• Albert art
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  • Galileo007

    Fan Art Countdown

    August 13, 2014 by Galileo007

    Hello random people who looked at this blog post! I did alot of Google Images searches for art from this game untill I learned how to open a .nsa file. In the process I found some online fan art that was so cool, I just had to say something about it. These are my top 10


    New look for Gnome, nice background. And you found something for her lower legs that matches her seen clothes.

    Unkonwn artist.


    Amazing work, but it seems to prissy to be the Tamamo we konw. This one took artistic points, but is only 9 because I don't like it. Good 3D, texture, and nice socks.

    By tscbr.


    Finaly, someone does something different with Alma Elma. New tail, wings, horns. Like the shadow, and it was done in …

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  • Zaiku K

    To everyone in the community who chooses to read this;

    I have been active in this wiki for a few months, but unfortunately the scope of my ability are not sufficient to truly contribute other than correcting spelling, grammar, word choice, etc in articles. I wish I could contribute more, but with my lack of time and... well ability that probably won't change anytime soon.

    The one thing I felt I could do is point community members in the direction of writers who I have found that have written Fanfictions outside of this site that they may or may not be aware of.

    1. Monster Girl Saga by GenocideHeart: You can find this work on in the Games category under Monster Girl Quest, or on deviantart. The story is an AU with Luka being …

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  • MrSolomon

    After a long hiatus, let's finish up this tale! Chapters 11-13! (Warning: Minor tease of a rape-scene. Despite the genre, some reader discretion advised.)

    Chapter 11: Loyalty Rewarded. Promestein's goodbye.

    I awoke to a strange feeling. My wounds were fully healed and my exhaustion faded. I sat up carefull and looked around.

    "You've had a rough time during this war Solomon." A voice spoke out. I recognized it immediately. Promestein was facing me in the doorway.

    "Master Promestein..." I said. "You healed me?"

    She didn't respond, she walked towards the desk where my gear was placed and examined it. "It's been two difficult years Solomon." She said. "You joined me as a weak mercenary, begging to be sparred a dark fate, and I transformed you into …

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  • Shadowblade777

    This fanfic describes the backstory of Shadow the Demon Assassin, struggling with his past life and the inner power within him. I may plan to put up rape scenes, but I have very little intention to and will focus more on the action and story. All edits will be done on this one page.

    So, without further adieu:

    I am Shadow, a masterful Demon Assassin shaped to kill any target without regrets. I was raised and trained by the Heavenly Knight Tamamo, but before that the Ilias Kreuz tried to shape me up into their "perfect" monster hunter. They employed almost every trick in the book just to get recruits and murderers.

    I was born in a small village at the northernmost point in the Noah region. I didn't know what it was called or anything important …

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  • Yoush


    July 22, 2014 by Yoush

    Were they move in the right direction to leave this perverted forest?

    Alice used Frost ozma again to clear a section of the forest of the dangers it contained.Luka had now be stronger than her,it could not match her in areas attacks Alice had decided to use ice attacks instead of fire because the smoke had attracted monsters from this world...Anyway, using as much high-level power,Alice was beginning to exhaust.

    Seeing a cave near,Luka proposed to take a break in security and Alice hapilly accept.However once through the entrance,Luka felt trapped in a giant spider web and a spider girl rushed at him .Alice used her powers to burn the monster to ashes.Then they see the husband of the spider girl pounce on them.This husband look similar to an…

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  • Safin117

    Its good to be back

    June 27, 2014 by Safin117

    Hi everyone For all those who knows me its great to be able to jump back here, I see that a lot of things here has changed since my last visit. Also I apologise for not showing up for so long but I had some... things I had to sort out. Once again its great to be here and I hope thet there will be still something to do here for me:) --Safin117 (talk) 10:35, June 27, 2014 (UTC)

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  • ExNoc

    Darkness approaches...

    June 25, 2014 by ExNoc

    He entered the dark cave that he found one week ago...! 

    First he just observed it, but then he entered it with four of his friends. 

    The strange feeling that they got grew as they stood in a temple-like area! 

    The darkness around them was left behind, but the feeling grew further as they moved deeper inside. 

    As they ran through the hallway they noticed something standing in their path! 

    They took a closer look...but then it disappeared! 

    They wondered what it could be...but they didn't think anymore about it! 

    The five got deeper and deeper into the temple-like building! 

    Finally they reached a gigantic closed door...! 

