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Alipheese Fateburn IX (Ninth) or Alicefeeze Fatalbern IX (アリスフィーズ9世, Arisufīzu 9-sei) is one of the former Monster Lords who is a monster that first appeared in Monster Girl Quest! Paradox RPG Chapter 1.


She’s a part of the Black Alice faction.

As the ninth Monster Lord, she was the successor to Black Alice, despite not being her daughter. An interview with Torotoro stated that it was the bloodline of Alice VII (Seventh)’s younger sister that continued on the line of Monster Lords. However, Alice IX once referred to Black Alice as “onee-sama” (big sister). Since one can also say “oni-san/onee-san” to his/her elder cousin, it’s unknown whether she is Black Alice’s younger sister or younger cousin.

Her last appearance was made at Upcoming Events with Sun Wukong, looking for Black Alice.