Kenkou Cross (健康クロス, Kenkō Kurosu) is one of the lead artists in the game Monster Girl Quest, most notable for his design of Alice and two of the slimes (Slime Girl, the first enemy encountered, and the Heavenly Knight Erubetie). Cross’ work usually revolves around humanoid-shaped monster girls, although his MGQ-based work consists of slimes and the lamia-like Alice.

Monster Girl Encyclopedia

Example of Kenkou Cross’ work

Notably, Cross is also credited with the Monster Girl Encyclopedia series, which details female versions of fictional and mythological monsters.

Although not being a part of the Monster Girl Quest game it’s believed to be a particular source of inspiration for the game makers as one of the initial higher-profile, monster girl based projects. A proposed game based around the project is also in the early development stages. Few other details are known, however the battle system seems to rely more on a party rather than a sole protagonist.

Much like Monster Girl Quest, MGE is adult themed in nature and the following links are rated 18+.


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