    In front of it stood a man in a black cloak, wielding a gigantic cleaver! 

    As he got close to him he smiled...and disappeared! 


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  • Yoush


    June 18, 2014 by Yoush

    Luka looked at Alice while she sleep ...The state of her daughter was not deteriorated during the last few days but she suffered horribly and all the power of her mother cannot help her...Without her son and her husband,she would lost the desire to continue living...All days she use hers healing powers for her dauther hoping to relieve a little pain and end up exausted.This is the first time she fall assleep...

    Her daughter,Alipheese Fateburn XVII,was born to their first night of love.Alice said this is a tradition of her familly,the first girl born have the name of Alipheese but he found it too formal and begin to call her Lice and after some time,even her mother begin to call her by this name...She was a cheerful girl and well educated.But…

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  • Albert art

    i have ready talks in part on my talks page in any case....

    ilias summons from the "present" a future hero (Albert), to let them play an important task, seal the gates of hell. takes place throughout the first monster lord period.

    • we meet ilias of that period, but is not the genocide ilias, but a ilias a polite and respectful towards the monsters. ( In shorts and a ilias we meet at that time not one of the three chapters of MGQ)
    • before going into hell (or sheol), promestain (came with us from the future) will give us control over the 4 elemental spirits artificial
    • alice vii will help us doing evaluations in the event of our defeat

    the enemy (i still do the concept about)


    • the seven deadly sins
      • ​sloth
      • greed
      • envy
      • wrath
      • pride
      • gluttony
      • lusth (the mosth …

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  • Yoush


    June 14, 2014 by Yoush

    The grangold magic engineers said to Heavenly Knights they need something from the other world.The four friends then returned to the succubus village in order to find one one of these monsters who attack the childrens of Alice and Luka.Once in the village, however, they saw that the villager had changed.The succubus seemed more beautiful and certainly more aggressive.They were no longer satisfied to feed themselves of the volunteers but also attacked passers and others monsters too...The Heavenly Knights had to even repel some who tried to attack them...Tamano thought it was the black fog that caused this and they has started to evacuate all the villagers so that they can regain their senses once outside the fog.They then noticed a woman m…

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  • Yoush


    June 13, 2014 by Yoush

    I apologize in advance for all grammar mistake,i'm not good in english and i use google translate for correct my text.This text will appear here,in the MGE wiki and in a MGQ forum in my native language.

    How mutch time she have sex with her husbant ?Months ? Years ? Centurys ?Who care...The more they have sex the more they become stronger after all...And the demon lord need more power to overwrite the laws...But after all this time she are less sensitive and can even let her mind wander during this intercourse...This help her for create new lustful mamono,the tentacle are one example...

    Suddenly, she felt something was both close and far...a sensation somewhat similar to when she discover the faerie kingdom...A new world ?

    She use her power to…

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  • Viper 121

    Remember that pie-in-the-sky Third Gag Reel I've been promisng for so long?  Well, it's finally come to fruition!  It may've taken me over half a year to complete, but better late or never, I say.  It focuses mostly on Part 3, but I also worked in one or two side strories here and there.  Including Servant of the Monster Lord by request.  As always, I hope it lives up to the legacy of its predecessors.  But given the amount of work I put into it, I think y'all are in for a real treat.  So what are ya waiting for?  Go check it out!  You know you want to!

    Let me know if there are any problems with the link, which wouldn't surprise me anymore.

    I am Viper 121, and I do it all for the …

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  • Albert art

    ok, i ready know i have ready do a blog so, but not care.

    in few are a art-pixelart project by me, includes the girls of official chapter, fan games\sidestory and oc's (and the girl from mge).

    1. in the comments, put a link \ girl's photo in sfw version.
    2. nickname of the autor if are a anon
    3. enjoy in a reply , the artwork


    g-m \ a-a

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  • Infam0uZz

    T U D

    May 28, 2014 by Infam0uZz

    Currently working on my first big project......

    Contains: Darkness,blood,violence,rape,new charas and much more....

    What do you expect.....I am a metaller....!

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  • Infam0uZz


    May 27, 2014 by Infam0uZz

    Whoever needs some epic fighting music or in general some epic music for stories...tell me I have much to share ;)!

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  • MrSolomon

    Ughh, Sorry for such a delay. This chapter was ready to roll however I've been going through some tough stress lately. Hope you guys enjoy Chapter 10!

