The Monster Lord has been sealed once again, but this time she has no idea why.

Alipheese Fateburn XVI (Sixteenth) or Alicefeeze Fatalbern XVI, more commonly known as “Alice”, is one of the main characters in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox.

Her search for a certain rabbit brought her to Iliasville where she met Luka and demanded he journeys with her. Unlike in the original timeline, she has no ability to transform back to her true form because of the seal.


Before the beginning of the game proper, a strange monster called White Rabbit burst into her throne room, and despite her joking demeanor, managed to outmaneuver everyone in the Monster Lord's Castle and seemingly sealed Alice. The miniaturized Monster Lord proceeded on her own rabbit hunt without her knights, not wanting her subjects to learn of her weakened status.

Iliasville Mountains

Alice is first met when Luka climbs down Iliasville Mountains. She asks Luka if he has seen a rabbit, and, when the hero answers positively to get her out of the way, she proceeds to charge the Bunny Slime that was present at the top of the mountain. It's only when Luka tells her to stop that she realizes that she had targeted the wrong monster. She then proceeds to run off only to reappear in Luka's inn.


Sonya warns Luka of a fight going on in his house between two little girls. He arrives to find Alice and Ilias in a childish quarrel which he puts a stop to. They force Luka to choose one of them to go along with him. When the hero chooses Alice, she notifies him that it's indeed the only correct choice, while Ilias runs away.

Alice accompanies Luka to the chief's house, and, when the hero gets asked who she is, Alice answers she's the Monster Lord which the chief finds endearing as he thinks Luka is just helping a lost girl. Alice doesn't take the lack of recognition well in the process. When they hear about a Slime Girl in difficulty, the small Monster Lord shows indifference to her fate, and, if the slime joins them, she expresses dismay as being forced to travel with weaker monsters when she used to reign above all.

When Nero shows up to present himself as only a traveller passing by, Alice caustically asks how he could pretend this so casually with an appearance like that. The group then leaves the village without further trouble.


When the group leaves the village, Alice says that as thanks for helping her she's going to offer the legendary Angel Halo to Luka. But before she can give it to him, Nero arrives, stops time, says the sword is "too dangerous to be used" and leaves, leaving a dismayed Alice who wanted to gift it as thanks to the hero. Instead, she offers him the Pocket Castle and shows its functions.

When the group camps near Iliasburg, Alice once again expresses her dismay at her situation and wonders why none of her Heavenly Knights are showing. Luka suggests that they don't know what happened to her, but Alice tells him that her mentor Tamamo has the best information network in the world and should have come running to help her.

When the party reaches the city, the White Rabbit reveals herself to a furious Alice who wants to be changed back to her real form. The strange, whimsical monster says that her role is only to guide Alice and tells that Granberia isn't here. If the group tries to force her into a fight, she brings a slime bunny from an alternate world, and, after the group beats her instead, proceeds to leave.

When Luka grabs the key to Hades and goes there, Alice wonders what he is doing, but just shrugs it off. When the group goes to the Sutherland Inn, she's disappointed that she can't get ama-ama dangos as happiness honey is unavailable. When she hears that it's because all the harpies mysteriously disappeared from Happiness Village, she tells Luka that it is an emergency that requires their full attention. As they look for information on the White Rabbit, they hear about Amira, a supposedly skilled informant. After looking for her around the town, they learn that she might have been kidnapped by the infamous Four Bandits who are terrorizing the region and hiding in the Irina Mountains.

Irina Mountains

At first, Alice questions Luka's wisdom for wanting to face a group that includes a vampire and a dragon, but she soon comes to realize that the bandits are all just kids playing pretend. After making the bandits cry by telling to Luka that he's free to do with them as he pleases, suggesting to violate them and killing them, Luka decides that they must ask the townspeople for forgiveness, which works to Alice's surprise.

When they see Amira standing in front of the Sutherland Inn, they're furious to learn that she had just passed out pathetically in a trash can rather than actually being kidnapped. Amira is ready to give the information about the White Rabbit for a price, but should Luka be unable to pay, she instead offers a job about dealing with Phoenix tails being smuggled. Alice questions why a phoenix would work with a human like that, as they're supposedly divine birds. She accepts to help the reverse lamia as she's curious as to what's really happening.

Nameless Slums

Alice wonders why a phoenix girl would work with a human in this dump. She helps the investigation by suggesting to find help to get the key to the mysteriously locked warehouse. When the group gets inside and sees Don Dahlia plucking the tails of a young Phoenix Girl by lying to her, Alice is appalled and confronts the duo. Once the Phoenix Girl is left alone and defeated, Alice takes pity on her.

Mitra Sealed Castle

When the group enters the castle, Alice hazingly recalls a lesson from Tamamo about the place: it is a castle where weapons used by the Dark Goddess and Ilias during the Great Monster Wars were sealed. She wonders why this place is here and where are the weapons, and decides to take a quick look around.


When they arrive into the town full of perverts, Alice wonders for a moment if they're still in the Ilias Continent. She reasonably wants to be done with the town as fast as possible, and decides to directly go to the inn to confront the White Rabbit. When she discovers that the beast monster present there is just a random Rabbit Girl, she becomes furious at Amira for leading them on a wild goose chase and wants to go see her to set the record straight.

Fortunately, the Rabbit Girl knows what monsters they're looking for, and tells them that the White Rabbit was seen close to the southern Tartarus.

Ilias Cont. South Tartarus

When they reach the encampment at the entrance of Tartarus, the party sees the White Rabbit. Alice decides that they must give chase, and follow her through the depths of Tartarus. She's shocked by the appearance of the place, and the fact that she doesn't remember any lessons from Tamamo about it unnerves her further.

When the group finds the door leading to another dimension, she tries to force it open and asks for Luka's help. Once the hero opens it with barely a touch, she expresses her surprise about Luka and wonders who he really is, but she soon focuses back on her original purpose of catching the White Rabbit. She's as stunned as everyone to see Remina on the other side and is surprised when the apoptosis phenomenon transforms a girl in front of them. After confronting a strange creature, Alice is indifferent if the party wants to recruit her, still thinking about the White Rabbit. When they reach the Corridor of Chaos, Alice is once more dumbfounded by the nature of this place. Still, they make their way to the other side and find a world that was apparently destroyed.

The White Rabbit finally appears in front of them, and Alice asks her to explain everything. The strange monster tells her that her role is to guide, not to explain, and that they have to see this world by themselves. Alice is furious for being taken for a fool, but decides that since they're already there, they might as well humor her.

She's as shocked as everyone to see the destroyed Iliasville (Alt), but tries to reassure Luka that it's unlikely his village would have been destroyed in so little time. Her perspective is indeed confirmed when they find out the graves with Luka and Sonya's names on it. When they decide to leave the place with a harpy feather, her attempt ends into a failure. Luckily, Luka's is succesful and they're back to their original Iliasville, intact.

When the party takes a moment to regroup their thoughts at the Pocket Castle, Alice reiterates her dismay at the lack of appearance of the Heavenly Knights, wondering what reason could hold them back. She nonetheless decide to continue accompanying Luka in his adventures in hope of learning more. And besides, she doesn't see anything better to do.

