• TheRedGamerZ


    January 3, 2020 by TheRedGamerZ

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  • TheRedGamerZ


    December 21, 2019 by TheRedGamerZ

    Hi, I'm new on this wiki  :V

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  • Shadow Blade Kasper

    Side Stories

    December 9, 2019 by Shadow Blade Kasper


    I'm thinking of making a side story after reading few, have a good idea and making it seems simple enough. What I'm more worried about is that I would be making the story for a dead game, as while I would definitely enjoy making it even if not many read it, it's kind of discouraging to know that there's no one's to see it.

    So, does someone still check on the side story page?

    And also, are people maybe making side stories for the paradox maybe?

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  • Rutropolus

    I was trying to find any information about Paradox chapter 3, but the only thing I found is a shady release date. 7th of may, 2019. Can anyone answer when the game will release/ was released and what about the translation progress?

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  • Brian Cornwell

    Is there anyway to transfer monsterpedia data between chapters? If so how do I do it?

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  • MrMister1237

    Challenge run ideas

    October 4, 2019 by MrMister1237
    • Limeless run: I'd like to see if it's possible to get through the game without recruiting Lime, and by extension, the Pocket Castle. Also potentially prevents recruiting monsters? So this could be kind of a human/battle fucker only run, or just a no recruiting run
    • All unemployed run: Only racial skills and weapons (except dagger) available, stat penalty from unemployed job

    That's all for now

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  • Auric Drake

    Part 3 gameplay wishes

    September 21, 2019 by Auric Drake

    This blog post is for gameplay changes that you'd like to see in Paradox Part 3.

    To start things off, here's my two wishes:

    • Enemy accuracy being fixed so that they aren't pretty much guaranteed to hit. This would make the Blind status and evasion-based builds useful again.
    • Speed boosts on skills being multiplicative instead of additive, e.g. Dancing skills having "x2 Speed" instead of "+800 Speed". This would make the speed boosts relevant in higher levels of gameplay.
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  • Bluerock

    Fandom Staff introduction

    September 16, 2019 by Bluerock

    Hey there! My name is Bluerock, and I'm the Wiki Manager for the MonsterGirlQuest Wiki, taking over from PsiSeveredHead. This means I'm your first point of contact and liaison for Fandom Staff. If you have any questions about your wiki, feel free to drop me a message! My focus here is mostly technical, so if you have a question about article content, you'd likely get a better answer from the admins.

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  • Gemini Sunfall

    It's been some time since anything's been said here, so I felt I might as well give an update on the progress our translation team has been making.

    If you've been following our translation efforts since April, you may have noticed that everything pertaining to the main story, sidequests, and all of the other map text has been translated.  To put it simply, with the exception of a couple areas of flavor text, Monster Girl Quest: Paradox is pretty much all translated now, and you can play the game from start to finish and even dive into the postgame without running into walls of moonrunes.

    However, our work is not quite finished yet.

    Some of the more observant players may have noticed parts of the translation to be of questionable quality.  And…

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  • Gemini Sunfall

    The day has finally arrived; the main story of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox is now fully translated!

    Truth be told, Dargoth wasn't the one who finished it.  After being fed up with months of waiting for updates only to be met with disappointing silence, myself (mostly) and a few others have taken it upon ourselves to see to it that the story translation finally gets completed.  Within just ten days, what I believe to be all of the remaining dialog in the main storyline has been translated.  Now admittedly, I had a lot of free time to work on this, but even when you think about how long the process actually took versus how long we were made to wait, it just further disappoints me that Dargoth sat on this for so long when it could've all been …

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  • DunklerKaiser

    Hi everybody. Something strange happened to me while I was doing the Queen Elf quest. I got the two trophies (silver and gold), but for some reason the silver trophy has disappeared from my inventory, and now I can not recruit her. Is there any way to edit my savefile so that the item reappears in my inventory?

