Angel Ghoul
Angel Ghoul
Ferme Sara Zombie Dragon Girl →
Level: 75
HP (Normal): 22000
Experience: 250000
Skills: Fallen Hand, Hungry Mouth, Abandoned Chest, Yang Hair, Magnolia Ass, Embrace, Immoral Necrophilia
Area: Biolabs
Appears in: Chapter 3
Artist: frfr

Angel Ghoul is a zombie angel created by La Croix, based on experimental data from AD-5. Roaming in the underground prison of the Biolab, she preys on male escapees due to her highly aroused state.

Monsterpedia Entry

"The latest model of angel and zombie fusion created by La Croix. Using AD-5's research data, the fusion rate was very high. Her physical strength and vitality are vastly higher than normal zombies.

But as a result of the fusion, she is in a perpetually aroused state. In order to satisfy her lust, she attacks men on sight. Drowning in her own desire, she frequently rapes men to death, without stop.

She is given free range of the underground prison area, where she rapes any human who escapes. Due to the huge increase of prisoners after the invasions, a lack of security has led to many escapees. With so much prey available, she is quite happy."


Fallen Hand: Normal attack.

Hungry Mouth: Normal attack.

Discarded Breasts: Normal attack.

Roasting Hair: Normal attack.

Concealing Ass: Normal attack.

*Embrace: Triggers bind status and leads to Immoral Necrophilia on the next turn.

Immoral Necrophilia: Binded attack that leads to a one-hit KO via instant follow-up. Follows Embrace.

*Non-requestable technique

Battle Overview

Her only gimmick is a bind that leads to a one-hit KO attack, so obviously struggle when that happens. Sylph's evasion rate against this angel is actually not very high, so Gnome may be a better choice, however it isn't necessary for Gnome to be present to escape her bind. Alice is not present in this fight.

If Luka loses, Angel Ghoul rapes him with vagina sex cowgirl style and squeezes his semen out endlessly.


"Another abomination made of heavenly messenger... And you, pleased to be raped by this creation... Sins everywhere. She's undead, but also an angel... So Sylph is an effective choice. The evasion rate isn't quite high as normal, but it's still better than nothing. If you don't struggle right away, you will lose. But you can break away without Gnome, so she isn't necessary. Other than that, there isn't anything special. Now go, oh brave Luka. Since she has turned into this, she must be put down."

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