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Alra Vore
Alra Vore
Alra Rooty Alra Parasol →
Level: 32
HP (Normal): 1300
Experience: 5000
Skills: Plant Suck, Plant Vore
Area: Plansect Village
Appears in: Chapter 2
Artist: Delphinus

Alra Vore is a plant monster of Plansect Village in Monster Girl Quest. She is encountered alongside Alra Parasol and Alra Prison.

Monsterpedia Entry

“A plant monster of the Alraune species. An unusual plant that only eats meat, she uses the mouth’s on the end of her ivy to devour her prey. She is capable of photosynthesis, but the energy obtained is inefficient.

If her prey is a man, she doesn’t neglect to milk his semen first. Her mouth is capable of stimulating the man’s penis, forcing him to come inside her predation organ. While forcing him to ejaculate, she will swallow him alive.

A cold-blooded monster, she enjoys watching her prey’s agonized face as she eats him alive. She will sometimes very slowly swallow the man, harshly playing with her food more than is necessary.”


Plant Suck: Normal attack. WIll trigger ivy mouth bukkake on loss.

Plant Vore: Triggers bind status and damages on the first time. When already binded, this attack will only damage one time.

Battle Overview

Alra Vore fights alongside Alra Parasol and Alara Prison. As she’s a plant type monster, it is advised to use Sylph to avoid her attacks.

Alra Vore's issue is her bind, but it isn't too problematic.

If Luka loses to Alra Vore, she sucks him into her body with her appendages and digests him.


“Sheesh, fertilizer for plants now? You really love using your semen to feed monsters, don't you? The three Alraunes are very annoying. Without the power of the spirits, this battle may be completely impossible. Sylph is the best choice to use. Since they're plants, you have a high avoidance chance. In addition, you must always Guard to avoid the Parasol's embrace. If you don't, you'll be defeated the next turn. In addition, once you get down to the final plant, you need to switch to Gnome to break out of her binding attack. There are many things to avoid, but if you take care, you will win. Now go, oh brave Luka. Make your sword rip through those plants like a scythe through wheat.”

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