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  • LFVoid

    So I've finished the Alice route of Paradox Chapter 2 recently, and after looking around it looks like there's a change in the ending if you don't have Nuruko. So, what I'd personally like to know about that change is, is it just like what happens in the Ilias route end or is it something different? And if it is different, can someone tell me how so?

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  • Auric Drake

    In this blog post, I share my thoughts on what kind of game Torotoro Resistance may be making after they release the third part of Paradox.

    The plot

    The MGQ series is known for having a decent plot relative to other games in the genre, so this is something that would receive much attention.

    The original trilogy is a straightforward battle to save the world and bring about peace. Paradox takes this further, featuring a battle to save the multiverse. There's really no way to continue the setting beyond that, given that by the end our main cast will be as powerful as gods or more powerful still.

    One idea would be a prequel. There's plenty of room in the history of the setting for a game or three. We have: the journey of Marcellus and his group (u…

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  • Grifdefeu

    I'd like to contact Toro toro resistance BUT I searched and no find how I can do that can someone help me to do that please ?

    and Monster Girl Quest is under an copyright, or we can use this for make video, books ...?

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  • Actionair9000

    Game Crash Issue

    November 4, 2018 by Actionair9000

    I am unable to get past Valkyrie due to the game crashing before I can even start the battle against her. is there an existing patch to fix this? if so please let me know.

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  • Saikou The Lewd King

    Ancestry Tree

    September 13, 2018 by Saikou The Lewd King

    WIP, if the absence of things beyond Scylla wasn't making this obvious enough.

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  • Gemini Sunfall

    UPDATE: As of July 2019, all of the main story and sidequests have been translated.  If you're just here to learn where you can get the latest scripts and how to patch your game becuase someone directed you to this page, scroll down to the patching guide. After browsing around this wiki for a while now, I've come to realize that a lot of users (and even contributors) are using outdated builds of the current translation.  Honestly...this does not surprise me one bit; Dargoth rarely ever posts on his blog despite occasionally making updates to his bitbucket, which also tend to be rather sporadic updates here and there (as of this writing, the story translation is up to the Gold Volacno+Succubus Village).  It also doesn't help that not many p…

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  • Auric Drake

    This blog post is dedicated to discussion and predictions about what will happen in Part 3 of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox.


    We now know that the Lilith Sisters and the three Seraphs come from parallel worlds in which the monster and angels won the Great Monster Wars, respectively. They both have solutions to the problem of Chaos: the monster solution is to kill everyone and use the reincarnation system to merge their souls into their selves in the Monster World; the angel solution is to bring only the few chosen ones to the Angel World and abandon the rest. The endings of Part 2 diverge massively depending on which of Alice or Ilias was picked at the start. On the Alice route, everybody knows about Sonya's and Nuruko's true natures (exc…

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  • Gamessmasher

    So, just curious, but if you're willing, whats everyone's current team? I like seeing how other people play RPGs, since my team is rather ineffective, but it works. I'm using like, 2 meta people? (They stay in the back anyway, LoC trials are brutal without proper gear and abilities) Mostly I fed Luka tons of seeds and had three people support him, with Kitsu and Remi as back up damage dealers (Why Remi over Rami? I like her more.)

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  • Aangelinoes123

    Hello everyone, a year ago I started playing from MGQ1 to MGQ3, nowadays it is one of my favorite games and the ones I have enjoyed the most, I have doubts if there will be more MGQ games in the future

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  • Zepekinio25

    We boys, are nearing the end of my full patch. After the latest update, being the one, a good 90% of the game was completed :

    - The introduction was reworked, fixed, and released entirely once more.

    - The tricks & baddies, Fear her and Calm before the storm paths are completed. They only lack their ending, which will then lead to one of the final endings based on the player's decisions.

    - The main path, after having been reworked, now only lacks the rest of the Lullaby. After that, only the ending, which is linked to the final ending update, will be left to do.