    Note: The character Solomon fights is an editor of the wikia's character. I used his RP Character Blog entry for information and tried my best. He knows who he is, but I apologize to him if it didn't turn out so awesome.

    Chapter 10: Battle in Remina. Solomon, Enforcer of Truth vs Shadow, The Demon Assassin.

    I stood and faced the approaching monsters. The one human remained hidden it seems but I could detect his presence. As I pointed my blade at the monsters, the chimera beasts charged. The battle had begun.

    The beasts held their own against the monsters, however the two kitsune easily defeated …

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  • Kain McBride
    So I've had a fair number of ideas about how to make this monsterpedia accessible for all users... and, well the best one I've come up with so far is making it into it's own side story... On that note, I've started to write one. So far I've got the background's section completed, though it's untested. It's hosted by page 65537 and should be interesting.
    Unlike the original monsterpedia, however, this already contains backgrounds... which the original was going to avoid since - really, it's a monsterpedia, not a background resource... Anyway, to further that I'm including the background music stuff and the sound effects as well... Everything should work out just fine...
    Will do testing on the background's later tonight probably or tomorrow, r…
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  • MrSolomon

    Well Solomon knows how to plan a battle. If only he had better luck with his distractions!

    Enjoy Chapter 9! Chapter 10; Solomon vs Shadow will be out soon!

    Chapter 9: Goldport Invaded. Solomon vs Lazarus.

    I had searched Goldport for Assassinroid. The majority of the city was already overrun by trooperoids. I had soon found her in stealth by scanning around the area.

    "Master Solomon," She had said as she removed her stealth and began venting head. "Promestein has ordered me to take down a primary target named Luka. She had asked I use your services."

    "Ah, so he might head this way soon." I said. "Good idea, you may not be enough alone. Let's discuss a strategy." I look around the buildings. Searching for a vantage point.

    "Master Solomon?" She ask…

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  • MrSolomon

    Woah, been a while since an update. Yes they're going to slow down at this point. You guys caught up with the amount I had wrote so far.

    Enjoy Chapter 8! Where I teach Lucia a lesson. Until a certain cameo interrupts.

    Chapter 8: Betrayal. Solomon vs. Lucia.

    I arrived at Lily's Manor. I decided to scout the village from a higher point. I climbed vines on the side of the mansion and stood on the roof watching the chaos. Lucia's creations were terrorizing the townsfolk. It seemed she based some of her creations on Lily's.

    "Alright Lucia, where are you in all this?" I said. I picked up Lucia within the town prison. I rushed down and examined the scene through an open window. I couldn't hear much however.

    It was Lucia, and Lily. I knew this would ha…

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  • MrSolomon

    Chapter 7: The World Under Siege. New Orders.

    Black Alice had transported both of us to the Drain Lab. After arriving. I immediately rushed to Promestein.

    "Master Promestein!" I said as I rushed to her. She had fallen unconcious. "La Croix! Laplace! Promestein is injured!"

    La Croix appeared suddenly and aided me in helping her up. Laplace turned towards us and prepared a stretcher to lay her down in. "Laplace, restore her vitals!"

    "I'm on it." Laplace said as we laid her down. La Croix turned to me as Lucia rushed into the room.

    "Solomon, what happened?" She asked.

    "She had confronted the Hero Luka and the Monster Lord. She was about to use the unfinished 'White Rabbit' until Black Alice showed up and stopped us and sent us here." I had explaine…

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  • MrSolomon

    Solomon: Author dude... do I really get beat up by a Loli?

    Author: It's the Monster Lord though.

    Solomon: That's.....not better....

    Author: Regardless! Chapter 6 everybody!

    Chapter 6: This is war. Battle of the Monster Lord's Castle.

    As the sun rose signaling the next day, I watched as the Hero Luka entered the Monster Lord's Castle from a distance. I returned to Remina and stood at the front of the chimera army. Promestein walked up to me.

    "Has he entered?" She asked.

    "Yes. Now what shall we do?" I said.

    "We wait." Promestein said. "Ilias said we will attack after Luka's battle with the Heavenly Knights. I am awaiting her signal."

    "And if Luka falls?" I ask.

    "We hold back for a while. Prepare even more forces." She said.

    "I still feel fail-safes sho…

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  • Sylph Natural

    Hello, I'm new here. I got a question: how do I make my profile photo larger? More questions will be asked next time. Thank you and see ya!

