• Zaphod-sama

    Translation software

    September 17, 2016 by Zaphod-sama

    Yo Guys,

    It's been a while but i have returned with a new and more powerful computer.

    Which brings me to the following:

    I was installing and copying everything back when i notices that my ATLAS and Translate aggregator*ITH stopped working.

    Apparently Fujitsu has completely stopped with this translation software and know i can't play my Eroge with "subbes" anymore. Even though the translation was pretty shitty, it was understandable so do you guys perhaps know some good and easy to install alternatives perhaps?

    Would appreciate the help, like i said it doesn't have to be a perfect translator since i used ATLAS but yeah any good alternative would be great and if there is a manual with it that would be perfect.


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  • SethRollinsBabyFace

    Hey people , specially Gook and others who work hard on this wiki. Yeah i found some time to come here on this wiki. If you don't know me i was the one in early april and may who was making and editing much things here. I almost came back last time , but some bad things happened. I really wanted to help you guys , but i can't . I wish i made this post before , but i'm retiring from this duties. Maybe i can come for Part 2 , which is confirmed for 2017 , but i am not sure. Goodluck to all of you who try to make this wiki better and better by putting hard work into it. Greetings from Seth !

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  • Gook

    This is my review on Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming, which I recently (1 day ago) played. 

    Plot is superior to first game. It became more serious with several plot twists. There is more jokes, parody and everything. Altough, closer to ending (Especially ending of Ragnarok. I didn't get that thing with those time holes and everything.) it becomes harder and tiresome. There is also several cameos (Not only evil guys but good guys as well).

    Also, now there is not only Evil Lords with Spell of Destruction, but new groups of enemies (Eight Elements for example)

    Gameplay is based on Hero 30 of the first game. No other gamemodes like Princess 30 and Evil Lord 30, But it was improved with new features like Global Map! Now you can play this game …

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  • Helpineedsomebody

    I'm trying to play MGQ on Windows 10 but when i start the game it is very zoomed in and only about 1/4 of the screen is shown. Anyone know how to fix/avoid this

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  • Metatoron

    Celestial Hierarchies

    June 12, 2016 by Metatoron

    唯一神 (Yuiitsukami/Yui Itsu Kami) – Monotheist God (One and Only True God)
    女神 (Megami) – Goddess, the eponymous one usually gets translated as “Goddess Illiad”, I wonder if it’s a nod to that, or the “Palutena” (sic) rather?
    ヨヘワヘ (YHVH) – Was told that would be direct transliteration of Y(o/u)d Heh Vav Heh, but I’d need to look up onto Bleach’s Quincy Emperor.
    天使 (Tenshi) – Angel (Heavenly Messenger), basically a generic one.
    大天使 (Daitenshi) – Archangel (lit. Big Heavenly Messenger/Heavenly Herald?), the one of the higher rank. Usually refers to the “Main Four”, which is an ignorant use often.
    堕天使 (Datenshi) – Fallen Angel (Fallen Heavenly Messenger) ie. Devil, you know like Satan or Lucifer. Can be of dubious loyalty towards the Divine, some ma…

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  • Gook

    About Japanese

    June 11, 2016 by Gook

    Ok, I decided to start learning japanese. Can someone give me some sort of advice where to start?

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  • Saikou The Lewd King

    Just a blog to help me (And maybe others) keep track of all the Alternate Universes present in MGQ: Paradox. Note that most of those are unconfirmed and simple theories, that aren't all mine. This is also based on assumptions from a mostly untranslated game and is thus subject to change.

    Description: Simply, the original universe of the Original Trilogy. The setting has no great disaster, but for most of the time monsters and humans have been fightning eachothers, so peace isn't existent until the end.

    Entities from this universe: 

    • Neris (Daughter of Alipheese)
    • Nero (Son of Alipheese)
    • Loli Ilias (She mentions remembering things exactly as how they happened in the original trilogy)
    • Adult Alipheese (Literal copy paste from the original VN)
    • Black Al…

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  • FickleArchivist

    EDIT: I re-wrote because I think my first attempt wasn't very clear in explaining the problem and my frustration wasn't making it any easier to read.