    Which then, lead me to the one final question i am asking myself : Is the game worth going through? Or not, and if so, for what reasons? Dat is the question i ask of you now that we…

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  • Auric Drake

    Hi everyone. I've been lurking in this community for a long time but it's only recently that I've started making contributions. I'd just like to advertise my own fanfic of Monster Girl Quest, "The Tyrant and the Hero". It's set 500 years before the events of the original game, though it's also inspired by semi-spoilery information from Paradox. I'll post the prologue here. and if you're interested you can find the rest of the chapters on or Spacebattles.


    Within a cavernous room, two people stood face to face.

    One was a young man. He had short purple hair and wore a brown tunic and red cape. Though still in his early twenties, years of hardship had taken their toll on him, giving him the bearing of a seasoned veteran. T…

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  • ScriptGenius12

    As the title suggests, this is an idea for a crossover featuring the character known as The Punisher, AKA Frank Castle. The version I will be using is based on the X-Rated MAX version of him, specifically the Punisher MAX.

    This should tell you what you need to know about him.

    The gist of it is that Frank Castle is a highly War Veteran who's family was gunned down in the crossfire of a Mob shooting.

    So now, he goes out and executes every criminal in sight. It's as awesome as it sounds.

    This was heavily inspired by a blog post by ArmInAss. I'd recommened reading it to get an idea of what I'm thinking.…

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  • Viper 121

    With all the commercialism surrounding the holiday, it’s easy to forget the true meaning of St. Patrick’s Day.  To help us remember, I put together a quick mod at work that’ll bring the Irish out of anybody:

    Truth be told, it was more or less an excuse to post something on tumblr.  Well, something worthwhile, anyway.

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  • S3124

    MGQ - Renpy implementation

    February 27, 2018 by S3124

    Heya everyone,

    recently, while browsing vndb, I discovered that MGQ has been fully "ported" to renpy.

    VNDB Page Entry

    Their port has been taken down, however after some googling I was able to find a workling download. (and I will not give you any working links as it contains converted game files -> would be considered piracy)

    I haven't found any Wiki entries for it and as I'm too lazy to create one I wanted to start a small discussion here.

    So here are my first impressions:


    • all three chapters have been transcribed
    • it's running on renpy which allows for some pretty nice improvements
    • code is fully modifyable
    • decently clean code formatting, also side stories have been ported -> easily extendable
    • would be great/easy to mod/add stories


    • because …

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  • Zizzle the Shizzlenator


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  • Viper 121

    Happy Vore Day!

    August 8, 2017 by Viper 121

    Now, I bet you're wondering where I've been all this time....Okay, fine you're not.  But I needed something to open up with.  And to answer that question, I'll go with 'I've been on the can'. Anyway, this here's a holiday I never thought I'd ring in.  Truthfully, I keep forgetting Vore Day is a thing.  But you know what?  Maybe it's because I just recently broke up.  Maybe it's because I'm venting some general frustrations with my career in general.  But I feel like doing something uncharacteristic and giving something back on this special day.

    Don't get your hopes up too high.  It's not a full-on scenario.  Just a part of something larger I've been working on in my downtime.  But i…

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  • FickleArchivist

    I think Dargoth's team has already translated most of these, but if you don't want to learn how to manual patch.....

    This should be everyone in Part 2. Even Kakyoin, but I don't know exactly what his trait does aside from some elemental resistances. Maybe that's all he gets which is nice, I guess.

    This was a rush job. I probably made quite a few mistakes, spelling or translation. I probably translated a few conditional effects wrong so please correct me. I also used Dargoth's names and just read them from the character library in order of appearance. I didn't know the names of all the generic enemy names of all the girls so I made some up or wrote a brief description so you know who I was talking about. I'll update it later, maybe tomorrow, …

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  • DivideByZero123

    I think Ilias is the good guy in this story, as we see throughout, the monsters always try to take advantage of Luka, even the ones claiming they want coexistence, they all rape him, I think Ilias even points this out at one point. The monsters are selfish and only care about what they want, they don't care about what happens to others and do as they please to whoever they please. The only reason they decide to coexsist is because Luka defeated everyone in high power, forcing them all to submit. Ilias's idea to genocide was a good idea, there was no hope for the monsters.

