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A high-speed attack that involves lunging at the enemy. If used on the first turn, it will deal bonus damage.
“This technique is most useful right at the start of combat. That is, if you use it in the first turn it will unleash its full power. Every turn after that, its power will slowly wane. Choose wisely whether it's worth it to use the SP.” - Alice
“It's said that Bloody Fernandez mastered this technique, and covered the battlefield with her bloody thrusts. Using this Blood Fissure Thunder Thrust technique, she killed her enemies one after another, making a lake of blood.” - Alice

Bloody Fissure Thunder Thrust (血裂雷鳴突き Chikire Raimei Tsuki), or simply Thunder Thrust (雷鳴突き Raimei Tsuki), is a skill taught to Luka by Alice after he sets up camp with her after the Leech Girl’s defeat. Luka omits the “Bloody Fissure” part, thinking it being too “shady sounding, bloody”, leaving only “Thunder Thrust”.

It is a high-speed thrust attack that consumes 2 SP to use and deals significant damage if used on the first turn, however its effectiveness is decreased if used later; it is generally stronger than Demon Decapitation with the first turn bonus but weaker on later turns. It is also the key to defeating certain monsters, such as Page 17.

Thunder Thrust is eventually replaced by Lightning Sword Flash after fighting Scylla, but he is forced to resort to using Thunder Thrust again after defeating Archangel Ariel, as Promestein disables his elements, but is soon replaced by Flash Kill while fighting Archangel Ranael.


  • Despite what is said in-game, its power does not actually wane over time; it is only stronger when used on the first turn. For example, using it on the second or tenth turn makes no difference to its damage.