• Safin117

    Alice and Luka

    January 18, 2013 by Safin117

    Not long ago i uploaded my first side story,im planning to make a continuation of it as this is the short one to see if its acceptable

    so everyone who played it please make a comments if i should continue or not,just dont be to cruelxD

    No seriosly now i want a honest comments,without any mercy im not kind of person who will lay a face down on the pillow and cry,if noone likes it then there will be no point on making any continuations rightxD.Just be honest guys

    Everyone have a good day

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  • Safin117

    Alice scenario

    January 17, 2013 by Safin117

    Soon im going to upload my first side story,it features Luka Alice at most with some others as well

    Just one thing,dont be to cruel xD,this is my first one so i know its not going to be perfect or something but hopefully its not going to be horrible

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  • Viper 121

    Granberia Side Story

    January 15, 2013 by Viper 121

    Okay, first off...BOOM!  Ten achievement points!  Right on the board!

    Now that's out of the way, I reckon it's time I offer something of substance regarding the Granberia scenario.  I'm surprised how fast five or six months of just sitting on my hands just flew by.  But make no mistake, it's gonna happen.

    What's the premise?  Granberia soundly whooped Luka's but in the Monster Lord's Castle and he's living the American dream of being Granberia's boy toy. But all that gets turned on its head when Granberia finds out Luka passed the Dragon Seal Trial (because hey, how come she DIDN'T notice that in her two last rape scenes?).  Also, what the hell did happen to Sara?  I got my theories, and you'll find out soon enough.

    Now how many rape scenes o…

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  • Ginrikuzuma

    Ok for those who have messed around with the functions know LSP is to load sprites (LoadSPrite da dummm! lol)

    LSP2 is a more i guess "advanced" form of it since LSP works like this

    LSP # " sdlkjfsdlkfj " #,#

    the first # is the number of the sprite

    the "sdlfjksldkfjsdf " is a string which holds the name of the file and its location

    the last 2 numbers (or you can add a 3rd number if you want to mess around with transparency)  deal with the X and Y coordinates of the picture. If you seen the sprites (either the chara in the NSA files or the ones on my 2.5 folder for my mod) you see a green and white template with a picture inside

    The Green is the area where something will show up, with the white being what is what is going to stay invisible

    If you m…

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  • Ginrikuzuma

    First a quick disclaimer.

    'I have never written a side-story before so chances are the way to add in new skills for side stories is different. What you are about to see in the second section of this blagokabob thing...stuff. . . . Is only what I know I have to do far as Full patch mods (like WOTG', or Mine) if you really don't care and are just here for the second section skip to it I guess >.>;


    BUT first an update cause yeah why not lol.

    Since reports have been coming in slow (and I know I'm not that good when it comes to self debugging (I'm pretty sure there is at least 1-2 more bugs in there somewhere... ) I to…

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  • Ginrikuzuma


    January 7, 2013 by Ginrikuzuma

    bah I missed the daily contribution by a few hours I'm leaving the wikia Dx

    lol no kidding kidding XD but anyways right now things are going pretty slow far as how I am working the mod.

    I actually haven't worked on chapter 4 but I plan to change that starting monday at the latest wednesday.

    Chapter 4 is going to be a very simple with no new features involved really since I'm going to be focusing on the plot for now.  I will (hopefully by then anyways...) implement a hidden feature in chapter 6 how good it comes out depends on how well I am allowed to manipulate images (at ease I might add...cause I can technically make a movie out of lsp2 function calls (not to mention a large amount of pictures for each "frame" ) but that would be dreadful..…

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  • C0var1ant

    BETA Testing (PHASE I)

    January 5, 2013 by C0var1ant


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  • FurRiffic

    Happy New Year

    January 1, 2013 by FurRiffic

    Happy New Year all, and have a great (and sexy >:D) 2013, with a hopefully quick Chapter 3 + Translation!

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  • Safin117

    New Year

    December 31, 2012 by Safin117

    This is it guys,we got a last day of this year before going into a new one and because of that i wish you all whats the best hoping that only a good things will be happening to all of yozo in this new year 2013,May this be a happy time for us and hopefully a new year will bring us a ch 3 as soon as possible


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  • C0var1ant


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  • Safin117


    December 24, 2012 by Safin117

    I wish everyone on here a merry christmas and a happy new year,its a pleasure for me to be a part of this great community;) 

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  • OldSlashFriend

    Why hey there, friends!