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  • DivideByZero123

    Timeline Theory

    June 28, 2017 by DivideByZero123

    Long before the events of the game, and long before the creation of Ilias and Alipheese the first, humanity had reached a milestone in their advancement in technology, the ability to create living beings. These beings created by humans are Ilias and Alipheese the first, humanity did their best to teach Ilias and Alipheese all they could about morals and emotion, and the difference between right and wrong. Their gained supernatrual powers as a result of this new technology that created them, and rivarly soon grew between the two, always trying to out do eachother, their rivarly soon turned physical and fights broke out between them. As their fighting continued, humanity suffered greatly from the destruction they caused, so they attempted to…

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  • Zepekinio25


    0.8.0 patch, which updated the tricks & baddies route was released into the wilds a few days ago. And while i am on the making of the bug free patch, which will also add shit ton of content thank to bugs locking out entire parts of the story which were already written down, AND the fact that imma add in the tricks & baddies ending as a token of excuse for the late release.


    There are two last routes to make before we can finally get working on the main path, and they are as follow :

    - The fear her path. Known as the path in which you discover from the beginning who the beast is, it will ultimately allow players to know more personally the beast itself, and …

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  • Kaerdron

    Simply put, between the nicely developed settings, characters, and with Paradox developing fights going beyond "Sword VS Sex", I intended to write an adventure in the MGQ setting to play with a few friends.

    The aforementionned "test group" being as perverted (or even moreso) than your typical MGQ fan , I won't have to worry about that aspect for now.

    The thing is, the few book-and-papers I really played, aka more than one or two sessions with idiots (Warhammer Fantasy 2nd edition, Shadowrun and Metal Adventure) don't exactly work fine for this.

    Do someone know a tabletop RPG that could fit the bill, or would it be better to create an hombrewn one ?

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  • Zaphod-sama

    sweet dreams my prince...

    Sukubei Nyaa torrents:

    Today my brothers and.. uh (sisters?) i'm affraid i'm the bringer of sad news..

    i'm sad to report that our friend Sukubei Nyaa and her sister site of the same domain nyaa torrents (for the sfw content) has dieded.

    Now for the people who didn't know the site or simply don't give a fuck, let me enlighten you. Sukubei is the piratebay/kickass torrents (

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  • Zepekinio25

    So, it's been four days, and i think i got enough votes and general data (viewson the blog post about it, view on the post that followed it Which was about a game update too, comparison to the rest of the blog posts, etc..) And i can officially say that yeah that idea was not taken too too too well. Which is normal, i ONCE AGAIN, went too fast.

    Mama always said i was going fast, and today well i know why.

    So here is the final decision, i answered on the 3rd dev update, on the first part of it. Second part being about my drawing skills and how i see my evolution.

    For those lazy to read through the entire explanation :

    I am NOT going to open a Patreon untill i am able to do the following/did the following :

    - Finished entirely MGQ : SML (chapter 1…

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  • Zepekinio25

    I can't delete that thingy like i thought i could be. If it can be deleted, then it'll be great! I leave that to an admin that could came upon that. I no longer watch wass going on in this page so, no need to vote anymore! The final decision was made.The final decision was made.

    Alriiiiiiiiight if you are here you or saw the second developper update on the MGQ : SML blog, or fall on this like dat. In any cases, here is the link to the update to understand why even though i first said no, i'm doing it now

    --> Deadvlopper update 2

    As for the Patreon, i seem to have the right to publish a preview without launching it, so have a look around to know whatsup (W.I.P of course) --> Patretron 

    In time all of that will have banners, descriptions, etc..


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  • SonicBoomSoldier

    I don't really plan on starting a blog here, I just want to test something regarding the Wikia's blog functions. Hopefully I can delete this post shortly after I make it.

