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Alipheese Fateburn XVI
アリスフィーズ・フェイタルベルン   (Arisufīzu Feitaruberun)
Slime Girl Slug Girl →
Goddess Ilias Centaur Girl →
Level: 145
HP (Normal): 32000
Experience: Battle 1: N/A
Battle 2: 0
Skills: Eyes of Chaos, Concentrate Magic, Monster Lord’s Cruelty, Omega Blaze, Frost Ozma, Satanic Pressure, Tail Bind, Pleasure Drain, Eyes of Temptation, Eye of Recovery, Word of Dispel
Areas: Iliasville, Monster Lord’s Castle
Appears in: Chapter 1, 2 & 3 of Monster Girl Quest
Artists: Kenkō Cross / Jingai Modoki

Alipheese Fateburn XVI (Sixteenth), more commonly known as “Alice”, is the heroine of Monster Girl Quest. Despite her young age, Alice is both the 16th Monster Lord and the last daughter of the Fateburn family after her mother, Alipheese XV (Fifteenth), was killed.

As the Monster Lord, Alice possesses several unique traits; most notably the flowers on her hair which are both independent organisms and an extension of her hair. She wields magic ability far more potent than any other mortal monster as well as great physical strength. Alice may manipulate her lower body in a variety of abnormal and often unsightly ways, often revealing tentacles, an ability likely exclusive to Monster Lords.

Alice possesses extreme physical strength as well as dangerous magic, namely Omega Blaze, Frost Ozma, and Monster Lord’s Cruelty. She is also very analytical and adaptable to most situations, allowing her to read her opponent’s abilities and tactics then use that knowledge to turn the tables to her favor. In addition, she is capable of inflicting numerous status ailments through her eyes, causing Luka to call her a “walking altered status machine.” She is also capable of teleportation, telepathy, and flight. Her sexual skill is also proven to be top-notch, using every part of her body to rape a man and bring him to ecstasy within a matter of seconds.


Alice initially puts on a front of being cynical and aloof. She often berates Luka for his ignorance and lack of ability. She claims several times that she will not aid Luka in his battles against monsters (refusing to lay a hand on her “cute subordinates”), but she nevertheless provides him with both combat and endurance training that exponentially increases his power (allowing him to defeat her subordinates).

Behind Alice’s strong-minded exterior is a traumatized individual who wishes to fix the mistake that she made when she was a child and bring peace to both monsters and humans. To this end, she is initially willing to let herself be killed by a hero like her mother was, thinking that this is the only way to achieve her goal. After Luka convinces her that this won't solve anything, she no longer believes that she needs to sacrifice herself.

Being a snake monster, Alice is prone to gluttony as thoughts of food often dominate her thoughts. The promise of food is enough to make her intervene in a situation that she would otherwise be uninterested in.

Alice has inculcated a hatred towards kitsunes – this was apparently a result of her being bullied by them when she was young. Tamamo claims that this was part of her plan in educating Alice so that she did not grow up to hate humans. In the Haunted Manor, Alice desperately asks for help from “an evil god, the first Monster Lord, I don’t care!” to help her escape, stating that she will stop “bullying kitsunes” in return for salvation from the ghosts. Despite this, however, she still bullies kitsunes, evident in Yamatai Village where she pulls on Tamamo’s tails, steals a Kitsune’s tofu, and later gives the same Kitsune super spicy tofu.

Alice has an odd fear of ghosts (which she vehemently denies), despite being an all-powerful being. This is evident when she reacts with obvious fright when the word “ghost” is mentioned. When she discovers Selene’s identity as a ghost, she even manages to faint while remaining upright. At the end of the game, when Chrome mentions how easily scared Alice is, she still denies her fear of ghosts.



Alice's mother, Alice XV, had a dream of coexistence between humans and monsters, however she believed that she would have to sacrifice herself in order to achieve this goal. During an imminent battle with several heroes who invaded her castle; she locked her daughter in a magic-reinforced cell that was supposedly unbreakable, then left to confront the Heroes. She was slain by Marcellus, Lazarus, Merlin and Karen, but Alice XVI came and went berserk after seeing her dead mother, unintentionally ruining her mother’s plan by killing Merlin and Karen, blinding Marcellus, and crippling Lazarus' arm. Karen was a woman whom Marcellus and Lazarus both loved, and her death led them to found Ilias Kreuz out of vengeance.

Alice was then raised by Tamamo, the tutor for the Monster Lords from the fifth generation. However, she was bullied by kitsunes during this time; Tamamo rationalizes that this was one of her methods in raising the Monster Lord, otherwise Alice would turn against humanity. Alice also mentions that she never left the castle at a young age, and was constantly fed second-hand semen in order to survive.

When Alice’s Monster Lord coronation took place, it was a five-way battle royale between herself, Alma Elma, Tamamo, Erubetie and Granberia. Alma Elma left the match early purely on a whim, Tamamo and Erubetie KO’d each other and Alice was brought “to her knees” by Granberia, but ultimately came out on top after she saw every move that the dragonkin had at her disposal. Alice then formed the Four Heavenly Knights from the combatants to keep power in check. As the Monster Lord, no monster dares revolt against her.