    Looks like the solstice rolls around once again - and you know what that means, right? Time to eat, drink, and be merry! Even if it isn't a holiday, do it and think of me, or country_name_here or even just because! Winter is here, but from here on out will only be waning and soon enough, it will be time to sow and admire another years harvest - to rise from the groggy stupor of yesteryear and think to ourselves... Hey when is Part 3 going to be out?

    Jokes aside, I've heard some people say it is the end of the world - so in others words, just another day for someone. Keep your wits about you, celebrate and revel - and if by some odd chance they are right (whomever they are) {I vote that one guy, you know the guy}, why …

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  • C0var1ant

    Master Plan

    December 20, 2012 by C0var1ant


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  • C0var1ant

    MGQ New Engine (Progress)

    December 15, 2012 by C0var1ant


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  • Safin117

    MGQ wiki channel on youtube

    December 15, 2012 by Safin117

    I know that many of us got a youtube accounts,but i was thinking how about if could make one that will be connected with a wiki,then upload all videos of the mods·side stories on there

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  • Ginrikuzuma

    This cold has been so distracting today. I been doing no programming today after uploading the the latest patch in two sections due to mediafire not letting anyone grab the files which is a miracle they barely stopped me now...

    I got a paid account but I'm assuming all of the people who play have a free account or none at all so the limit is 200MB when all of my patches since some time after 1.0  (1.0 B was 156 MB I deleted some of the ones afterwards the next one on my list order-wise is 1.3 which is 213MB and onward it only increases so I'm amazed that finally at the 232MB mark did mediafire decide to cockblock you all...)

    Anyways I spent some time playing some of the touhou games just to kill-time while you guys looked for bugs and then s…

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  • C0var1ant


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  • OldSlashFriend

    More likely then you might think! I've got a question/request for those of you out there who are more skilled in code-fu then I am. I've been trying to store a variable when certain choices are made. How I would do this in NScripter proper is

    selnum variable_courage, Go into the Spooky Haunted Mansion, Chicken out

    Where each choice gets stored, the first as 1 and the second as 2. I can then call up variable_courage and call it up for later choices. Now, selnum doesn't seem to work in the ini file; is there a way to use variables in Monmusu? Am I doing it wrong? More than likely, but it'd be swell if someone could let me know. Better still would be something that functions as select

    select Go into the Spooky Haunted Mansion,mansion,Chicken out…

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  • Ginrikuzuma

    Ok this whole time when I been loading sprites I been removing the little thing in front of the directory file for example

    lsp 700,":a;chara\sylph_st21r.bmp",251,190

    basically if I break it down

    lsp  ----is a function that tells the game to load up a sprite

    700 ----- is the sprite number

    ":a;chara\sylph_st21r.bmp" -----is the file directory (AT THE TIME I ASSUMED ":a;" WAS THE ARC OR SOMETHING >.> )

    251 is the location of the sprite far as X is concerned (the origin or the 0 for X being at the left most end with positive numbers moving it to the right)

    190 is the same as above but for Y (and oddly enough 0 is not at the bottom but instead at the top with positive numbers going down.....)

    Since I always assumed :a; was the way the game told it to l…

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  • OldSlashFriend

    I told myself that I'd never make one of these things; plenty of excuses later, turns out I lied.

    Hey there, OldSlashFriend here. Having just recovered from the snow-shoveling doldrums of work and fimbulwinter, I've been debating what to create next. I'll probably decide arbitrarily, being something of a tyrant - but hey, maybe you'd be willing to throw some thoughts my way?

    I've got an idea for how I'd like to finish up the Chrome scenarios, though it looks increasingly as if it might conflict with the actual story of Part 3 - and I also I want to rip the new st_chrom for sure. Would people be interested in reading a story even if it turns out to depart wildly from established canon? Without spoilers - things I want to do/might place in it …

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  • Fodder::1

    What makes a "Custom" Side Story?

    If we're playing the semantics game, then it's any Side Story. Unless someone's been going around copying and pasting segments from MGQ verbatim and releasing them as a Side Story, then all the ones currently out there have custom elements in it.

    By elements, I don't just mean artwork (such as sprites or CGs) or battles... the script itself, be it the dialogue or story, are custom.

    As someone who has written/cobbled together a few Scenarios/Side Stories, I have a feeling that some people who play/read them often find themselves thinking "Well if there's no brand new CGs/Artwork/Battles included, then what's the point of playing this?"