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  • Zaphod-sama

    Hi guys,

    I just discovered a fix for all the vore lovers who are interested in MGQ Dinner and Lunch games on Dargoth's site.

    Seems the problem was indeed flash since it dieded and chrome switched to HTML5 (

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  • Zepekinio25



    As you all know, i am getting tired of the MGQ engine and want to jump on something else by the time i finish chapter 1, and continue that project there.

    Now, i talked about MGQ paradox and the RPG maker before, but there is a lot of things out there, and i am actually training on one of them, as well as training at being able to make a bit of everything, from music to drawing digitally and.. more  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

    But i want you guys to do, is tell me what you would LOVE to see, and what you think would be best to do. Now, there is a big difference between the two.

    By what i love, i mean that if we ignore all the bad sides this could have (long ass production time, possibility of going badly, e…

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  • Troy168

    MGQ 3D

    March 3, 2017 by Troy168

    Hey guys, while I was working on some project, I happened to run across H-doom, and from what I gather, he is going to make a small-mid project along side his own project, I'll post some images here if you are interested.

    Now as of now the game is no way near completed, this is just to spark a interests for those that love MGQ and want to see him complete his project. I'll post a link here so you can learn more. And also check out his offical H-Doom game too.

    Just want to let you know that H-Doom has added more monster girls that is familiar to the game like harpy, slime girl, and kitsune. H-Doom has also made a patreon page if you want to see more images:

    Good news people, the demo …

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  • Zepekinio25

    After going to check the MGQ NG+ full patch blog, i have understood several thing :

    One, i should update what i am doing more often in order to have people KNOW the patch does evolve, and in order to get feedback while i work as well. This is by far better than going silent for 6 months and then releasing an update. That's one error i made, and i do plan on changing that. The only question is if it would be better to update directly on the MGQ wiki, or on a dedicated to MGQ : SML blog.

    Two, i need to know if you guys prefer to keep going with the current system, which have me work on one BIG part for several months (after the previous three releases, i can say that it normaly takes between two to six months


    to have faster releases, i would simply cre…

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  • KlarthLester


    January 28, 2017 by KlarthLester

    Ayyy Have you guys seen this? the name of is Anti-musume · Kusetto # 1 "Gaiden · Succubus illusion (fantasy)

    It would appear someone has actually made a Hentai animation of the Monmusu quest or perhaps its actually a game I really don't know but it looks pretty dope:

    I apologize for not having any more information besides the link I never learned to speak moon. Nevertheless check out the trailer they provide!

    It looks very interesting, the story does not seem to follow the path of the original and there seem to be new Monster girls.

    Thoughts anyone?

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  • Zaphod-sama

    Translation software

    September 17, 2016 by Zaphod-sama

    Yo Guys,

    It's been a while but i have returned with a new and more powerful computer.

    Which brings me to the following:

    I was installing and copying everything back when i notices that my ATLAS and Translate aggregator*ITH stopped working.

    Apparently Fujitsu has completely stopped with this translation software and know i can't play my Eroge with "subbes" anymore. Even though the translation was pretty shitty, it was understandable so do you guys perhaps know some good and easy to install alternatives perhaps?

    Would appreciate the help, like i said it doesn't have to be a perfect translator since i used ATLAS but yeah any good alternative would be great and if there is a manual with it that would be perfect.


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  • SethRollinsBabyFace

    Hey people , specially Gook and others who work hard on this wiki. Yeah i found some time to come here on this wiki. If you don't know me i was the one in early april and may who was making and editing much things here. I almost came back last time , but some bad things happened. I really wanted to help you guys , but i can't . I wish i made this post before , but i'm retiring from this duties. Maybe i can come for Part 2 , which is confirmed for 2017 , but i am not sure. Goodluck to all of you who try to make this wiki better and better by putting hard work into it. Greetings from Seth !

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  • Gook

    This is my review on Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming, which I recently (1 day ago) played. 

