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Featuring in Chapter 1 and 2, Jingai Modoki’s work is not extensive compared to some other artists, however his bright, bold designs are generally very well received, especially as his designs are used for a few central characters.

Most of Modoki’s work is related to more loli related designs, most notably the majority of the Four Bandits, other notable designs are the kitsune, including Heavenly Knight Tamamo, her Kitsune underling and Yao.

Interestingly, Yao breaks the mold of his usual designs, crossing into more of a distorted look with huge hands, monstrous face and prominent breasts, a far cry from the youthful looking designs.

The palette Modoki uses is usually quite bold and bright, mostly using reference to Japanese dress in the case of the kitsune monsters he designs. Another notable area are his use of big bright eyes with attention to detail with the iris.

For more Jingai and Lolis, not the edible kinds, look here, here for his Twitter, and here for his Pixiv.

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