    Well, my answer to that imaginary question is "Hopefully you'll find some enjoyme…

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  • Ginrikuzuma

    Fawk drawing lol

    December 2, 2012 by Ginrikuzuma

    Ok I tried making an editted background for bg12 but fuuuuck that its taking too much time for me to bother

    It was coming out good but as soon as I tried to hurry up the drawing an editing of flames it got really sloppy >.>

    when I had finished hte 4th layer (2nd flame)

    when i decided to just copy paste and smudge out...

    so yeah...fuck it took almost 2 hours to make that much progress i'll just grab a stock image somewhere >.>

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  • Ginrikuzuma

    Chapter 3! XD

    December 1, 2012 by Ginrikuzuma

    I am sooo glad I clicked the link with the date today. The link had said 10 6 (october 6)

    but it had a notice about an update for december 1st. So having known 3-4 hours before the image came out I went nuts knowing we were getting a cover image XD

    After 2 hours of waiting, I started refreshing the page once every 10 minutes until we finally got the 4 images for Chapter 3 (the cover image, and 3 sample images).

    Had I not done what I did with the link. Who knows when we would of gotten the update for Chapter 3....

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  • Ginrikuzuma

    Those bloody .bmps!

    November 30, 2012 by Ginrikuzuma

    Well damn, originally I never planned to make any blogs but this is just ran worthy of an accomplishment XD

    It took me around 5 hours trying to figure out what would be the simplest way to make to add custom monsters into fights.

    for sprites in like dialogue its simple since you just write down their directory path

    lsp xxx, "file_location\filename.bmp" etc. etc

    for a fight its a whole nother animal I had to figure out since the fights are marked as

    [Example ]


    mov $name,"Medusa "
    mov $name2,"Medusa "
    mov $lavel,"medusa2"
    mov %mon_labo_on,2
    mov $tatie1,"medusa_st01"
    mov $tatie2,"medusa_st01"
    mov $tatie3,"medusa_st01"
    mov $tatie4,"medusa_st01"

    the sprites for the monsters will load via the "$tatie" variables. How to mess with those variables i…

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  • Safin117

    chapter 3 ending

    November 17, 2012 by Safin117

    Hey people,i was just thinkin about it for a while.Is it gonna end up a good way or maybe something sad is going to happen,what do you people think??

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  • Zokkun

    Monster Girl United

    November 17, 2012 by Zokkun

    Hello Anons and Users~ I have a group in Facebook that called "Monster Girl United" that is a place for Monster Girl lovers and MGQ Players, so my goal is to recruit as many members as possible, if you want to join please leave your name so i can add you and invite you to the group.

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  • Flying Banana


    September 25, 2012 by Flying Banana

    This game series has much more to offer than I orignally though (well, ahm...about that...). Now at the end of chapter 2, I am amazed by the amount of plot, comedy (Amira: "I'm in this position so I can keep an eye on the skip button...") and themes explored and utilized in the game (as well as the music, nice Prokofiev for Amira there. Very suiting.)

    Personally I wouldn't really care about the 18+ bits for most of the mosters ._. but I think the plot and humor here are far more valuable than the original purposes of the games (The plot may just be a little bit cliched). A pity that removing the 18+ content would withdraw the backbone of the game... xP

    No wonder why people even made a wiki on it! xP

    Can't wait for the final installment.

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  • Shadowblade777

    Something 2 Say

    August 13, 2012 by Shadowblade777


    4 Achievement, nyhahahahahahahaha!

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  • SubDex

    Current Progress 7/27

    July 27, 2012 by SubDex

    Work is progressing, right now I am thinking about what starter pokemon will be offered, and how they will be given. Right now, its most likely going to be a choice between seviper and zangoose. It will be a hack of Ruby version, and will feature most, if not all the pokemon from the three first generations. Im also working on the cover screen, right now the pokemon on the front will probably be Kingler.

    Going to be worked on after ss is done, but it will be set after a war had taken place, ravaging most of the land. Not much info to give out just yet.

    No name just yet. Im working on getting the images and planning out what exactly will happen with the story. Seems easier than I first thought.

    Probably gonna work on it soon. The creator hasn'…

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  • MGQ1

    Hello Monster Girl Quest Fans we have a new group on deivant art for fan art, cosplays, and whatever you feel like MGQ related.

    Feel free to check it out c:

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  • Kirine

    This is so Interesting!

    July 12, 2012 by Kirine

    I wonder how part 3 will come out. I am definitely excited by this, but I always wonder how Luka will get raped overcome his new trials once part 3 comes out. It will be great to see a trilogy chapter game, and how it ends will be great.