Meeting Luka

At some point after becoming Monster Lord, Alice decided to leave Hellgondo to travel the world. On Ilias' birthday Alice attacked Ilias as she descended to give Heroes her blessing. She successfully managed to wound Ilias before being easily overwhelmed and blown away; crash landing on the Ilias Continent, near Ilias Village. Shortly after her crash landing, Luka found Alice unconscious in a crater, and he opts to either ignore her or help her.

If he ignores her, Luka runs off to be baptized by Ilias, only to find out she did not appear. He mysteriously wanders back to where he found Alice, who now hates humanity and attacks him. She easily overpowers Luka then proceeds to rape him with an opening at the tip of her tail, and finally kills him.

If Luka decides to help her, she wakes up and begins to ask Luka about her whereabouts and who he is. He can either choose to answer honestly, lie, or say nothing at all. Should he try to lie or say nothing, Alice hypnotises him to speak, which he does in an overly pathetic manner.

As Luka leaves to be baptized, Alice coils around him and asks why he did not strike her when he had the chance. He reveals his dreams of coexistence, which intrigues her, however she claims that the idea is merely silly and insults him. She releases him, but Ilias does not show up to baptize him, leaving Luka depressed.

Alice then appears to Luka in his house, much his surprise. He asks her many questions such as who she is. After all the questions, she continues berating baptism and heroism, and hints she was responsible for Ilias not appearing (though Luka doesn't notice). Alice then rudely demands food, something that Luka is forced to comply with (either willingly or unwillingly; the latter again causes Alice to hypnotise Luka), though she is impressed with his cooking skills. Even after not being baptized by Ilias, Alice is able to convince Luka to continue his journey, and she decides to accompany him as a traveling gourmet. However, she wonders how long he can cling onto his “silly belief” of coexistence, and notes that she will abandon him once he drops it. Additionally, she insults him by calling him a “fake hero” and an “idiot”. Before they leave, she reveals her name, something Luka thinks is far too innocent-sounding for someone like her.

Ilias Continent

Traveling to Iliasburg

After chasing off a Slug Girl, Luka berates Alice for leaving him alone to fight the Slug Girl; Alice warns him that she is not his ally, and is merely observing him. She refuses to help fight other monsters and hides from them, and if Luka fails to put up a fight, she will abandon him. Alice also isn't happy that Luka made a huge mistake in that fight: he threw away all their salt, so he can't season their food properly.

However, her worries are unfounded as Luka is able to make tasty food even without salt. After dinner, she then notes how poor his swordplay is and decides to teach him his first skill: Demon Decapitation. She also gives other advice on fighting. She then instructs him to use Demon Decapitation; Luka aims it at Alice but she dodges it with ease, and then calls him an idiot for thinking he could hit her. After training, Alice notices Luka’s Keepsake Ring, leading to a conversation about Luka's mother and father and in return he asks about Alice’s motives. She then makes him hold onto the World Traveler, a 500 year old book which she considers the ultimate guide for any adventurer or gourmet.

The next morning, Luka prays to Ilias, which disgusts Alice. She tells him at some point he has to drop his beliefs in Ilias in order for his dream to become a complete reality.

They head towards Iliasburg, and Luka convinces Alice to disguise herself. However, the town is under attack by Granberia, a member of the Four Heavenly Knights. Granberia easily beats Luka but Alice then steps in and stops her. Alice berates Granberia for attacking a town mercilessly and not allowing her to savor the town’s Ama-ama Dango, and orders her to leave.

Arriving at the inn, the inkeeper agrees to give them the "Hero's Rate" for chasing away the attacking monster. In the inn, Alice savors the luxurious food and then rapes Luka with a handjob for semen.

The next day, the two search for information about rampant monsters around the area. They encounter Amira, an "unfortunate lamia"; and both are annoyed at her.

When the two leave Iliasburg, Alice takes note of Luka not fighting to the fullest of his abilities in battles. She then gives him the Angel Halo, a sword that can seal any sort of creature. Luka uses it to defeat and seal an Earthworm Girl, then thanks Alice for the sword.

Irina Mountains

They then head to the Irina Mountains to stop the Four Bandits. Alice initially teases Luka that he is too weak to fight a vampire and dragon, but he protests that it is what a hero does, but later realizes the truth (that the bandits are children) and urges Luka to finish his quest.

After Luka defeats the bandits, Alice shows up and insults Luka's heroism of defeating a juvenile dragon. She then bluntly makes the bandits cry by proposing horrible things for Luka to do to them, but he responds by making them apologize to the citizens of Iliasburg. Much to their surprise, the town is actually willing to accept them. Luka then receives the Red Orb from Dragon Pup, much to Alice's surprise, but she isn’t too troubled as the Blue and Silver are not present, and refuses to tell Luka what they are.