Harpy Village

Alice is as surprised as the rest of the party to see that the harpies have disappeared and is extremely supportive of Luka's decision to find them back, if only to get Ama-ama dangos to eat again. When the party meets Nero once more, she tries to question him about the harpies and himself. Even if he proves helpful, he remains evasive.

Once the crisis is mostly dealt with, Alice is extremely surprised to hear a harpy mention that succubi calling themselves the Lilith Sisters had come to visit the village. She heard about the real ones from Tamamo, and wonders who would be insane enough to name her daughters like that, as they're unlikely to be the real deal.

Ilias Cont. East Tartarus

Like everyone, Alice is extremely surprised to see a stuck Promestein inside Tartarus. She does express concern about the angel scientist's desire for science as the latter seems to lack in common sense. She's also extremely surprised to learn that Marcellus, Luka's dad, left a message destined to his son in Rostrum (Alt) as the village is 25 years earlier in the past and Marcellus shouldn't know about his son. Alice wonders why his father would leave a letter there telling him to go to Enrika.


Alice is extremely surprised to see fallen angels in the village, but understands why they want to keep the village hidden. She's completely shocked to learn that in her absence, three Monster Lords are vying for power, including her supposedly dead mother, the tyrannical Black Alice, and a mysterious one pretending to be the Seventeenth who held her own against Granberia after cleaning up the arachne clan and the Plansect war in one day. Even if she feels pushed to the side, she's determined to go to Sentora to see the situation by herself.

Iliasport and sea crossing

As the group camps on its way to Iliasport, Alice reveals that her mother had initially disappeared when she left to explore Tartarus and was declared dead a year later as she didn't come back. While she initially seems depressed, she soon expresses her determination to take everything back with Luka's support. Just like in the original game, she accidentally teaches him the meditation skill to her shock.

When the party reaches Iliasport and learns that a storm is disabling ships, Alice considers that it is likely the work of Alma Elma, the succubus queen. When they're in the cave to get the Poseidon's Bell, Alice is surprised to see Neris and a fake Tamamo projected by the White Rabbit. She learns that all of this was done by the latter to remain as close to the true history as possible. She's as dumbfounded as anyone when Neris suddenly decides to try to seduce Luka.

When they cross the sea, Alice realizes on the second take that the succubus responsible for the tempest is not Alma Elma, but a strange one named Morrigan. Alice at first doubt the succubus' claims that she's stronger than Alma Elma, but is proven wrong once the succubus is irritated by the party and decides to use her aura to violate veryone. However, before the succubus can do anything, the seraph Zion arrives to attack her. Once the fight starts and the ship gets torn apart, Alice and Luka jump into the relative safety of the sea.

Port Natalia

Once they recover after being saved by the mermaids, Alice question how those assailants from other worlds came here, and reveals herself to be unfettered by those assaults, suggesting that the party continue to San Ilia to search for information. However, when the mermaids make a request, she obliges as thanks for being saved, but also because it's revealed that people are disappearing without apparent reason in the Southern Sea, something that shouldn't have been disregarded by Kraken , the local queen, and Alice wants to meet her in case something is wrong.

Southern Undersea Temple

After rushing through the temple, Alice finds out that Kraken has been sealed and somehow replaced by Meia who had been brainwashed, courtesy of Astaroth. Alice is dismayed by the situation, and worried about the succubi's seemingly random plots.

San Ilia

As the party is enraptured by the sight of the religious capital, Alice is focusing on keeping the party's mind on the information gathering aspect of their mission. After a disappointing search through town, the party enters the castle and is instantly greeted for a special audience with the King of San Ilia. Alice cuts to the chase and ask information about the White Rabbit, which doesn't yield any result. When she asks about Marcellus, she's surprised to learn that the man left a book about the Four Spirits to be found by his son in the monster-filled library. 

While she's initially passably motivated, she gets more interested when they encounter Page 65537 who inform them that she was sent by Alice's mother to protect the book. While she questions why Marcellus would leave that book, she's favorable to the idea of Luka contracting the Four Spirits.

Mt. Saint Amos

Alice immediately feels the presence of a powerful angel when the party reaches the base of the mountain. Even if she doesn't know anything about Micaela, Alice is furious at Gnosis for killing Luka's aunt while deflecting the blame and giving out cryptic answers to her questions. She's surprised when Micaela manages to baptize Luka before disappearing, and acknowleges the role the inter world connection played in Luka learning about her aunt.

Luddite Village and Ancient Temple Ruins

Just like everyone, Alice is appalled by the living conditions and the mentality of Luddite Village's inhabitants, but notices the party that they don't have the time to do anything about it as it is. She's extremely surprised to discover an advanced research center when the pope told the party that it was just a temple. As the party progresses and receives explanation from the pope, Alice comes to the conclusion that the San Ilia King had come here to be saved after being nearly killed by a bomb.

When Luka accidentally activates Brynhildr, Alice is shocked to see that the robot is able to use both dark and holy powers. After beating her, Alice realizes fast that the machine won't be able to answer their questions.

Haunted Mansion

Alice tries to put on a brave façade, but it's clear she's terrified during the whole adventure as she repeatedly invites the party to leave, under the excuse that it's a loss of time. She's scared by every event and keep wanting to run away. When the party see Chrome's "clever" code and after seeing the small necromancer getting tossed out by her own zombies, she becomes jaded by the event.

When Alice learns that Chrome is part of the Artiste family that got kicked out by her mother for practicing necromancy, she explicitly tells the small necromancer that she won't help them restore the family name as she disregards necromancy.

Forest of Spirits

Alice warns the party that the local elves and fairies abhor intruders. She doesn't hesitate to join in as the party gangs up on the poor Sylph after the latter challenges Luka. When the party is attacked by the Armored Berserker, she manages to see Nero and Neris stepping in, and feels ashamed by their intervention.

Monte Carlo

Alice wants to investigate the place once again for more information, but is disappointed to not find anything. When Justice Kaiser steps in to "save" a youth from Eva and asks for the party's support, Alice is reluctant to help the strange costumed woman, but accept to support Luka anyway.

When the party investigates Rubiana, she's as clueless as anyone as to what happened, and suggests going directly to Sabasa.

When the party reaches Puppeteer Tower, they are greeted by Kagetsumugi. After asking for magical thread, Alice coaxed Luka out of the tower hurriedly, and warn him about the nature of the puppeteer as a heretic amongst monsters.


When the party camps in the desert, Alice and Luka discusses the nature of the true history, its course, and the invaders from the other worlds. She states that they're currently completely in the dark about what is really happening.

When the party actually arrives in the city, Alice is surprised that the guards, who're supposed to be a military elite, are worse than the ones from Iliasville. She's also puzzled when she hears about the princess ' behavior from Luka, and decides to follow the clues about Salaan, the chief assassin. When the party meets her at the Oasis of Blessings, Alice wonders if the fact that Sara's monster blood awakened during that period of trouble is a coincidence. When Salaan tells she considers restoring Sara's sanity a priority, Alice realizes that Sphinx, the founder of the Sabasa bloodline, is the most likely one to know how to deal with that situation.

