have split opinions on his work. Such examples are Beelzebubs and Tarantula Girl who have breasts in unlikely places, or Poseidoness who combines the elements of various sea life.

In general, Setouchi’s work revolves around insects and creatures with tentacles, although there are exceptions to this rule, binding elements are always abound.

Next to working on this game, Setouchi is also making dōjinshi revolving around monster girls. His works can be found here. The books can be both 18+ only or “just” mature. Other work of his art can be found here.
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