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  • MrSolomon

    Chapter 5 is here! I hope you enjoy it.

    Chapter 5: Prepare for Battle. The Ruins of Remina.

    We had arrived in the ruins of the city of Remina. Remina was the former largest city in Hellgondo and was home to hundreds of powerful monsters and human citizens. However in one day, a massive massacre wiped everyone out. Rumors said the Monster Lord had called it, but I knew the truth. Promestein and Ilias destroyed the city with angelic and chimeric forces.

    The remains of the city are ruined buildings home to some of Promestein's chimeric monsters. They are commanded not to attack me, however it does not mean they are friendly. There were easily hundreds, if not thousands, of the beasts roaming outside and inside the ruined buildings.

    Promestein sho…

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  • MrSolomon

    Cupid you had one job! Chapter 4 is out now! =D

    Chapter 4: Uprising in Grangold. Meeting another Angel.

    Several days had passed since the incident involving the Hyde Injection. Having been rested up and healed, I was prepared to receive my next mission.

    "Solomon, good to see you awake. You have an important assignment you must complete back in Grangold." Promestein said.

    "Awaiting orders then, I'm glad to be back on my feet." I responded.

    "Very well, your task is a basic scouting mission. The Queen Ants seal back in Grangold seems to be weakening. I need someone to observe when it finally breaks."

    I knew back in Grangold that the Queen Ant was sealed to control her colony. Promestein provided the technology to allow the city to advance so far. I…

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  • MrSolomon

    Here's the next Chapter. Solomon's most deadly weapon is here!

    NOTE: If anyone finds the blog spamming annoying. Please let me know and I'll reduce the frequency in which I post these and even find a new place to put them.

    Chapter 3: My Deadliest Creation: His name is Hyde.

    After several months, and much needed hard work between missions, it is done.

    I sat at my desk in my room holding the vial filled with a burgundy liquid. The materials I used and research led to this; A non-toxic medicine to cure the bane of a human male's existence when it came to fighting monsters:

    Critical Ecstasy.

    Pleasure eradicating a man's fighting spirit at the brink of ejaculation was what forced many heroes to baptize themselves under Ilias to become true heroes. Bu…

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  • Kain McBride

    Alright, so I've been talking about a MonsterPedia and there's been some interest. I know it'd be a useful tool to be able to look up all the images by name throughout the game. The issue that I have is that some of the images are missing from mine apparently..? not sure if this is a problem other's have had or not, coming across the screen 'vore scene skipped' or 'whatever scene skipped' but, essentially that's fired when an image is missing (if it's coded to check to see if the image is there or not, otherwise it just crashes)

    That said, the Monsterpedia is almost finished. There are around 1000 images left to add to it before it's complete (sounds like a lot, not really that bad though... it's more figuring out what image is what that ta…

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  • MrSolomon

    Am I saying it was my fault Lucia was a Seeker? No. Chapter 2 everyone!

    Tune in tomorrow for Chapter 3! I hope you guys like this so far.

    Chapter 2: A New Seeker: Meet Lucia, the Alchemist.

    I was told Chrome was defeated. A young hero named Luka, accompanied by the Monster Lord strangely enough, managed to stop her. It seems Promestein wasn't too worried. Chrome must have put up a huge fight as the Monster Lord seemed to be wiped out according to Promestein. I do hope she's alright however.

    After a few days, I got called by Promestein to assist in devilering tech to Lily's manor. You can imagine how I reacted...

    "Not Lily's! Master Promestein with all due respect, she's a crazy woman." I protested.

    "Solomon you're being superstitious. Besides sh…

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  • MrSolomon

    Hello there. Book 2 time! Takes place in Chapters 1-3. I hope you enjoy.

    I'm going to avoid spamming the Blogs by doing 1 chapter a day. Please check by for more if you like it.

    Book 2: Solomon, Seeker of Truth.

    Note: A little better off in the sexual stuff. There will be some level of it in the story now.

    Note 2: If there's any mismatches with the Chapters 1-3 cannon please don't mind them. I have tried my best to ensure it stays close to the cannon material.

    The story so far: Solomon, a young mercenary from Port Natalia in the Sentora continent proceeded to complete a job investigating ghost sightings in a manor near San Ilia. Having arrived there he stumbled upon a meeting between the Necromancer Chrome and an Angelic Scientist, Promestein. …

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  • MrSolomon

    Hello it's me again. I don't know if anyone liked my little fanfic. (0 comments left me worried.) So here's an update just in case people liked it.