    To start, I don't think we need Previous and Next links on Paradox Infoboxes. The reason is Paradox has non-linear encounters unlike the original game. The original trilogy was almost completely linear so knowing which monster came next was actually significant and worth recording. In Paradox, you can encounter monsters in almost any order and you can skip way more monsters than the original trilogy let you. The only time order actually matters in Paradox is in the Game Library when viewing Monsters and Characters but that too is quite arbitrary.

    If we suppose that Previous and Next is importan…

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  • Shaamat

    Hello everyone I know im probably the less productive but I wanna make a meeting online between everyone to talk about how to improve the wikia, have some fun, etc. How about the saturday 14 at 5pm Mexico city time zone (we can discuss the time)

    Now to make this blog entry more interesting, lets talk about, wich are your top 10 favorite game overs?

    In my case, I rarely lose to monsters in the first trillogy, most of the times I lose to horrible monsters like cassandra or eggiel. But I got some game overs that were kinda good.


    9.-Black alice


    7.-La Croix


    5.-Mermaid general

    4.-Succubus witch


    3.-Alma Elma


    1,- Queen Harpy

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  • SethRollinsBabyFace

    To all who edit please send me in comments your list/ or interest list of what will you edit. I hope we all respect each other and edit what we picked to edit. Send me your list or picture of list what you edit so we all know our job and don't do others.

    Simply just send or write monsters you are editing

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  • SethRollinsBabyFace

    I don't get it guys , why we need 3+ pages for every monster to create? Look older entries , look old MGQ original monsters? Don't you think alice should have like 4 pages cuz 4 monsterpedia entries? NO . Thats why we don't need Companion page alone , but as entry of whole Paradox page. Please tell me what are we going to do cuz this is getting nowhere with everybody doing his pages diffirent .

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  • Gook

    Seriosly, whar are you doing. Let's at least take our roles. like Seth will do all the bosses and apoptoses, TheMageOfHeart wil make companions page and i'll make Monsters from original Trilogy with superbosses (At least, Sphinx and Nanabi.

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  • Hotcoolcrepper123

    New too this

    April 26, 2016 by Hotcoolcrepper123

    Hi I am new to mgq and was wondering if there is an Android tablet download or if I have to get it on PC also am wondering if there are different death scenes also am not sure if this is where I post this and BTW I rp

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  • Gook

    What the difference?

    April 22, 2016 by Gook

    What the differnce between Template Tab and Template Tab 2.0?

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  • SethRollinsBabyFace
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  • Rjwstar

    The Japanese fandom already made the full key lore analysis of paradox chapter 1 last year. So, I`ll gonna translate some of the key lores here.(Sorry about my bad English.)


    1.What is the 'right history'?

    It strongly seems like ‘the history created only by the inhabitants of that world’. As we can know from Morrigan`s quote that "Even in a right history, Sara had the possibility to become a succubus and suck every people of Sabasa to death", the history of the original trilogy is not the only true history. Once the factors from other world interfere, the deviation grows larger like a butterfly phenomenon. That`s what Lilith sisters and White rabbit trying to fix.


    It seems like a Tartarus is just a way to Hades. The only way to …

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  • Alastor Sasori

    Coming soon.

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  • Rjwstar

    [1] (No Paradox characters included)

    (Rank: Character name /vote)

    include some comments by voters

    1: Alicefeeze 16th 5220

    "That ribbon at the last part of the chapter 2...I cried"

    2: Alma Elma 3783

    "Being squeezed by a Succubus, that the common dream of all monster girl lovers"

    3: Tamamo 2397

    "FluffyFluffyFluffyFluffy tails..."

