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Archangel Ranael (天使ラナエル, Tenshi Ranaeru) is a friendly archangel in the second part of Monster Girl Quest! Paradox RPG and can be found at Snow Heaven as a proxy angel, whilst the head angel is away.


When Luka and others arrive at the Snow Continent, they head over at Snow Heaven inhabited by angels. Angels will guide Luka and the others to Ranael, who can be found at her house. Ranael greets the party and ask of their business. Luka wants to know more about the angels dwelling and Ranael tells them about the Ilias Temple Ruins, but this isn’t the same Ilias Temple Ruins they knew – rather this is a special temple dedicated to Ilias herself. Ranael guides them and suggest they find the head angel at Snow Shrine south of Snow Heaven. After recruiting Eden, she entrusted Ranael the Snow Heaven while Ilias is still missing in action.

She later makes a minor appearance in the Collab Scenario, warning the hero about rumors of the presence of Musette, Lyla and Bell at the Snow Shrine.