    I started on a Part 2. Titled: "Solomon, Seeker of Truth" it takes place during events of Chapters 1-3 in MGQ storyline.

    Currently it's a longer piece of work than the last one. It's planned to be 13 chapters total and definitely includes more action. And yes I am going to buckle my belt, brace myself, and attempt at a little "Reward" that Promestein gives the guy. In detial....I have little to no experience writing sex-scenes....

    In case you're wondering, the majority of it is based in Chapter 3 of the MGQ Story. Because of this I'm going to ensure no plotholes in a fanfic about an eroge with plo…

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  • Kain McBride

    Alright, as you may know I'm working on a side story editor for Monster Girl Quest... My current issue is the sprite count, it's really quite extensive... and, when looking for a specific image, it could take a LONG LONG time to find the one you're looking for...

    So my method of fixing this was to create a sort of monsterpedia... The monsterpedia references monsters by their monsterpedia index under extras -> monsterpedia in the game. It lists their images by type and allows the user to select from a much shorter list that way... Currently the issue I'm having is that monsters with multiple indexes (Alice, Granberia, etc) have different image sets for each index, some overlap, some don't... I'm not sure at the moment if I'm going to separat…

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  • ProviDence

    As of now this story is still in the Fertilization stage (Planning)

    If I am not able to make it into a visual novel I will try to make it into a story, but if I cant do that...

    I wish anyone who sees my ideas to adapt them to thier own (don't steal it flat out like even calling your hero Daniel and shit)

    I am saying this because I know some stories haven't gone finished and I don't want to give any of you empty promises.

    Learn from my accomplishments not from my failures.

    We follow a young hero named Daniel raised by monsters in hellgondo. Not believing in Ilias he eventually went down the same path as Promestein, he was curious as to why things happened and started to look into them more. Aside from his fondness of knowledge now not being limi…

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  • Forevergent777

    Now many of you are wondering what I'm going to do with my AU fanfic.  What direction will I take?  How will I re-portray these characters?  Firstly, you'll have to keep the following in mind if you want to be able to read the fanfic:

    - This will be more episodic and will focus less on the fetish.  Granted, Luka will have sex with other Monsters besides Alice, but they will have a reason behind them.
    - The humans and Monsters will have their own advantages and disadvantages so that they're on equal footing.  I want to give both sides a fighting chance so that there's a reason the war isn't finished (seriously, with the powers the Monster Girls have and the humans didn't in the game, how did they not finish the war right then and there?).
    - S…
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  • Forevergent777

    Hello, this is Forevergent777 here.  Recently, I have posted a comment about writing an AU fanfic.  Here's what the comment entailed:

    Looking back at this series, there are lots of issues that are never correctly addressed and/or resolved.  Then again, this is an H-game, so of course it focuses more on fetishes than the story.

    I'm still in the planning stage of my fic, but here's the basic premise and a few description of the main characters:

    Plot: Luka (not shota) is on a quest to help bring humans and monsters closer and stop their war against one another, as the monsters are always attacking humans and the humans are retaliating.  The humans, however, are on an equal footing with the monsters.  While the monsters have strong magic and phys…

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  • Kain McBride
    So I'm making a little progress with the side story editor, not a huge amount or anything because I've come to a bit of a snag and am having to deal with that first (has to do with the number of sprites in MGQ), but I'm working on it...
    So far I've got create a new side story, which has an about section ('cause you should take credit for your side story), background image change, solid background change (background clear), and the ability to add and stop background music.
    Background Image has a preview so you can see the image you're selecting, be it part of the game's stock backgrounds or a custom background you've created yourself.
    Solid background colour previews the colour you've selected, allowing you to fully customize (with decimal) th…
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  • Kain McBride
    Alright, though I'm fairly sure no one is actually following this at the moment... I'm still going to say that I'm almost done my research into Side Story Development...
    When I started with the idea of making an editor / creator for side stories for Monster Girl Quest, I thought it'd be fun, and side stories could be almost limitless in their complexity... Shortly there after I came to the realization that Side Stories are limited in, well, almost every aspect... There really isn't all that much you can do with a side story... So I thought to myself, why bother doing this until I'm absolutely sure what can and cannot happen from within a side story? I mean I've seen side stories that do things they shouldn't be able to do, at least in acco…
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  • Venithil

    I've already made a blog-post about the story itself, so this time only adding another note about the next chapter. I should be able to slowly improve the pace at which I post; in fact I hope to have another one finished during the Easter break soon, or a small break I get at the start of May soon after.