    4: Imp 1658

    "It`s too pleasurable to be raped squeezed by the one whose much weaker than me"

    5: Queen Harpy 1456

    6: Ilias 1334

    "I slayed the monster lord without any hesitation!"/"I love her sadistic comments at the evaluation"

    7: Witch Succubus 1264

    "I want to go inside her womb"/"Size, unbirth, glasses. She`s perfect"

    8: Kitsune 1094

    "I`ve married with Kitsune!"

    9: Valkyrie 1059

    10: Luka 1046

    "He`s the one of my best 5 RPG game prota…

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  • Alastor Sasori

    There's only a few of these (that I've seen, at least) and it seems like fun, so I thought I'd join in. Admittedly, I'm rather paranoid about whether or not something about him doesn't make sense, or messes with canon a bit too much. However, I'd like to think I've done a decent job, and any complaints should hopefull be fixed with minor tweaks and/or a simple explanation. In addition many things are left kinda vague, and RPs/Fanfics are at least slightly AU anyway, so there should be little problem overall.

    And also, Alastor has room to grow. This is basically him at what would be the start of MSQ, allowing him room to grow stronger by the end - if just a bit.

    Note that this isn't ALL his information, but rather his starting info. There are…

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  • Gook

    Paradox monsters

    April 9, 2016 by Gook
    • Luka
    • Alice
    • Sylph
    • Gnome
    • Ilias
    • Promestein
    • Lime
    • Bunni
    • Melk
    • Rami
    • Rumi
    • Remi
    • Ragora
    • Pochi
    • Mimi
    • Gob
    • Teeny
    • Vanilla
    • Papi
    • Ratty
    • Amara
    • Mini
    • Hiru
    • Barbun
    • Mary
    • Sully
    • Jaide
    • Shesta
    • Nuruko
    • Hip
    • Honey
    • Chirp
    • Reina
    • Pina&Pii
    • Elizabeth
    • Rosary
    • Metly
    • Pumpkin
    • Cindy
    • Meru Meru
    • Chandra
    • Eater
    • Riot
    • Luxuru
    • Lona
    • Marion
    • Fell
    • Amy
    • Gigi
    • Fleesia
    • Lihitinu
    • Kitsu
    • Kamuro
    • Rachnee
    • Minelli
    • Nanabi
    • Yume
    • Shelly
    • Soapy
    • Beth
    • Melon
    • Kazura
    • Anastasia
    • Wakame
    • Kurage
    • Isabelle
    • Anko
    • Meia
    • Annie
    • Yoko
    • Cornelia
    • Sofia
    • Christie
    • Kyona
    • Aisha
    • Robin
    • Lippy
    • Jillian
    • Hild
    • Carrie
    • Miyabi
    • Ellie
    • Zombies
    • Chrome
    • Frederica
    • Claudia
    • Love & Lamb
    • Milly & Liru
    • Fairies
    • Rachura
    • Mina
    • Banachi
    • Eva
    • Sunny
    • Vanessa
    • Scarlet
    • Casta
    • Miu
    • Jeannie
    • Patra
    • Lila
    • Nefertiti Lamias
    • Gaa
    • Saki
    • Regina
    • Ashidaka
    • Anna
    • Maiden
    • Julia
    • Lemon
    • Mitsuko
    • Lily
    • Shizuku
    • Naho
    • Nabisu
    • Lucia
    • Manako
    • Liru
    • Len
    • MMiranda
    • Mirage
    • Helen
    • Dahila
    • Deiji
    • Vitae
    • Vetala
    • Valto
    • Shinifa
    • Shadow
    • Lisa
    • Crowley
    • Torture
    • Fr…
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  • Shaamat

    I'm trying to defeat the special bosses in the chaos dungeon, but my team still cant defeat any of them. However it can defeat any other monster in game easily, that's why I'm going to share my best teams and I want to see yours in the comments of course to learn new strategies.

    Btw I preffer to use the cute monsters on my team over the nightmare fuel ones, so If you know of a monster with better stats and is not on the team, that's why.

    So lets begin.

