After recruiting Amira in Paradox, a side quest becomes available. She asks Luka to seek her out in every town. She can be found in any order to complete the quest even though her locations below are listed chronologically.

She gives out seeds for finding her a certain amount of times.

2 Times: Seed of Knowledge

4 Times: Seed of Race

6 Times: Seed of Fortune

9 Times: Seed of Promotion

12 Times: Seed of Lineage

15 Times: Angel Seed

17 Times: Genius Seed

19 Times: Seed of Ancestry

21 Times: Hide and Seek Trophy

23 Times: Archangel’s Seed

25 Times: Archangel Seed, Seed of Ancestry, Seed of Genius

Iliasville: East of Main Entrance.

Amira Iliasville

Iliasburg: Sutherland Inn 3F, South East Room.

Amira Iliasburg Sutherland Inn 3F

Nameless Slums: North West.

Amira Nameless Slums

Pornof: South East.

Amira Pornof

Happiness Village: Northernmost part of town, east of Mayor’s house.

Amira Happiness Village

Midas: North East.

Amira Midas

Enrika: North Middle.

Amira Enrika

Iliasport: North East.

Amira Iliasport

Port Natalia: North East.

Amira Port Natalia

San Ilia: North East.

Amira San Ilia

Monte Carlo: South East.

Amira Monte Carlo

Sabasa: Immediately head east from main entrance, next to Inn.

Amira Sabasa

Grandeur: Enter mansion grounds and follow fence west, up and around back the mansion.

Amira Grandoll

Magistea Village: North East, past mountain steps.

Amira Witch Hunt Village

Saloon: North East, behind Mayor’s house.

Amira Salon

Port Marle: Alley to right of the inn.

Port Marle

Finoa: Northeast, behind the battlefucker's house.


Grand Noah: Turn right at the entrance, then go up into the alley left of the wooden bridge.

Grand Noah

Yamatai Village: Northwest, to the left of the meeting place.


Plansect Village: Southeast, can be seen at the entrance.


Goddard: Southwest, behind the tree.


Grangold: Southwest, down the stairs next to the western exit.


Gold Port: Center, behind the pub.

Gold Port

Succubus Village: Center, behind a tree to the right of the pub.

Succubus Village Amira

Lady's Village: Northeast

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