    Enjoy. . Please leave comments here or if you're also a fan of Corruption of Champions, in their forum!

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  • MrSolomon

    Solomon's moving on up it seems. Well not before a near-death experience and a mental scarring. Chapters 5 and 6!

    Chapter 5: Technological Grangold and the Mountain of Fire.

    I awoke the next day, to a strange sight. My clothes were pre-set for me. Unusual but I did admit to liking the style and design. A pair of black pants with a belt made for holding specific items, a red and black vest that felt slightly armored with a light, flexible material, and lastly, a black coat with new gloves and boots. I donned my new gear and grabbed my blade but noticed my backpack was missing. I searched around my room but decided to check if I left it in the main area. I headed for the door when Promestein entered.

    "Good morning Solomon, I see you found your …

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  • Kain McBride

    Alright guys, I've got a bit of a problem... That is to say, I've got no idea what to label these transitions as... so here's what I've got, would love your opinions on it to see what kind of names we can come up with here... I'm sure there are "actual" transition names, I'm just not aware of them... :p

    Notes: Transitions are used when putting images on the screen, they apply to sprites and backgrounds; so if you'd like to test them yourself in a test side story; that's where to put them when you're testing...

    0 - Instant (effects only the text window picture, unless there's no current background)
    1 - Instant (whole screen)
    2 - Full Blinds (left to right)
    3 - Full Blinds (right to left)
    4 - Full Blinds (top to bottom)
    5 - Full Blinds (bottom to top)
    6 - Blinds S…
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  • Kain McBride

    MGQ Side Story Editor - In The Beginning...

    Alright, so I've started working on the side story editor; that said I'm still going through looking for 'extra' commands that can be used within a side story. I've found a few (Different background methods, element, sp2, move) and have figured out some of their syntax (element and the background methods). Anyway, the program doesn't do all that much as of yet; but it can add backgrounds and correctly syntax them... It has a general side story creation as well as a running preview.

    So far it's no where near complete, I've got a lot of work left to do, and no set time line... Will try to keep updating as progress is made; and will document commands after I've fully discovered their syntax under the …

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  • Kain McBride

    An Introduction...

    April 3, 2014 by Kain McBride

    Hello, and thanks for stopping by... I'm Leprichaun (there's a reason it's spelled that way) and I'm planning on making creation of side stories a little easier in the future... Currently I'm developing a Side Story Editor / Creator; it's taking more time than I'd anticipated, as the first thing I did in starting was start to play around with Side Stories and the script that they use. So far I've found a few extra commands that aren't documented, so I'm going through them to figure out how they work, then adding them to the Making a Side Story page, so that anyone else currently working on a side story can have added features if they so choose.

    The side story editor / creator that I'm working on should prevent a lot of the crashes that occu…

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  • Rickey985


    March 25, 2014 by Rickey985

    Monster Girl Quest: The Return To Remina is a work in progress full patch mod being created by Rickey 985.  The goal of this mod is to create a new story, based off the original but this time it will be viewed from a different perspective. 


    The story is about Polis, a half-human half primordial, who came to the Ilias continent, from Hellgondo on his own, to learn about the people that live there.  After witnessing an angel come to the shrine of Ilias to bless the 'heroes' there, he was escorted by the angel to a nearby cave.

    What you can expect

    A first person story similar to that of mgq, except this one follows the character 'Polis Mordial'

    Characters Involved

    All the characters from the mgq universe and the newly created Polis Mordial (fo…

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  • Rickey985


    March 15, 2014 by Rickey985

    took a break to get all my ideas for this together, and I now know how I want to approach this 

    also what it says for the RP page is a rough idea as to what I want the character of Polis to be, a pretty close rough idea, but it needs some small tweaks.

    PS: the sidestory idea fell apart pretty quickly  

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  • MrSolomon

    Well this is the absolute longest chapter of this. Mostly because I didn't want Grand Noah into two Chapters. I lost track of the word counter and saw it hit.... OVER 6,000! And well you can imagine how that went. Didn't bother shortening it because now I'm not one to simplify things.

    Now relax and enjoy Solomon meeting two Heavenly Knights. To gather data for, and spoiler warning, the Next dolls that get their part mechanical behinds handed to them in Chapter 4!