    My first team is based on a classic RPG party using melee magic supports and healers in the traditional way

    Role: Melee

    Class: Battle master

    Race: Oni

    She has a double gaia hammer and her attack is over 500. In a single turn she can deal 45K dmg per enemy with a critical.

    She has abilities that boost h…

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  • Gook

    About me,

    April 8, 2016 by Gook

    So,how about me and pages i've created like this one.Am i helping?And what you can recommend me to make my work better.

    Yes,I did this blogpost for the achievement,but i also would like to hear your recommendations.

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  • Shaamat

    First of all hello everyone im new in this wikia (also the first wikia I join) so please dont give me a "bad end" if I commit a mistake.

    Im a big fan of mythologies and monsters (one of the main reasons I played this game) and im still waiting for paradox part 2 with this question "what kind of new monsters would appear in part 2?"

    Since probably the game would have the noah and grandgoll region and also hellgondo and the island of the world tree I have some ideas of new monsters that could appear for example

    Related to noah region I guess a lot of new yokai type monsters Just to mention a few ones, it could appear monsters like kappa, kamaitachi or noppera-bo (faceless ghost)

    Also the plantsect forest can possibly give us new bugs and plant t…

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  • Granberia

    So let's start the story ...

    I'm not the only one who miss them right ? I'm sure about that . Heavenly knights are probably best characters of first game , especially Tamamo and Granberia . Not having them at all in Monster Girl Quest : Paradox made me think about some stuff . So here we go :

    -"We're so strong to party you in early game" - Okay this one is probably okay , It's kinda unfair to have a 100 + level party monster at the very start ( Iliasburg - Granberia for example ) . That would be unbalanced right ?

    -Appearance of Lilith Sisters - Honestly I think ( but please no ) that Lilith Sisters are replacement for Heavenly Knights . That's so bad idea for me , but It might be true . 

    So combining those things , you can say " Yes Heavenly …

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  • SethRollinsBabyFace

    I was thinking a lot , what do you guys think . I'm new in this wiki , but i follow this game for long time. After starting MGQ:Paradox I never watched some of spoiler ( except 1 )  so this is just my opinion about final boss of Paradox.

    Here is my top 5 :

    5. Alice I : Okay what I think about this is like . Hey she is locked in that seal for long time . We all know that Ilias deceived her in wars . Maybe Dark God's gonna be mad and unleash chaos ?

    4. White Rabbit : This one is easy , she was involved in pretty much everything in Part 1 , and I feel like she haven't told us anything yet. I'm confused about her . What is her role in all of this?

    3. Marcellus/Lucifina : Well we don't know much about Luka's parents , but I have some strange feelin…

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  • Generale wareagle

    Hi, I played these games, I think the original trilogy, but I would like to start playing these again. I would like to know if is possible to play this game on IPhone or PSP or PSVita. Is it possible? Thank you for your answers

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  • Alex06121999


    February 14, 2016 by Alex06121999


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  • Horehorehore

    Wiki box resize

    February 10, 2016 by Horehorehore

    The "Latest Blogs" content box needs fixing, it's too big at the moment taking about 60% of my screen, nearly covering the whole right part, Ilias needs to be seen! This is blasphemy!

    Also, after about 10 minute seach I couldn't find any other place to actually report this, Forum doesn't have a  problem reporting section either, so I'm making it as a blog until I find the actual proper place or someone points me towards the right direction.

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  • OoogieBoogie

    a blog?

