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Alra Mash
アルラ・マッシュ   (Arura Masshu)
Level: N/A
HP (Normal): N/A
Skills: N/A
Area: Plansect Village
Appears in: Chapter 2
Artist: Delphinus

Alra Mash (アルラ・マッシュ, Arura Masshu) is an Alraune Monster in Chapter 1 of Monster Girl Quest!. She only appears briefly when Luka visits Plansect Village, and is never fought.


There’s not much to say about her since she wisely decided to remain out of the war that opposed Alra Priestess and Queen Bee. Alra Mash is seen happily living in the village, watering the sealed Canaan Sisters until the latter behave and accept to stop eating humans.


  • She’s the only one in the Alra Group of monsters who doesn’t fight Luka.