After cruising through the Pyramid and meeting Sphinx, Alice realizes that the only way to restore Sara's sanity will require to beat her first. When she learns that Sara had been transformed by succubi, she instantly realizes that the Lilith Sisters are the ones who were responsible for her predicament.

When they end up facing Astaroth in Luddite's Village, the latter let slip that Alice was sealed because her mother wanted her out of the way of her plan. She's then surprised to hear that the Lilith Sisters might be serving the founder herself.

Magistea Village

When the party arrives at Magistea's Village, Alice realizes that the situation is more complicated than just having a bad guy to beat, as the issue also come from a large part of the population that rose up after feeling oppressed and forgotten for too long. When the party meets Lily, Alice is dismayed by the fact that the magus seems more focused on spitting her hatred on the representation of authority that is Sara (who was too young at the time to be able to do anything) .

When the party encounters Lucia right afterwards, everybody understands that the main issue is the use of tentacle magic that created a shift between oppressors and oppressed, and that they have to consider whether supporting Lily to spread it to everyone who wants, or Lucia who wants to limit its use to avoid the repeat of the slaughter that happened in the village. If Luka decides to face Lily, Alice supports his decision by saying that saying that the voice of the oppressed Lily's hear is nothing more than her own guilt over what happened and that he use of tentacle magic is influencing her mind.

If Luka decides to face Lucia, Alice supports his decision by saying that with such a power, they can't be allowed to remain passive. In any case, the small Monster Lord will support Luka's decision, and considers that their victim will likely recover in due time.

Sabasa Cont. North Tartarus

When the party arrives at the search camp, Alice realizes that Gnome is needed to remove a pile of soil placed by the White Rabbit who arrives a bit later. Alice tries questionning the strange monster again, but is only irritated by her cryptic answers.

As  they explore he Tartarus, Alice is worried about the signs of degradation, with the space being unstable and the void cracks appearing all over the place. The situation is confirmed to be terrible when they reah the other world, as only a small part of the continent of Sabasa seems to remain, with the only sign of civilization being a tower which the party proceeds to explore. When they finally encounter La Croix, Alice understands that this disaster is the result of the world returning to a primal chaos. She has difficulty accepting that the disaster spreads from world to world, but none the less accept it when La Croix gives them the notes from her companions.

She's as surprised as Luka when his father saves the party from Adramelech, but none the less push him forward as the world around them collapses. Eventually, she comes to the realization that the group also have to save the world from the threat of imminent destruction. Their next step is to go to Port Marle to reach Grand Noah.

Port Marle

Alice and Ilias once more insult each other when they meet in Marle Grand Corridor, and Ilias haugtily laughs at the idea that the party is trying to reach Grand Noah as civilian traffic is currently cut off, until Alice retort that they're in the same boat.

As the party arrives in the coastal settlement, they have the confirmation that the civilian sea traffic is interrupted by the Navy. Alice decides to try seeing them directly to see what they can do. When Leviathan, the admiral, tell them that they could help her in a mission to get rid of the Fishy Pirates in exchange for the access and the Navy's support, Alice is initially reticent as she considers it a waste of time.

When the leader of the Fishy Pirates make the same offer and says that they're only attacking other pirates, Alice decides to defer to Luka's judgement.

If Luka decides to support the Navy, she's surprised that she'll bring pirates to justice but remains diligent, even as it's revealed that the pirates rushed to the Great Pirate's Cave and that the navy somehow lost control of it.

If Luka decides to support the Fishy Pirates, she questions if it is alright to support Bonnie and to become outlaws. None the less, she supports Luka in his decision.

In any case, she appreciates being gifted the MS Fish as a reward for their mission, and understands that the generosity of the admiral of the Navy is related to the mission weighting on the party's shoulders.

Grand Noah

As the party learns more about the Tartarus in Esta, it becomes clear that accessing it will be difficult, as it is in the middle of the lake and requires an official authorization to investigate.

As the party camps near the city, Alice starts wondering about her mother's plan and how she supports the Lilith Sister's apparently destructive goals, as she remembers her as a pacifist who hated wanton destruction. She comes to the conclusion that she and Luka will have to fight the Heavenly Knights and their own parents. A bit later, they discuss about the Heavenly Knights themselves, and how Granberia and how she's currently used by Alice's mother to take out any opposition, saying that she's extremely duty-bound, while Tamamo could have a hand in her mother taking back the throne.

When they arrive in the city of Grand Noah itself, they learn that Esta and the royal palace are off limit, when Alice suggests using their connection, namely Sara. Unsurprisingly, Alice and the remainder of the party are extremely suspicious of Mephisto, but decides to take on her offer to fight in the colosseum anyway if that can get them to examine the Tartarus in the region. But first, she suggests getting some dragon fossiles.

During the tournament, Alice encounters Ilias's team again, but the latter get eliminated before the two teams get to fight. She's also unapreciative of the referee who sells the team's victory as nothing more than a fluke. When Mephisto shows up and exposes her plan cryptically, Alice is left questionning what is it about, until Alma Elma shows up as their final opponent and fight them. After a few minutes, Mephisto shows up and bring in Granberia to try capturing the Succubus Queen, but utterly fail when the latter decides to support Alice.

After removing Granberia, Alma Elma says that she's not obeying the Monster Lord as she dislikes her plans, but says that she's not in the mood to join the party right now anyway even as Alice try inviting her back.

Just afterwards, when the queen asks for another mission before leaving the team access Esta, Alice is unhappy but decides to listen when it involves uncovering the truth about Mephisto.

When Dullahan and Cerberus asks for help, Alice decides that fulfilling their request is a priority, as the disappearance of 40 minotaurs is an important matter and Yamatai Village could be a good place to gather information.

Minotaur's Maze

As the party investigates the minotaur's disappearance, they learn that they received letters inviting them to a sukiyaki party, which Alice naturally finds extremely suspicious. She's so dumbfounded when they discovert that an actual sukiyaki party is going on that she doesn't react. However, she's shocked to see Sun Wukong around, as she's a powerful monster supposed to be dead for a long time. She's also aghast when the latter let slip that Black Alice was the one who revived her.

When she learns from Sun Wukong that the plan comes from the Demon Cow Queen who intends to raise an army, she decides dealing with her is a priority. Once the boss is dealt with, Alice remarks that nobody really suffered and the situation was easily solved.


When arriving at the restaurant, the party meets Ilias once again, and both her and Alice exchanges the usual volleys of insults before Sonya offer them food to stop them.

As the party visit each shrine to solve its problem, Alice tries to get some answers from Tamamo, who only confirms her that her mother is responsible for her predicament. However, she only cryptically says afterwards that she also was cast aside, and that she grew too attached to this world to follow her.

When they reach the tanuki shrine and learn that its resident left to explore Yamata No Orochi 's cave after a dare from the kitsune, Alice warns that said monsrter is very powerful and should be avoided at all cost.