    February 10, 2016 by OoogieBoogie

    a blog? wat

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  • Mackberry

    Complete guide to Paradox

    January 29, 2016 by Mackberry

    11.Speak with Info Broker with Red Hair near entrance

    12.Speak with the Warrior near entrance

    13.Speak with the Girl in front of the fountain in middle of town

    14.Speak with the Warrior in the Blacksmith

    15.Speak with the Youth with green hair in the Weapon/Armor Shop

    16.Speak with the Gambler in the alley on the righside of the Weapon/Armor Shop

    17.Head back to Ilias Temple and speak to the Head priest

    18.Head northwest of the temple till you hit the north cave called Irina Mountains North Cave

    19.Head inside and defeat all 4 bandit leaders Goblin, Lamia, Vampire, and Dragon

    20.After cutscene exit hotel and Speak with Amira the green snake and select 2nd option not to kill her and choose 2nd option again to pay some gold to skip Informat Sidequest…

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  • Rjwstar

    Finally found the backup texts(incomplete) of Q&A. I`ll post some of the Q&As here gradually.(And sorry for my bad English. I`m using the Google translation partially)


    Q: It seems like Luka is very weak at sexual attack, then if we castrate him or make him erectile dysfunction, will it make him invincible?

    A: It will rather make him weaker due to the the significant decrease of virility.


    Q: If Luka wear a chastity belts, will it make opponent monsters rely on physical fight so that Luka can have more advantage?

    A: It`s no use because they`ll destroy the chastity belts immediately and rape him.


    Q: Is there a queen of the dragonkins?

    A: Since the dragonkins doe…

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  • Troy168

    The Ultimate Choice - Beta

    January 4, 2016 by Troy168

    Hello Everyone, I want to let you all know that I completed the test of the first side story that I have ever made...if you are wondering what that means...well let me tell you the truth. This is the first time that I have ever done a side story, so I have to use someone elses work and change it to mine (I apologies to DEV for using your work without permission, and I'm sorry for changing your story without permission, I hope you can forgive me for this.) so I can get the story done. So you may notice some odd moments where the music doesn't play at the right time, or certain sound effects are missing,  if you notice it, let me know and I can improve the story. Also note that the locations, characters, and maybe music and sound effects tha…

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  • Troy168

    Hello Everyone, I'm writing a side story about the ultimate choice that has to be made, here's the basic senario that I got so far, You a 18 year old boy is heading back to the town when you hear the noise, upon discovering the noise, you found a man, aged 45, is about to be raped by a monster (Mainly a Slug Girl), You could fight the monster...but you have no combat experience what so ever (The lazy version: I don't know how to work in the combat) You could run and get help, but by the time you get there, the rape would be over, and upon returning, you find then gone. So that leaves you two choices, either head back to town and at lease try to get help, or offer the man's place to be raped by the monster, leaving him spared from the monst…

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  • Theodos

    Adding Themes?

    December 30, 2015 by Theodos

    There is something that I was thinking for quite some time.As you all know, there are characters that have specific themes in the game.

    Should we make a new section in their pages adding them for everyone to hear? 

    What do you think guys? Is it a good idea? Or maybe not? Maybe something a little more different?

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  • FickleArchivist

    Paradox Resources

    December 25, 2015 by FickleArchivist

    I've been sitting on these links for awhile now, using them at my leisure but now that it's Christmas I kind of realized someone else might like them too. There are more resources but some of them are on explicit pages, there's an incomplete list of skills and abilities I haven't verified as accurate yet and a Japanese wiki I don't want to advertise because we're on a wiki and that'd be rude to do, even if it is in another language. I'll add more to this as I find them but I don't there is going to be much new at this point. Hopefully, this page will become redundant as this wiki becomes filled in.


    Super Boss Guide

    Companion Preferred Foods…

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  • Horehorehore

    New Generation

    November 1, 2015 by Horehorehore
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  • FickleArchivist

    I was supposed to finish the page Slime Girl/Paradox about a month ago but complications arose and it's still not done. This is the layout I've mocked up for Paradox enemies in MS Word and inserted values of Lime to give a rough idea of what it'll look like once filled in. I'd appreciate anyone comments or criticisms on the rough design. Also, if anyone knows how to properly code tables into infoboxes, it'd be a big help to let me know how or where I can learn because Wikia's guide on the matter are either outdated or too vague. I've been having a lot of trouble with it as I have no formal coding training.