    I've seen many theories on how Luka is but the most sound theory is that just as Ilias and Black Alice represents control of Light and Darkness, so does Luka and Alice represent control of Light and Darkness. His proof of Angelhood (fallen angel?) is enough to say that Alice and him are perfect together... I guess...? Ah... but it would be nice. Though if he is a descendent of Ilias or not is something to consider (and if it is, he just commited incest if he strikes Alice down at the Final Maou battle!)…

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  • DJexe

    Intoduction and Interests

    June 28, 2012 by DJexe

    Hello everyone, My name is DeJon and I would like to Talk a little about myself as well as try to find some intereting things about the other members here. First off, I live in hampton Virginia and have been through a majority of the United States. My hobbies include playing video games, reading manga and sleeping. I usually spend most of my time surfing the net reading light and visual novels that pique my curiousity.

    Now that I've told a little about myself, I would like to get into the Interest part of my blog. My question for you all is ...... If you could choose any monster in the Monster Girl Quest game, who would you marry? And I'm looking for being in an actual relationship with said monster so no rape, it has to be consensual. You …

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  • Unfortunate Mermaid

    Less of a blog and more of an announcement detailing actions on a certain page detailing Monster Girl Encyclopedia.

    I believe the main problem in this instance is that people are confusing influences with physical links, although MGE is definitely an influence on this game, the game is not an actual extension of the MGU universe, the two are not interchangeable but Kenko's own game will be a direct extension of his own universe.

    When items like this get their own page, things can get muddled. The best way to think is that as an MGQ wiki, any page should be at least mostly about the game, people come here to read content about the game. The original page seemed to be a bit of an advertisement with just a passing reference to the game, however…

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  • FurRiffic

    Since the old page got deleted (look at june 3) because of "Spam: Joke pages are unacceptable by Wikia standards." I'll just post it here as a blog page. Here joke pages ARE allowed (I think) and I hope it doesn't get deleted here too.

    I luckely had the old page still open so I could copy most of it back to here.

    If anyone got a problem with this page, please just ASK me to remove it.

    The Evil Cooking Pot, fought by Alicefeeze. Also sometimes referred to as "The Nabe" (joke right? How can this evil creature have such an innocent name?)

    Bubble: Normal attack.

    Steam: Triggers Confusion.

    Spill: Counter attack, Triggers bind status, Alicefeeze is compelled to clean up the mess she made.

    The Evil Cooking Pot seems to do Bubble and Steam in random order, eve…

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  • PenguinFighter98765

    Two new monsters have been added onto the site. Should we go ahead and add them right now or what?

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  • FurRiffic


    June 1, 2012 by FurRiffic

    why should I write a blog on a wiki?

    shouldn't I just use a blog instead?

    O well.

    Hi I'm FurRiffic

    That is all I have / am going to say


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  • Juni221

    With UM sharing his MonLab ideas and wishes, I thought I'd do the same. If you can't tell by the time you finish reading this, I can't think abilities up for shit.

    Chameleon Girl: Jon Henry Nam

    As far as I know, this would be great. Chameleons are known for there ability to change the color of their skin(scales?), which could be implemented in many ways. Her long tongue could also be used in many ways, be it Anilingus, or a tonguejob(?). There are a lot of possibilities for this monster.

    Penguin Girl: Jon Henry Nam

    What bird monsters can you tell me about? Aside from the Harpies and Siren, there are no other Birds. A Penguin Girl would not only be a great addition, but with the way penguins work, it would also be a change of pace.

    Ruto: Nezumi" …

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  • Unfortunate Mermaid

    It seems that with chapter 2 been translated and chapter 3 in the works, a little interest has peaked in the extras that we ourselves can add. Mods, side stories, Monster Lab, whatever you call it there have been some additional elements of content added with Rogue currently taking submissions to add into his later patches and some third parties releasing their own extra content.

    Whether it will catch on in the west is quite the question, although you could imagine that we could have a tougher time for original art as I'm not too sure what our links are like in hiring artists or doing the art ourselves.

    That said, getting the mods (or failing that, the interest in them) on the go would be a good start and seeing that a few fan renditions lik…

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  • Valourtore

    It has been a tendency of Japanese media to use religious imagery, be it in a generally acceptable manner or not.

    These imageries are not limited to Christianity - we should remember that other religions, including Buddhism, Shintoism, Taoism and various mythologies from all corners of the earth also get allusions and the occasional direct reference. Buddhism and Shintoism are commonplace in much of Japanese life; with the latter birthed in the Land of Rising Sun and the former the prominent belief, such allusions to these religions are inevitable. Even the Kuji-kiri techniques/powers used by archetypical ninjas (popular since the fascination with ninjas in the Edo period from 1603 to 1868) in Japanese legend and literature are references to…

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  • Unfortunate Mermaid

    Grouchy face on, waiting for a very late book and feedback for a university application don't exactly make a happy person, but they do help give that bit of a kick up the arse to write stuff. I guess this one's a borderline rant but it's nothing serious and is actually more of a thought after seeing depictions of certain monsters in other media.