When they reach the Snake Shrine, Alice remarks that there are two sisters, a younger, gentle one, and an older , agressive one who's revealed to be backed up by Black Alice. She then tries to question Neris after the latter incapacitates the white snake's force, and the latter only tells that those monsters also followed Black Alice in true history, so she deals with them before running away.

Magical Academy

The party get instantly noticed when they enter the academy, and Alice remarks that this is now a raid. She's extremely surprised to see a poorly disguised Alma Elma who wants her revenge. Alice is angry, but unsurprised to learn that Mephisto is working with Lilith with the support of the Monster Lord. Alma Elma steps in to fight the oldest of the Lilith Sisters, while Alice and her partners focus on Mephisto. After beating her, they bring her to confess her deeds in front of the Grand Noah Queen.

Alice is dumbfounded to learn that her mother is responsible behind the troubles in Sabasa and Grand Noah while having control over Grangold, playing every human kingdom one against another. However, realizing that they can't do anything as of now, they focus on Esta.

Plansect Village

When the party enters the forest, Alice remarks that the war between plants and insect is worse than expected as they got instantly attacked when they stepped in. When she learns that the war has been reignited as a proxy conflict between Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca, she says it's the dumbest reason she's ever heard for a war.

While Alice accept Luka's decision whoever he decides to help between both tribes, she's more supportive of a peaceful resolution, as the slaughter of a tribe by the other is still quite a tragedy, and she thinks the party plays in Black Alice's hand if they do so. On the opposite, if Luka breaks out peace, she's concerned by the more active role Black Alice is apparently taking by sending allies to gather support.


When Luka comes back from the vision from Raphaela and Saja, Alice is surprised to hear about that name and wonder what that was about. She offers to go as close to the Tartarus as possible to examine it in hope of getting an answer. When the party realizes that they can't go in the Tartarus as is, Alice suggests going back to Grand Noah, but is interrupted by the arrival from Gnosis who decides to assault the party. If anything, it confirms the responsibility of angels in the disappearance of the population and that Luka was really shown another world managed by them.

Undine's Spring

Alice warns the party against the territorial slimes. She's not surprised when Undine ruthlessly declares that Luka will die should he fail to win against her. When Erubetie reveals herself, she's shocked to see that the slime unconditionally follows her mother. When the party manages to push Erubetie back, Alice notifies the Heavenly Knight that Tamamo and Alma Elma already left her mother, and that it's clear she doesn't agree with the Monster Lord's plan.

Afterwards, she considers that Grand Noah likely planned their counterattack on Grangold, and that they should return to them.

Assault on Grangold

After insulting Luka for wanting to write down Grand Noah's plan to infiltrate Grangold, Alice expresses her concern about Mephisto's plan that involves killing Queen Ant, the likely responsible for Grangold's strange action, as it would further embolden them. Eventually, even if she approves the plan prepared, she remains concerned by the support they would received when in enemy territory. She wonders who the first contact they're sent to meet in the destroyed village of Lima is.

When the party reaches Lima, Alice notices that the place had been deliberately razed rather than just be a casualty of battles. Alice is surprised to discover that their reinforcement is none other than Alma Elma, who's almost as clueless as Alice as to what the Monster Lord's plans are. Alice is also shocked when Alma Elma tries to involve Tamamo, and the kitsune is still as unresponsive as when the party visited her earlier in Yamatai.

As the party reaches Gold Fort, Alice remarks that there are still human guards around. Thankfully, Alma Elma manages to incapacitate them non-lethally. When Morrigan and Astaroth arrives at the end, Alice pushes the party to move forward while Alma Elma hold them back, saying that she'll more than likely be able to hold her own for a while, and that Grand Noaj count on them. She also notices the anti-teleportation barrier preventing the use of harpy feathers or using the Pocket Castle.

When the party enters Goddars, she notices a lewd aura permeating the air and brainwashing the inhabitants into a zombie-like state. When the party prepares to meet the local contact, Alice says she expects to see someone unremarkable and able to blend in easily. Then they meet Nero, and Alice is quick to understand that the man wasn't supposed to be their initial contact. Afterward, the party rally the Poison Swamp (East Gold) where they meet their second contact who's none other than Mephisto.

After crossing the perilous Marching Hill, the party camps close to Grangold. When Mephisto guesses the Monster Lord's plan involve the extinction of life, Alice calls her mad for suggesting her mother would do something like that, but admit that the yoma is showing herself to be reliable and useful.

As the party discusses the aura permeating the region, Alice comes to the conclusion that the Lilith Sisters are the one responsible. The small Monster Lord also takes a minute to think about the Heavenly Knights, and how only Granberia is likely to still really support the Monster Lord.

When they finally reach the Grangold Castle itself, Alice is surprised to see that Queen Ant was imprisonned, although she realizes it makes sense when she also hears that the Lilith Sisters are the mastermind. She's also surprised to see that Alma Elma has been captured, but is relieved to hear that she temporarily incapacitated her two opponents in the process.

Alice is dumbfounded to find out that the real perpetrator was the Tamamo No Mae from another world. When Nero and Neris comes to support them and Paradox!Tamamo against this new opponent, Alice is the first to notice that the palace is falling apart. However, thanks to Alma Elma and Tamamo, everyone manages to escape.

Grangold's aftermath

During the party afterwards, Alice decides to stop focusing on thinking what her mother's plans are, instead deciding to focus on travelling and studdying Tartarus while searching for Luka's father.

Alice is as dumbfounded as anyone when an illusion of her mother appears to declare war on everyone, and try to call bullshit but is ignored by her parent. The next day, as there's not a sign of assault, the party decides to focus on supporting the king of Grangold with his local troubles.

In the proces, Alice accidentally let slip that most of the inhabitants of Succubus Village are indeed succubi, which the king so galantly ignores. The issue of a monster appearing there to make demands to the mayor, as well as the issue of Cassandra shutting herself away are problems that Alice considers impossible to ignore. Last, she reminds Luka that the hero should also make a pact with Salamander.

Gold Port

As the party takes a break in Gold Port, they're accosted by a beautiful woman who asks them if they're interested in hunting a treasure on a ghost ship. Alice is instantly mortified at the idea of going in a haunted place. When Alice hears about the Calamity Box, she remembers it was something related to the first Monster Lord, and that it should consequently be dealt with even if she dislike the idea of going on a haunted ship.

Just like in the Haunted Mansion, it's clear Alice is scared out of her mind even as she tries putting on a brave facade. When they finally encounter the Beelzebub, Alice count the tales of how there used to be an island filled with cruel, fly like monsters that kept comitting atrocities after atrocities before being sealed by the first Monster Lord in the Calamity Box. It's clear that the story had been twisted at one point, but, in any case, she's determined to deal with them.

When Selene reveals her identity as a ghost, Alice passes out upright, and refuses to pass by Selene's house a last time. When they see Selene again, they realize that the beelzebubs have likely actually escaped, and are now loose on the world.

The party finds them in Yamatai, and Alice comes to realize that they completely suffered from the culture shock between this and their own time period. The fly monsters end up forcing their way in the party.