    I was planning on making Companion values hidden when not in use but in hindsight, a separate infobox might be better for allies like So…

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  • Shadowblade777

    Fanfic: Demonic Origins

    September 21, 2015 by Shadowblade777

    The original Demon Assassin, the Phantom, was a fable legend 500 years ago. Undoubtedly, Ilias removed all traces of her existence. But even so, the Phantom still had a grand tale...

    The sounds of a baby crying filled the Monster Lord's throne room. Several figures stood in the room as a motherly figure in the center was cradling her child. "Congratulations on your child, Your Majesty." one of the figures, a Kitsune, had said. "Teeheehee, she's quite beautiful isn't she, sister?" another figure, a big breasted succubus, said. "Why yes, she is. I'm quite excited to see the new era of Monster Lords prosper. Again, congratulations, Your Majesty." the taller, smaller breasted succubus said.

    "Thank you..." the Monster Lord said as she held her ch…

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  • FickleArchivist

    I just started the page on Jobs and was about to comment on it but I decided on a blog post instead. I'll finish off jobs tomorrow and then I'll post a template and a full page for Lime, the companion Slime Girl, either tomorrow or Sunday.

    After that, I'm going to post some guides for some things I've seen a lot of people having trouble with like Chrome's side quest, Job Change Items, the nameless slums quest, and the location of what I believe to be every seed, nut and small medal in the game.

    Those are my main concerns but beyond that, I'll just start submitting whatever I feel like. If you haven't played the game yet and there is something you'd like to be completed before the translation is done, like weapons or characters and gifts, lea…

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  • Zlymo

    Best Girl in Monster Musume?

    September 12, 2015 by Zlymo

    Hello there! This is kind of offtopic but I thought I would bring it to your attention that I have created a poll which decides the best girl in the Manga/Anime Monster Musume which I'm sure you have heard of. So if you have a favorite why not go over to the link below and show your support!

    I have not included every single girl that appears but most of them should be covered.

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  • Snivinerior

    What now?

    August 19, 2015 by Snivinerior

    Well, I just felt wanting to share this to someone (not that I can benefit from it or something), I recently finished the game and I feel satisfied, triumphant yet sad and lacking. I just couldn't believe it's finished just as that. The days before that, I'm always looking forward every night to play MGQ [don't ask why) and I will miss that. Honestly, the story itself is very long, interesting, dramatic and comedic. It's perfect. But... I just can't believe it's over. I wish there will be a part two [I'm already informed about MGQ:Paradox but it is far from being finished, so I have to wait :/ ]. Anyway, I enjoyed the game from start to finish. I give it an A++.

    PS: I'll try to contribute now here in this wikia but it seems I can't thin…

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  • Galileo007

    Death by Pumping

    August 5, 2015 by Galileo007

    I really have to stop trying for all achevements in this game....

    I have been stuck on getting hit by this one requestable move. I have played the fight with Timy Lamia over 100 times. I have thought of everything. I can't get hit by that one move.

    It's a bound move, so you have to be hit by her binding move, "Tiny Wrap", first. According to the wiki page, "Death by Pumping" is an insta-kill for when your at low health, along with "Death by Tightening". The first time you are bound at the begining of the fight, you are hit with unnammed moves (Looks the same as "Reverse Rape" ) untill you are killed with "Death by Tightening". "Reverse Rape"  seems to trigger "Death by Tightening" allways. So I assumed that the only way to get hit by "Death by Pum…

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  • Safin117

    Path of Hero

    August 2, 2015 by Safin117

    Hey guys

    I wondered if anyone would be able to help me with my work, im going to start making a new story since i recieved my art work but... i have a problem i cant make a cg for s..t :( if anyone can explain nice and slowly how to make one i will be gratefull forever. Or if someone would do that for me i will give credits for it on the beggining and end of a story

    thanks ahead

    Safin out

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  • Nebulablast

    Hello Nebulablast here and this is my first tutorial on this game yay! I'll make a simple guide teaching you guys how to defeat death and getting the overpowered Gaia Robe!

