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Promestein, who has analyzed the Four Spirits under the orders of Goddess Ilias, mass produced artificial copies of them in order to supply their users the same immense power the originals gave to those who formed a pact with them. These productions were distributed to Promestein's chimeras and Black Alice's rebel monsters, in preparation for Ilias' full-scale war when her initial plan of the Hero Luka killing the Monster Lord Alice was foiled by him.

Like chimeras, they seem to be mindless as they obey their wielders without hesitation. They also have not been shown to be able to talk, although Luka never directly interacts with them.

Unlike the originals, the artificials are not fought at all. As stated before, they only appear when called upon by Ilias' soldiers. In these cases, Luka must use a spirit of the opposing element; Wind verses Earth, Water verses Fire, and vise versa in both cases. However, no enemy uses multiple spirits simultaneously.

Curiously, only three of Promestein's chimeras (Knightroid, Assassinroid, and Rapunzel), almost all of Black Alice's rebel monsters, and none of Ilias's angels are shown to be using the artificial spirits. Why only so few chimeras use them is unknown, but the angels not using them may possibly be due to the fact that they can only control holy power and not the dark power of monsters. Alternatively, given that angels generally have an insurmountable advantage in battle, it's possible the angels saw no need for the spirits' power. In addition, Grandine and Gigamander are the most rarely used of the four, the former in possession of only five enemies and the latter being in possession of four, while both Zylphe and Gnomaren are used by twelve enemies.

According to Undine’s second monsterpedia entry, Promestein may have planned for the fake spirits to take over the roles of the originals, preventing the global catastrophes and allowing the originals to be safely killed off.

The artificial four spirits only appear in Chapter 3, although Promestein first displayed Zylphe at the very end of Chapter 2.

Monster Girl Quest Paradox

These spirits made a return in Monster Girl Quest Paradox and can be learned as skills by the Force Mutant advanced race. As corrupted spirits, they deal damage and weaken ennemies instead of buffing the users.

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