Selene suggests going to the Southern Sea Temple afterward to get the Silver Orb located there. Alice says they are in no hurry to go there, before being interrupted by the still sealed Kraken, which surprises her. When the queen of the southern seas asks to go there to see her counterpart, Alice decides going there is a priority.

Northern Undersea Temple

Unfortunately, Alice doesn't manage to reason with Poseidoness before the guardian of the temple attack them. After managing to convince her to listen, the sea monster realizes that only the Queen Mermaid would be able to heal Kraken. However, Alice doesn't know where the queen hid after being pushed away by Neris. Alice then apologizes, as they can't afford to search for her, which forces Kraken to remain in her predicament a while longer.

Succubus Village

The party arrives in Succubus Village to see succubi attacking each others as well as humans. Alice notices a strange one who came here with the intent to harm one special man for the sake of revenge. Alice wants to stop her, as it's clear she's out for blood and will only make things escalate further. Furthermore, her arrival turned several women into young succubi thrown into a frenzy, worsening the situation.

Whoever Luka sides with, Alice agrees that the situation will calm down as the attacking succubus doesn't give in to her rage and end up not killing the man on the spot. As they leave, Alice wonders if they really solved the situation, as the village is now a perpetual orgy.

Lady's Village

Alice states while Lady's Village is supposedly a relaxing place for the rich and the powerful, it's in reality a place filled with the more radical monsters who wouldn't hesitate to eat men alive. She wonders what exactly Alipheese the 17th did to Cassandra that made the latter refuse to show herself.

As Alice wants to meet Cassandra, they're stopped by the maid at the entrance, and after incapacitating her, Alice is invited inside by Cassandra. A wary Alice enters the mansion, to be absolutely baffled by the sight of the sealed Cassandra and that of her daughter Emily.

When Alice learns that their state has been caused by Candy, another powerful monster, Alice decides to help them as letting the monster roam free could cause a new issue should Black Alice decide to recruit her. In exchange for Alice's support, the duo swears that they'll stop eating men. Still, Alice isn't exactly enthusiastic about helping the duo.

After beating Candy and getting the cake that contains Emily's and Cassandra's power, Alice notices that Cassandra's part has already been partly eaten. Should Luka make the effort to feed Candy, Alice decides that they can as well recruit her to prevent her to go on a rampage.

When Emily and Cassandra recovers their power, the two ungrateful monsters rush at Goddard to involve themselves in the next Magical Girl selection tournament. Alice informs the party that said tournament involves the black art of witches, and that the Fourteenth Monster Lord forbid the ceremony under penalty of death.


When they arrrive in the city to search for whoever manages the ceremony, Alice reminds everyone that the Monster Lord can possibly send assassins to put a stop to it.

As the party reaches Magical Mari-chan, they learn that a new magical girl has to be named or the power of the grudges of witches will erupt. As it would create disruption on a global scale, Alice relents and decides that they can as well channel that power into someone to put it to good use (namely, Luka). After fighting Emily, Cassandra, and Succubus Witch, the ritual start. However, Alice is dumbfounded when Granberia come to interrupt it, and is completely aghast to see the Heavenly Knight of fire turned into the next magical girl.

Everybody wisely decide to move on and to forget what happened.

Gold Volcano

Alice is surprised to see Granberia intervene again after Luka makes a pact with Salamander, however she notices the hesitation in her past lieutenant. While Granberia declares that her loyalty doesn't waver when Alice challenges her allegiance and her mother's action, she soon turns around and try asking a just as clueless Alice about what's going on. Eventually, Granberia back away without a fight, too busy looking for her mind.

Nightmare Plains

Alice remarks that the Holy Wings Shrine is also present on the other side of the area, and that she would like to check it. She's relieved to see the Altar is still usable to summon the Garuda Girl when they'll need her to go to the Monster Lord's Castle.

Gold Cont. West Tartarus

When the party arrives to the Tartarus, they see it blocked by a pillar of flame. Alice calls out to the White Rabbit just after they removed, who reveals her unsurprising role in this matter. Alice gets the confirmation that indeed everyone is trying to stay as close to true history as possible. When they descend into Tartarus itself, the party members notice that the organization is even more chaotic, but thankfully there are no dimensionnal rips, meaning the world on the other side should be stable.

When they go through the space-time door, Alice is shocked to see Remina's castle, and is horrified to see people fused into the walls. The only possibility she considers is that they were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

When they arrive on the other side, Alice suggests making a beeline to Succubus Village, as it's the closest populated settlement. When they arrive, Alice realizes that the people look like they were in ancient time. When she asks around, she gets the confirmation that they're in 965, the era of the hero Heinrich. After pushing back Lilith & Lilim, Heinrich arrives, accompanied by Alicetroemeria who instantly get recognized by Alice. She warns the party when the duo leaves, but they decide to accept their invitation to meet them at the inn anyway. In any case, their discussion is interrupted by the new that the Monster Lord is attacking back home, forcing Luka to use a harpy feather to get back to Grand Noah.

Monster Lord's Assault

As soon as they arrive in Grand Noah, Alice realizes that the situation is quite bad for the local forces, and that they have to take down the local leaders themselves.

She's aghast when they notice they also somehow brought Alicetroemeria with them. The past Monster Lord offers her enthusiastic support to deal with the local forces.

When they reach Queen Fairy, Alice asks her why she's attacking, to which the queen answers that she's following the Monster Lord's orders to get the lands of Noah back in exchange, as the fairies are now limited to Fairy's Island. While Alice considers her grievances legitimate, she considers attacking humanity too far.

When the party reaches Grangold, Alice realizes the full measure of the troubles as the city is attacked by arachnes, who are powerful and cruel warriors. Luckily, Alice highlights that the spiders likely don't know  that the palace is out of comission, which will make them lose time. After dealing with Spider Princess' lackeys while the Grangold's King deals with Spider Princess himself, Alice remarks that they'll have to deal with her once and for all later.

As the party enters Sabasa, they see the town under siege from vampires, which are elite forces against which even the elite Sabasan army will barely hold. When Elizabeth and Carmilla separate, Alice says that she's glad they don't have to deal with both at the same time. However, Sara gets captured, and Alice worries that it will end up destroying the army's morale. Eventually, they manage to psuh back the vampires after Sara's monster blood fully awakens.

When the party see San Ilia under attack from mermaids, Alice is angry that their queen is obeying her mother. Alice is surprised to see that the leader of the army is the queen's daughter, El. After the latter gets knocked back by a cannon shot, she whines about the attack, upon which Alice gives no pity. Alice remarks that El is just completely indoctrinated by her mother to hate humans, and that she's certainly not fit yet to be a queen as her role got directly to her head.

After saving the four cities, Luka is called by the Grand Noah Queen at the summit with all four human lords, who say they have to prepare for another attack while they have only limited supplies, and, as such, that their best hope to end the war is to have Luka take care of each leader directly. Alice remarks that they'll have to deal with them one at a time, but that they'll need access to the outer sea to deal with the Vampire Queen whose castle is situated near Hellgondo. The Grand Noah Queen obliges.