    Party Members: Luca, Ilias/Alice, Gnome and a Harpy. (I used Ilias but I believe Alice is better, for the harpy I've used Reina but you can use anyone you want)

    Jobs: Luca, Ilias and Gnome must have the follow jobs mastered:

    -Battle Master

    -Magus Fist

    -Hero of Justice

    The Harpy must have Superstar, Dancer and Minstrel mastered. And she needs to be a

    Helpful Links: (classes) (races)

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  • MrSolomon

    Solomon, a mercenary turned Seeker of Truth, had aided the Monster Lord and Heavenly Knights in stopping Akame Artiste from utilizing the former Enforcers of Truth, the mysterious dark powers of Shadow and the White Rabbit to conquer the world.

    It's been five years...since that day...

    "And to think, the absolute worse that happened to me," I began to say as I looked at my mechanical left arm and legs. "was losing some limbs."

    "Still not over it?" Lucia asked.

    "No, just looking back to this crazy life I've lived in the past 5 years." I said.

    Lucia stood from her bed and walked up to me as I was looking at my artificial limbs. I had lived in her mansion ever since I helped stop Akame. "I'm sure Promestein is also shocked you served her this long.…

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  • Sylph Natural

    MGQ Singers

    July 24, 2015 by Sylph Natural

    What monster girl would you think about would sing your favorite song/s? Do you associate a song or music to a particular monster girl? Tell me your ideas.

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  • Galileo007

    I'm back.

    July 14, 2015 by Galileo007

    DERP. I have been offline for so long that if anypony cared about this account, they forgot about it.

    I have had a thought, and I want this to be a thing. Time-completion of MGQ. What if we made an online competition for it? I have already set some presonal records for blowing through the game, I want to see how I compare to other players. No idea how this will be pulled off, but it seems like a fun idea.

    Also, I have a bit of an issue. The ??? right after Alice (3) at the end of the seccond game, I can't get it. I have been told it's the Dopelganger easter egg at the bottom of the extras screen, I have beated it though, and still no monster there.  My game is a version compiled from all 3 chapters. I'm open to editing the save file to get i…

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  • Zaphod-sama

    So... ive been watching and subscribed to Viceroy's channel  for about a year or two maybe? and currently am subscribed to his new account aka HotGayDad (

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  • Blackharemprince

    One day a mature young dark-skinned boy with white hair enters in Yamatai Village.

    ???:(walks in Yamatai Village)

    Miko Lamia:(sees him) Hello good sir.

    (he turns to her)

    ???:Hi miss is this your village.

    Miko Lamia:Yes this is our village our leader is miss Tamamo is one of the Four Hevenly Knights a kitsune.

    ???:i see then.

    Miko Lamia:My name is Miko whats yours.

    ???:Takeda Masaki is my name.

    Miko Lamia:So what brings you to our village Takeda.

    Takeda:Well i want to talk to her.

    Miko Lamia:Well you just missed her she won't be back for couple of hours.

    Takeda:Yeah sure i am tired after my long walk.

    Miko Lamia:(shows him her house)

    Takeda:So this is your place.

    Miko Lamia:Yes it is.

    (She licks her fingers and coils him,strips off his clothes and gives hi…

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  • MrSolomon

    Two figures ran through the halls of the Monster Lords castle. Both injured, one with a shield and sword, one with a large blade. The two made it to the main gate. But a voice hits them as they run;

    "You two are dead!" The voice, female says. Soon, dozens of monster guards follow.

    The man with a blade pulls the door open. But shoves the other outside. "Go! Now!" He says.

    "I'm not leaving you! I've already lost everyone else!" The other had said.

    "Listen to me captain;" The man had said. "If someone doesn't hold them off, they'll kill us both. Now go! Better you than me! Get reinforcements, the Monster Lord is wounded and her forces are weakned. You have to escape!" The man then closed the doors and faced the guards.

    "Pursue the other! We'll tak…

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