    Plot is superior to first game. It became more serious with several plot twists. There is more jokes, parody and everything. Altough, closer to ending (Especially ending of Ragnarok. I didn't get that thing with those time holes and everything.) it becomes harder and tiresome. There is also several cameos (Not only evil guys but good guys as well).

    Also, now there is not only Evil Lords with Spell of Destruction, but new groups of enemies (Eight Elements for example)

    Gameplay is based on Hero 30 of the first game. No other gamemodes like Princess 30 and Evil Lord 30, But it was improved with new features like Global Map! Now you can play this game …

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  • Helpineedsomebody

    I'm trying to play MGQ on Windows 10 but when i start the game it is very zoomed in and only about 1/4 of the screen is shown. Anyone know how to fix/avoid this

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  • Metatoron

    Celestial Hierarchies

    June 12, 2016 by Metatoron

    唯一神 (Yuiitsukami/Yui Itsu Kami) – Monotheist God (One and Only True God)
    女神 (Megami) – Goddess, the eponymous one usually gets translated as “Goddess Illiad”, I wonder if it’s a nod to that, or the “Palutena” (sic) rather?
    ヨヘワヘ (YHVH) – Was told that would be direct transliteration of Y(o/u)d Heh Vav Heh, but I’d need to look up onto Bleach’s Quincy Emperor.
    天使 (Tenshi) – Angel (Heavenly Messenger), basically a generic one.
    大天使 (Daitenshi) – Archangel (lit. Big Heavenly Messenger/Heavenly Herald?), the one of the higher rank. Usually refers to the “Main Four”, which is an ignorant use often.
    堕天使 (Datenshi) – Fallen Angel (Fallen Heavenly Messenger) ie. Devil, you know like Satan or Lucifer. Can be of dubious loyalty towards the Divine, some ma…

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  • Gook

    About Japanese

    June 11, 2016 by Gook

    Ok, I decided to start learning japanese. Can someone give me some sort of advice where to start?

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  • Saikou The Lewd King

    Just a blog to help me (And maybe others) keep track of all the Alternate Universes present in MGQ: Paradox. Note that most of those are unconfirmed and simple theories, that aren't all mine. This is also based on assumptions from a mostly untranslated game and is thus subject to change.

    Description: Simply, the original universe of the Original Trilogy. The setting has no great disaster, but for most of the time monsters and humans have been fightning eachothers, so peace isn't existent until the end.

    Entities from this universe: 

    • Neris (Daughter of Alipheese)
    • Nero (Son of Alipheese)
    • Loli Ilias (She mentions remembering things exactly as how they happened in the original trilogy)
    • Adult Alipheese (Literal copy paste from the original VN)
    • Black Al…

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  • FickleArchivist

    EDIT: I re-wrote because I think my first attempt wasn't very clear in explaining the problem and my frustration wasn't making it any easier to read.

    To start, I don't think we need Previous and Next links on Paradox Infoboxes. The reason is Paradox has non-linear encounters unlike the original game. The original trilogy was almost completely linear so knowing which monster came next was actually significant and worth recording. In Paradox, you can encounter monsters in almost any order and you can skip way more monsters than the original trilogy let you. The only time order actually matters in Paradox is in the Game Library when viewing Monsters and Characters but that too is quite arbitrary.

    If we suppose that Previous and Next is importan…

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  • Shaamat

    Hello everyone I know im probably the less productive but I wanna make a meeting online between everyone to talk about how to improve the wikia, have some fun, etc. How about the saturday 14 at 5pm Mexico city time zone (we can discuss the time)

    Now to make this blog entry more interesting, lets talk about, wich are your top 10 favorite game overs?

    In my case, I rarely lose to monsters in the first trillogy, most of the times I lose to horrible monsters like cassandra or eggiel. But I got some game overs that were kinda good.


    9.-Black alice


    7.-La Croix


    5.-Mermaid general

    4.-Succubus witch


    3.-Alma Elma


    1,- Queen Harpy

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