As everybody searches for a way to get to Hellgondo, Alice asks the lords to search for information about the Six Orbs while they go take care of the queens themselves. When they discuss afterward the apparent insanity of the Monster Lord's plans, Alice notify them that she's been taught by Tamamo, who's keen mind in strategy in mostly unparalleled, so making basic blunders would be out of the question. Then everybody wonder why she's trying to create such a meat grinder to get everyone killed.

Last, as the party learns about Rainbow, a material stronger than orichalcum that is only forged by a few elven smiths, Alice suggests taking care of them first.

Fairy's Island

Alice notices that the place has been turned into a maze, with the Queen Elf likely hiding at the deepest point. She also remarks that she's supporting the Monster Lord's plan to exterminate humans, and while Alice hopes that they'll be able to reach her to make peace, she's afraid they won't manage to do so.

As the party progresses, they detect the lingering effect of a mind altering spell. Alice notices it comes from the World Tree. She also notify the party that it likely amplified the hatred elves had for humans.

After knocking down the queen, Alice remarks that the Elf Queen completely disregarded dialog to prevent this situation from blowing up, as they attacked humans without apparent reasons. When the Queen Elf says that humans wouldn't have listened, Alice retorts that humans and monsters coexist in a lot of human settlements while the elven ruler played the victim card and refused to move on.

After plant monsters try to sweep in and finish the remainders, Alice tells the Queen Elf that she's been affected by brainwashing magic, which the latter finally notices. Eventually, Alice let the queen decides how she'll do from now one while deciding to take care of the source of the brainwashing magic in the World Tree.

The World Tree

When the party enters the dungeon, Alice tells everyone that it's holy ground for plant monsters, and that the waves of brainwashing magic that affected Fairy's Island indeed come from there.

When they reach the Queen Alraune, Alice tells them that trying to convince her she's brainwashed is useless, as she's taken over by evil intentions, and they have to bear her up to calm her down. When Alice asks Mephisto to removes the brainwashing spell, Azi Dahaka steps in and reveal herself while announcing she serves Black Alice, not surprising the small Monster Lord in the slightest. After beating her, Alice tries interrogating her, but the dragon instantly teleport away.

In any case, Alice is relieved to see Queen Alraune's sanity restored, even if she tried to damage the world.

Lyra Falls

The party repeatedly encounters El as they progress. When the young mermaid asks if people got hurt when they attacked, Alice answers that yes, soldiers and civilians alike got wounded. When El says that this happened because humans and mermaids are sworn ennemies after some of them killed her mother's lover, Alice reminds her that this happened generations ago, and that humans have changed since then.

El says she wants to apologize to the people of the town, but Alice doubts it will be enough, and furthermore that the blame partly lays on the shoulders of El's mother. When Sonya says Alice might have been a bit harsh, Alice reminds the party that El is the next mermaid queen in line and needs to learn those lessons to be a good ruler, as being considerate won't be enough.

Chen the party finally reaches the Queen Mermaid, the latter asks if humanity's hatred for mermaids has come this far, and Alice retorts that the queen is mixing personnal and public affairs, with her growing hatred putting her race in danger. After the party beat down the queen, El intervenes and tells her mother that she wants to apologize, before getting a lesson from Alice on the responsibilities of military leaders, and as such on her mother.

When El is afraid of what will be done to her mother, Alice reassures her that the King of San Ilia is lenient and shrewd, meaning she should be fine.

Solitary Island

Alice informs the party that Spider Princess was the last insect queen, who got overthrown by her subordinates for being excessively cruel, as she's a sadistic, domineering queen. Alice is determined to face the Spider Princess, and is surprised to see her take down the assault from the hero as a marriage proposal. She tells the party to just move on, as that minor misunderstanding isn't an issue right now.

Vampire Castle

Alice tells the party that the Queen Vampire is pretty much a feudal lord, dominating and merciless to those she thinks are weaker than her while generous to those that obey her.

Upstairs, Alice quickly notices that the vampires have placed a loop trap requiring an item to deactivate. When Alice challenges the authority of the queen through a fight, the latter confirms that she'll bow out if she's defeated.

Quest for the Six Orbs

As the party discusses with the human lords once again, Alice talks about the possibility to use the Garuda Girl to access Hellgondo, as most flying monsters can't do it, but they need the six orbs to do it. It's revealed that the red orb is now belonging to the hidden Elven village, and Alice suggests asking the Queen Elf to contact them. When they talk about the Blue and Silver Orb being enshrined under the sea, Kraken notifies the party that the blue orb has been destroyed by Astaroth. Alice remarks that creating a new one would require years, and is impossible given their predicament.

When Alicetroemeria intervenes and suggests getting the Blue Orb from a parallel world, Alice isn't exactly enthusiastic, as it's revealed that it's hidden in the Monster Lord's Castle during the period of reign of Black Alice. Still she accepts, as it's their only option.

When the party encounters Queen Elf to contact the elven village, the elf queen tell them that the Elven Princess is a shut-in who would only come out of her manor to meet her ideal Prince Charming. Alice suggests showing her Luka, and actually gets worried when they get the answer that they'll meet at the Snake Shrine in Yamatai Village.

When they meet in the shrine, Alice asks why the princess doesn't come out from behind the screen. After the Elven Princess gives an alarming amount of gifts, including the red orbs and several extremely powerful items, Alice starts getting worried about the princess' overbearing affection. Luka suggests exchanging letters first to get to know each other, which Alice remarks is incredibly old-fashionned.

After Sonya snaps, Alice remarks that she's impressed the priestess held so well against several high ranking elves. Afterwards, the party returns to the other world beyond the Gold Tartarus to get the blue orb. When they arrive in Succubus Village, Alice tells their priority is to get a ship to be able to reach the cave to lead them in Hellgondo.

Hellgondo (Alt)

As they cross the Hellgondo Cave, Alice is surprised to see Black Alice being enthusiastic, to which the 8th Monster Lord answers that it's part of a ruler's job, which she says Alice doesn't understand. After the long trek, Alice notices a shrine where they can rest, but the first thing they see is the priest who was snacked upon by Lilith & Lilim.

Alice suggests making a break in Remina to resupply, even if they don't have any particular goal there. She remembers that in their world, the town was destroyed and the bloodline was supposedly lost. When they realize it's the same city that was in Tartarus, Sonya suggests exploring it to find information, but Alice shoots her down as it's a different era altogether, and it's still way too early to find anything.

When they see Edina, the princess of Remina, Alice detects a common scent between her and Luka, which would make him a descendant of the royal family, which she thinks is impossible. When they finally reach the Monster Lord's Castle, Alice reminds Luka to focus on the blue orb and to avoid Black Alice at all cost. She also says that the castle had been reconstructed after Black Alice's reign, so her knowledge of the place is useless.

The party encounters the Three Nobles of Black, who Alice recognizes as the three most trusted retainers of Black Alice. After beating them, they say that they will meet again before disappearing, while Alice says that they certainly won't. In the meantime, they can as well plunder Black Alice's treasury with the blue orb.

Should Luka decides to go fight Black Alice, Alice will question if he really wants to continue living. In any case, she supports the hero, but, after his first and second victories, reminds him that Black Alice has several forms, and is aghast to see the ultimate form of the 8th Monster Lord by herself.