    So... Succubi.

    In various media Succubi are some of the most developed monsters known, that said their powers aren't exactly conveyed that well, after all they just steal souls through intercourse in their original depiction (linked to night terrors and sleep paralysis most likely). With that lack of initial definition it's obvious they need something else to push the envelope.

    Generally the creative …

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  • Valourtore

    MGQ 3 - When

    April 19, 2012 by Valourtore

    With 9 months in between the first two chapters, expect no less than a HORRIFYINGly long wait till at least mid or late August for the Moon-speak edition plus a further 3 months for Rogue's english adaptation.


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  • Valourtore

    Learning to edit wiki

    April 19, 2012 by Valourtore

    Being new to this editting stuff, i find that many of the edits i make are only subpar and i'm unfit to make HUGE changes. Is there anywhere i can learn how to truly become a master of wiki editting?

    For example, i simply don't know how to add videos to the wiki. All that wasted video recording of the skills really.

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  • Valourtore

    Having finished Monmusu Quest 1 and 2 (and rabidly waiting for the 3rd installment in this amazing series), I'm starting to get serious about editting and adding to the Monster Girl Quest Wiki until it's up to speed and quality.

    It isn't often that the girth of time, the thrill of interest and the flame of passion come together to form a worthwhile pastime. Too often has the Sin of Sloth struck, leaving only unusual olfactory taints and a drowsy approach to life akin to a severe case of chronic lethargy. The time has come...alas! Pray ye the flame dies not with the curses and washes of dread and affected bias.

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  • Sannse

    Images on this wiki

    March 28, 2012 by Sannse

    Hi all. As you might have seen, Wikia is currently working on reviewing images on the site to make sure they comply with our Terms of Use. One part of that agreement, is that we do not allow "any content that is obscene, pornographic, abusive, offensive, [or] profane". We consider nudity to be a part of that description, including images of breasts that show the nipples. Now obviously, there's a cultural element to this - you may consider those images to be perfectly OK. But we have to set a line, and this wiki is frequently crossing it.

    I realize that this is likely to be a difficult area for this wiki. Your topic includes a lot of images that overstep the mark. That might mean that you need to consider whether this is a topic that ca…

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  • Unfortunate Mermaid

    Obviously the title is a bit of a misnomer, MGQ has it's fair share of decent battles despite not technically being an RPG. However, playing Chapter 2 was a drastically different affair from Chapter 1. It would be fair to say that Chapter 1 did have some filler battles, but you also had a much more limited list of commands, plus you didn't have to summon Sylph and Gnome to avoid a heavy chance of losing quickly. In the second installment you start with two summons, four special attacks and the trusty guard/attack pairing, yet the battles seem so set on setting up that it's just silly.

    One example is Undine's Spring, the first two monsters are slimes and they actually attack in pretty much the same way, their moves do exactly the same thing …

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  • Unfortunate Mermaid

    I was reminded of one of my favourite albums today, I say it's a favourite but I love it because it's so quirky that it can only really be listened to quite sparingly to be appreciated fully.

    That album is "You Are What You Is" by Frank Zappa, the reason why I was reminded was because of MGQ's Goblin Girl, also a name for one of the tracks on the album. It's a strange way to spark thought, but what followed was a glance at a certain avenue of the entertainment industry.

    Zappa, as it seemed, was no stranger to this area, maybe it was down to spirit of the time, maybe it was partially inspired by him almost blowing his balls off with a chemical reaction, or maybe it was just one of his many creative outlets.

    After all, when it comes to the H sc…

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  • Unfortunate Mermaid

    Well, here's the first blog post, revamped, recharged and maybe actually readable.

    As we said before, after some time it seems we have a basic page structure for individual monsters, obviously not all pages will have this structure as they vary in terms of completion and will have different amounts of detail when considering how many battles, entries or how story-related the monster in question is.

    However, we have compiled a guide to the order of sections in wiki articles for the Monsterpedia/Encyclopedia to keep everything neat and tidy. This is the current order and is subject to change at the discretion of the Four Heavenly Editors and the Wiki Lord. Keep note of this page for any changes or updates.

    The order for sections in the articles …

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