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Alra Prison
Alra Prison.png
Alra Parasol Alra Priestess →
Level: 32
HP (Normal): 1000
Experience: 5000
Skills: Flower Footjob, Flower Intercrural, Flower Prison
Area: Plansect Village
Appears in: Chapter 2
Artist: Delphinus

Alra Prison is a plant monster of Plansect Village in Monster Girl Quest. She is encountered alongside Alra Vore and Alra Parasol.

Monsterpedia Entry

“A plant monster that has a huge flower as part of her body. She can freely control the flower attached to her body, and uses it as a cage to keep her prey locked inside, thus gaining her name. Locked inside her prison, the man will be attacked by countless branches of ivy. With all four limbs bound, the man is helplessly milked inside her prison.

Like this, she can trap the man inside of her forever, using him to supply her with semen. Essentially becoming a part of her body, he is kept inside of her until his natural lifespan is over. Until then, he will be bound and squeezed for his semen by the ivy continuously.”


Flower Footjob: Normal attack. Will trigger foot bukkake on loss.

Flower Intercrural: Normal attack. Will trigger thigh bukkake on loss.

Flower Prison: Triggers bind status the first time. The second turn this attack will lead to a one hit KO via instant follow-up.

Battle Overview

Alra Prison fights alongside Alra Vore and Alra Parasol. As they are plants monsters, use Sylph to evade their attacks. However, once only Prison is left, switch to Gnome to escape her Flower Prison bind or face an instant loss.

If Luka loses to Alra Prison, he will be trapped in her prison and his semen will be sucked endlessly by her vines.


“Sheesh, fertilizer for plants now? You really love using your semen to feed monsters, don't you? The three Alraunes are very annoying. Without the power of the spirits, this battle may be completely impossible. Sylph is the best choice to use. Since they're plants, you have a high avoidance chance. In addition, you must always Guard to avoid the Parasol's embrace. If you don't, you'll be defeated the next turn. In addition, once you get down to the final plant, you need to switch to Gnome to break out of her binding attack. There are many things to avoid, but if you take care, you will win. Now go, oh brave Luka. Make your sword rip through those plants like a scythe through wheat.”