Holy Wings Shrine

After gathering the Six Orbs, Alice enthusiastically accompany Luka back to the shrine. However, the ritual to summon the Garuda Girl fails. Alice notices an issue with the flow of mana, and Nero intervenes to inform them indeed that the flow of mana has changed because of the arrival of the Snow Continent, which means that summoning the divine bird is currently impossible.

When Nero suggests annihilating it, he's shut down by both Alice and Sonya. After a short discussion, Alice realizes that they'll have to investigate the Snow Continent to fix the anomaly themselves. She's annoyed by the detour, but Nero tells her that the Snow Continent itself could be the answer to the troubles of the world.

Snow Continent

When they arrive, Alice is surprised to see the White Rabbit again. After the latter tells the party that the answer is not the Snow Continent itself, but a certain presence of it, she apparently enters the cave, leaving Alice furious once again.

Alice is surprised to see Angels guarding the entrance of the Snow Cave. After beating them, Alice notices that there are more angels around, and they don't feel like the lost angels of Enrika.

When the party reaches the midway point, Alice notices a village of non-hostile polar girls, and says that it might be a good place to take a rest. The first thing she notices when they finally enter the Snow Continent is the high density of holy energy. When the party enters Snow Heaven itself, they learn that the Snow Continent is indeed what remains of the fallen Heaven.

The party goes to meet Archangel Ranael who inform them that the Ilias Temple located on the continent has become otherworldly, and is sealed by the head angel who's casting her barrier from the Snow Shrine. Alice remarks that they'll have to ask her to remove the barrier before being able to step in the temple itself.

When the party meets the head angel who's revealed to be none other than Seraph Eden, Alice asks her to remove the barrier around Ilias Temple, which angers the seraph enough to make her attack the party. After beating her down, Eden notices that Luka has angel blood, and when he tells her that he's Lucifina's descendant, she asks if he comes back to ask Ilias for her foregiveness, to which Alice asks him to just roll with it. The party leaves after getting the confirmation from Eden yet again that an anomaly is present inside Ilias Temple.

When the party camps in front of Ilias Temple, Alice and Luka discusses the lack of appearance from the White Rabbit since they set foot on the Snow Continent. Afterwards, as Alice remembers that Tamamo told her that Alice was sealed to be kept away from her mother's plan, the duo wonders if it means the White Rabbit is allied to her, which Alice considers unlikely. In any case, they decide the best course of action is to move forward.

After teaching Luka another sword technique, Alice wonders if their meeting was chance or fate, and is glad that the end of their adventures to learn about their parent seems to approach. Alice is enthusiastic about the idea of continuing to "punch their parents in their face", while Luka is understandably a bit more reluctant.

Ilias Temple Ruins

The party is welcomed into the temple by the White Rabbit again. During their conversation, the chaosization that was frozen by Eden and someone else resume, and the White Rabbit invites Alice and Luka deeper into the temple. It's revealed that this chaosization will swallow the world if they don't act, and Alice asks the White Rabbit to hurry up.

Alice isn't really surprised when it's revealed that their world is one of the parallel world created that didn't follow the true history. However, she pushes for more details when she hears that their world is one of the "Singularity World" after being the first to branch and why it's that interesting.

When the White Rabbit tells them that the reason the Paradox started was because "someone" looped time back each time "someone else" died, Alice understands she's respectively talking about the Ilias and Luka of the true world.

Alice is surprised to see Ilias, and the latter confirms she's now the core of the chaosization. She's surprised to learn that the whole chaos was started by the death of the Ilias of the true world when Luka killed her.

When the party's shown the result of the experiment that started the Great Disaster, Alice is shocked to see Black Alice and her power as she was just as she was bout to be defeated by the hero Luka before she turns into the Goddess of Chaos. As they return after somehow being seen by her, which was reportedly impossible based on the White Rabbit's word, Alice is furious after the whimsical monster.

Alice then realizes that the Lilith Sisters and the Three seraphim they've seen during Luka's adventure are from the worlds they've seen during the flashback, which confirms that indeed they came from parallel worlds.

As Ilias continue detailing what the party should do next, she's assassinated by the Lilith Sisters, making Alice furious in the process. She question them on their origin, and gets the confirmation that they come from a world where the Dark Goddess herself is reigning. The more the Lilith Sisters explain their plan to fuse all worlds, the more surprised Alice is that her mother also willingly involved herself in what looked like wanton slaughter. She also has the confirmation that her mother was the one who got her sealed to prevent her from blocking her plan, as Alice herself would have refused to go along.

Before Alice can get more details about their full plan, they're interrupted by the three seraphim who are chasing the Lilith Sisters. The two trios start fighting before getting interrupted by Sonya, who reveals herself to be an apoptosis of the highest order to everyone's surprise. As Luka tries to reason with her, Alice realize they have no choice but to fight her after she absorbed power from Gnosis and transformed.

After beating her a first time, Sonya manages to transform again after having absorbed some of Morrigan's power, and Alice notices she's eroding the world around her. She manages to motivate Luka as the latter hesitate to attack her childhood friend while the other groups fight a freshly summoned Adramelech.

While Luka's party manages to put Sonya Chaos in a corner, the other fighters have no such luck as Adramelech keeps coming back each time she's destroyed. Eventually, the three seraphim retreat, letting everyone to despair as it looks like the world will be swallowed by chaos.

Fortunately, Nuruko steps in and absorb the chaosization, revealing her true nature as the Spirit of Chaos. She then proceeds to cast Adramelech back and reseal Sonya, saving the party. Alice is dumbfounded by this reveal. However, they don't have time to take in the reveal, as the Lilith Sisters ask Morrigan to accompany their party to spy on Sonya and Nuruko, to Alice's dismay. Even if she realizes that it's an interested arrangement, she relents and pragmatically accept the succubus in their ranks.

When Sonya wakes up, the party realizes that she doesn't have memories of what happened. Alice decides to keep the priestess' nature as a high-class apoptosis from herself.

The party discusses the nature of Nuruko, and how fortunate they had been to recruit her and have her save their asses. Then, Alice plans the Monster Lord's Castle as their next destination, as she wants to hear the full truth of the situation from her mother. However, before the party starts to move again, everybody learns that Alice's mother has been killed by Marcellus.

Devastated Plains

When the party manages to enter the building located there thanks to the card acquired in the flashback in Remina, Alice wonders why it would open this door, the most likely explanation being that it uses the same mechanism.

When they reach the top floor, they recognize La Croix and Kagetsumugi. The former departs while the latter summons her Cirque du Croix. Alice recognizes the undead monsters stepping out as powerful warriors.

After they manage to deal with the undead monsters, the party gives La Croix the notes from her counterpart. They discuss the dangers that Black Alice and her ally Kagetsumugi represents, and Alice promptly points out that they'll have to fight both of them likely later down the road. As La Croix leaves, she let her little sister have the command of the Cirque, and Alice gladly accept the additional monsters in their army.