    My days in-between missions are basically chores. Mostly doing lifting and cleaning. While finishing my duties in the Laboratory, I was called to the testing facility once more. There awaited Promestein, holding another needle.

    "Hey Doc.." I quickly cover my mouth then resume speakin…

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  • MrSolomon

    Note: Decided to go two chapters again. There are 6 Chapters total for this and Chapter 4 is the longest so it will likely be put up by itself. As for 5 and 6 well they're ready but I might need to read over them and make fixes and edits here and there. Enjoy Solomon befriending fairies and being creeped out by Lily in these two chapters!

    After a bright flash I arrived in the outskirts of the Forest of Spirits. Checking the device in my hand I see its light flashing green and a small bar on the side slowly filling. "Oh I guess I just have to wait for it to fill while searching the forest." As I walked into the forest carefully, the frequency of the light flash increased slowly. "Hmm, so it's energy absorbing is based on the amount of energy…

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  • MrSolomon

    Author's note: Despite the heavy sexual content of the game, I toned down the sexual stuff. I'm just not into writing the stuff. At least yet. Also, I'm a terrible writer. At least in my personal opinion.

    The setting is two years before the start of Luka's journey. I try my best to follow the cannon of all three chapters.

    Also, yes, Promestein is mai waifu. Deal with it.

    My name, is Solomon. I'm a young man of 19 from Port Natalia. I'm a tall, average built man with short, nearly spiked hair and wearing glasses. Trained long and arduously for the day of my baptism and to be finally among the heroes of the land. Or so I thought as the day I was to receive said baptism, I was stricken with a horrible stomach virus and was bedridden for a few day…

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  • MrSolomon

    Hi there! Solomon here! Well remember I made a "fanfic" about my RP character? Well after some boredom and inspiration with Chapter 3's revealing of the Seeker's of Truth's backstories and personalities better, I continued it finally after much procrastination.

    I currently have 4 chapters done and am writing the 5th. So question is, Would you like me to upload and continue the writing?

    I'm not advertising a fanfic for free fame and such I'm merely considering putting it on some site to upload fanfics for the series. If you know of a good one comment below.

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  • Albert art

    mango (mgq:db)

    March 8, 2014 by Albert art

    "hi, i am mango!"

    -general quote of mango

    mango a chimera that appears in Monster Girl Quest: Demon Burst  she is a chimera created initially from lily (in Witch Hunt Village ) as suck vore, will be modified later becoming an actual chimera ( in the monster lord castle, underground lab [the same place where it was created giganto weapon]). she is one travel mate of D.J.

    • she basically was inspired by kirby in human version.
      • more accurately, the character design was very much inspired by two characters of two failed webcomic, the character's name is a tribute to mango from  cubewatermelon
    • is one of the few chimeras with normal intelligence.
    • is necrophage, for what she eats the corpses.
      • this fact makes the bogeyman of chrome
    • she makes a cameo in an…

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  • Ginrikuzuma

    Returning to the wiki.

    February 28, 2014 by Ginrikuzuma

    So I been gone since December only to make a few trips back here to respond to questions or comments on the two pages I mainly created. The Making a Re-Patch page and my re-patch mod itself, Sealed. Along with keeping an eye occasionally on edits to some of the major pages.

    So what have I missed? From what I briefly bothered to look through the recent activities.

    The NG+ re-patch that was made by Ecstacy, ThatRussian and Cropsy seems to still being worked on.

    Snake (whom I helped him early out how to get the basics when it came to programming seems to have) has released his first patch to his re-patch mod.

    Covariant has made a return to the forums.

    I seen two new contributors on the wiki (unMass King and Zaiku K).

    I'm gonna return working to my …

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  • Zepekinio25

    Monster Girl Quest: Servant of the Monster Lord is a stand alone mod created by Zepekinio25, which follow the story of Nolwen and the creature that lives within him. The scene takes place in Eltusa, which is inspired and expanded from the MGQ universe.

    Update blog --> MGQ : SML

    Discord Server --> Join it!

    Discord is a free chat server created mainly for gamers, it's as easy as it is powerful to use and furthermore, you can choose if you either want to download the app directly, or just go on their website! If you want to follow what I'm doing in live, then click on the link above!

    The story follows Nolwen Louenning in his evolution through his travel to the world of Eltusa, where monsters and humans lives next to one another, but not as good neig…

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