Angelic Skills are skills used by Luka in his half-angel form, inherited from his mother Seraph Lucifina. Luka can mysteriously perform these skills while asleep during Chapter 1, but when his Keepsake Ring breaks while fighting against Archangel Ranael in Chapter 3, Luka can perform these skills under his own will, replacing most of his Cursed Sword Skills.

These skills notably have an even number of SP costs, with the next stronger skill possessing two more SP all the way up to eight. Due to these sheer costs the damage is very well rewarding. The skill set also possesses an evasion skill as well.

However, during the story, Tamamo and Micaela both warn Luka that due to his hybrid nature the power will gradually corrode his body, eventually killing him by turning him into pure holy energy. Luka, however, ignores these warnings and continues using his Angelic Skills throughout the majority of Chapter 3.

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