Monsterpedia Entry 

None (Unfought)

World Interactions

If chosen as Luka's companion, Alice teaches Luka the Demon Decapitation skill in the first campfire scene, the Bloody Thunder Thrust and Meditation skills in the second, the Heavenly Demon Skull Crusher skill on the boat to Port Natalia, and the Death Sword Chaos Star skill in the third and last campfire scene of part 1.

If not chosen to be Luka's companion, Luka and Ilias will find Alice at set locations in the world, gathering allies and trying to figure out what happened to her on her own, or eating lunch.

Her first appearance is in the Irina Mountains South Cave , where she recruits the Bunny Slime, Usako. She's next seen in the village, Rostrum, resting in one of the abandoned houses. Her third appearance is at the Cave of Treasures , where she is joined by the Kitsune, Mofuyu. Afterwards, she appears again at Mt. Saint Amos halfway up the mountain. She appears once again in Grandeur, where she can be seen enjoying the free samples at one of the food stalls along with her new companions.

In part 2, she's also regularly encountered in the first half of the game. She's first seen in the caves leading to Port Marle as she also wants to reach the Noah region. She (somehow) found an alternative way to reach the region, as she can be encountered once again in Grand Noah as Luka joins the Queen's cup. She did not pass the first rounds. She eventually makes her way to Yamatai Village where she's seen eating with her companions.

Luka's group encounter her once more in Gold Fort where she got imprisonned for trying to sneak in, and again in Grangold Castle, in the same circumstances. She still ends up invited to the feast after the peace between the kingdoms is established, and assists to the following declaration of war.  She's later seen with her companions seen aboard the Ghost Ship, completely terrified by the gloomy ambiance.

She's seen one last time at Toxic Swamp near Goddard partaking in Magical Girl Ritual. There's no sighting of her afterward.

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

"My stomach is growling..."

With Kitsu :

Alice: "Hmph, kitsune..."

Kitsu: "You won't get my thin fried tofu! I hid it perfectly!"

Alice: "Oh, your chest shouldn't bulge... Hmhmm, so that's where you've hidden it.

Kitsu: "Waaa! My thin fried tofu!"

Alice: " *Munch* *Munch* ...Wonderful."

Sonya: "Hey! Stop picking on her!"

With Lemon:

Alice: "I heard your cooking is pretty good. This is your chance to dedicate a special dish to the Monster Lord."

Lemon: "How about a paella?"

Alice: "Ohh, excellent! What ingredients will you be using?"

Lemon: "That's... Umm..."

Alice: "Wait, did you just glance at your lower body?"

With Nanabi:

Alice: "Kitsune..."

Nanabi: "Please don't hate us monster lord. The entire kitsune family is devoted to you."

Alice: "Treating me like a child..."

Nanabi: "I know you are not a child... here, have some candy."

Alice: "........ ♪ "

Alice: "Do you think I can be enticed with this?"

Nanabi: "So you weren't enticed?"

With Nuruko:

Nuruko: "Kyukyuu, kyuu. ♪"

Alice: "Just what manner of creature are you? Lifeforms from another world seem quite strange."

Nuruko: "Kyu!"

Alice: "Oh? Are you giving me an apple? Thank you, I accept. *munch* *munch* "

Alice: "Delicious. ♪"

Nuruko: "Kyu. ♪"

With Ratty:

Ratty: " *Nibble* *Nibble* "

Alice: "You! What are you doing?! Stealing food right under the monster lord's nose, you are one bold mouse!"

Ratty: "Ahh! I was caught! I'll give you some cheese. So keep it a secret, ok?"

Alice: " *Nom* Delicious. ♪ "

Ratty: " *Nibble* *Nibble* "

Luka: "(...Alice also has the habit of stealing food.)"


Alice: As expected from the son of an innkeeper, your cooking is delicious. It appears I made the right decision to take you along.

Alice: Have you been to Iliasburg? Our first priority should be finding that rabbit. I have to catch her and get her to return me to normal. 

Alice: Hehehe, the overpowering majesty of the Monster Lord will make you fall to your knees. Anyway, it's odd that none of my knights have been in contact. I'd expect Granberia at least to rally around me 

Alice: Surely they weren't turned to children too... That rabbit did say that her magic was for leading Alice, after all. "Alice" is a nickname for Monster Lord, but what did she mean by leading? A white rabbit leading Alice... Come to think of it, I feel like I heard this story from Tamamo... It's no use, I forgot. I should have listened better to lectures. Damn kitsune...

Alice: As hilarious as it is, that was no doubt the real Ilias. She looked just like the version you saw in the temple, didn't she?

Alice: No, she's probably under the Six Ancestor's Great Seal. The spell has that kind of effect.

Alice: Not exactly, but the result is the same. I imagine Ilias was sealed 30 years ago.

Alice:After 30 years, she was finally able to break our in that form, but not without losing much of her strength and memories. The question is who sealed Ilias? There's no way the Dark Goddess has returned...

Alice:If the Dark Goddess were back, everyone would know about it. It's especially impossible that it escape my notice as the current Monster Lord. None of this makes any sense. What the hell is going on

Alice: It definitely does.... But being led around by the nose makes me angry too.

Alice: Speaking of, are you all right with this? Isn't your primary goal searching for your father?

Alice: In that case, let's stick together awhile longer. We may learn news of your father along the way,

Alice: Your swordmanship is painful to watch. Who taught you how to use one?

Alice: Fine, I'll practice with you. Even in this body I can still teach you some sword skills.

Alice: Do you have a problem with that? Come, raise your sword!

Alice: Hmm, I think you've got the form down. I guess even you can master this technique.

Alice: You have a lot of respect for your father.

Alice: Mother

Alice: No it's nothing. We're leaving early in the morning so we better get to sleep.

Grandeur Theater

She is required at the Gourmet Show


Gadabout Actions

“I'm kind of hungry, I think I'll have a snack. I'm only taking this food because I need it, okay?” Alice steals some food out of the item sack and eats it!

“Hey, not bad. I might be able to make it as an artist." Alice is drawing doodles in the sand.

“...” Alice flashes a smile! But nothing happens.

“...” Alice thinks about tonight's dinner menu. Alice enters a trance state!

“Hey, I'm hungry! Where's my food?” Alice bangs chopsticks against a teacup and demands food. But no one pays her any attention. After pouting for a while, Alice falls asleep.

“Mwahaha, I hope I catch a kitsune." Alice digs a pit… And clumsily falls into it! (Alice takes damage)

“Mwahaha, I hope I catch a kitsune." Alice digs a pit… And (Enemy) carelessly falls into it! (Enemy takes damage)

“Heh heh…" Alice is going around picking up some rocks! (+1 Rock)

“Yay! Whoo!" Alice is dancing around and singing without a care in the world.

“I hope you give me a lot of delicious fruit for next summer's harvest." Alice plants a weird seed into the ground. A weird plant suddenly sprouts and attacks the enemy with its vines! (Play: Mystery Plant)


  • Will eat literally anything you give her. Even if she finds it disgusting.
  • She likes to bully Luka.
  • Unlike in the original game, Alice does not have the Word of Dispel in Paradox due to Tamamo not teaching her that spell.


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