Happiness Village

At Happiness Village, Alice insults the female citizens for not standing up to the attacking harpies, shaming them into fighting back. Once Luka resolves the whole issue, Alice happily munches away on Happiness Honey. As they leave, the Queen Harpy asks Alice something, to which she swiftly replies that she is merely a traveling gourmet. The harpy leaves it at that, leaving Luka dumbfounded.


As Luka and Alice approach Enrika, the former is attacked by the village's dark elf guards. After he defeats them, he and Alice encounter a strange woman named Micaela. Micaela demonstrates that she knows about Luka's mother and father. However, she tells him to turn back. After leaving, Alice senses something amiss and is led to believe that Enrika is an isolated elf village.

Traveling to Iliasport

On the way to Iliasport, the two set up camp. Luka then tells the story of how Heinrich defeated the Monster Lord 500 years ago, which annoys Alice for telling a story of a monster being slain right in front of another monster. Alice laments over the current Monster Lord losing her way about humans (foreshadowing her past) and even claims knows the current Monster Lord who may be “closer than Luka thinks”, which confuses him. She then decides to teach him Bloody Fissure Thunder Thrust, or just Thunder Thrust having omitted the first part. Alice tells Luka about the skill’s “horrid, bloody” backstory, which disturbs the fake hero.

Treasure Cave

The night before they enter the Treasure Cave, Alice attempts to teach Luka Meditation. She doesn't expect him to be able to heal his wounds with it and is shocked when it actually does have this effect on him.

In the cave, Luka learns of Alice's fear of ghosts when he mentions the cave might be haunted by them. Despite her fervent denial of fearing ghosts, she nonetheless clings onto him and then scurries away when a Kitsune shows up.

When Luka encounters the Mimic, he is confused whether to open it or not, and notices Alice disappeared. If he opens it then defeats her, Alice chides him as a treasure chest in the middle of a cave is obviously a trap. If he ignores the chest, Alice praises him for ignoring the trap.

After Luka dominates Nanabi with his angelic powers, Alice is surprised and informs him of what happened, telling him he should keep fighting while asleep.

Just then, the Heavenly Knight Tamamo appears and accidentally reveals that Alice is the Monster Lord, Alipheese XVI. After Tamamo leaves, Alice mentions that she wasn’t hiding it; he was simply too stupid to notice the obvious hints. As the Monster Lord, she proclaimed that “only in self-defense are you allowed exert power” to her minions, however many ignored her law or interpreted it in another way. Luka questions her motives, and she responds that it’s the same, adding on that she also wants to find out the cause behind the Slaughter of Remina and states that monsters were also massacred as well. With the ultimate enemy in front of her, she asks Luka what he would do.

If Luka chooses to fight, Alice quickly defeats him and devours him with her lower body.

If Luka chooses to believe that the Monster Lord isn’t his enemy and is not evil, the two of them continue their journey, though Alice still won’t lay a hand on her “cute little subordinates”.

En Route to Sentora

At Iliasport, Alice hypnotises a ship captain to take them to Sentora. While on the boat, she teaches Luka Demon Skull Beheading. Alice then examines his Keepsake Ring, but notes that it does not seem to be related to his hidden powers and theorizes that Luka may be a male descendant of a monster. Alice also states she feels Luka's mother's worries and thoughts on the ring, but since she can't actually feel her power, she may be definitely human.

Alma Elma, another one of the Four Heavenly Knights, board the ship. Acting a representative for monsters world-wide, she asks her lord if she can execute Luka as an act of “self-defense”; Alice simply responds that she doesn’t care. When Luka ‘defeats’ the Succubus Queen, Alice allows her to retreat.


Port Natalia

Upon reaching Port Natalia, Alice proceeds to calm Luka down after his encounter with Lazarus, who blew up the mermaid school. At the inn, Luka explains what Ilias Kreuz is to her. Afterwards, she then proceeds to rape him with a tailjob.

San Ilia

They then head west to San Ilia, where Luka plans to meet the San Ilia King to receive advice on how to defeat the Heavenly Knights. When they arrive and Luka signs up for a meeting with the king, he informs Alice of one of her commandments when they pass by a statue of Goddess Ilias, which Alice is annoyed with. She then informs him of a rumor about Ilias ripping out souls and confining them somewhere if humans were to disobey her laws.

When the pair meet the King, they see the Goddess Sword - said to make even the Monster Lord bow before it. However, Alice scornfully looks at it and does not kneel. She calls the King’s wisdom a “crapload” and “blasphemy” and shatters the blade, traumatizing the King and rendering him catatonic. Alice then tells Luka the true hero’s path; he must find the Four Spirits and receive their blessings, only then shall Luka receive mighty power.

Alice and Luka head into the San Ilia Library to locate the Four Animists and their Sources, a book containing information about the Four Spirits. However, a trio of monsters pop out from the book, claiming that they are under the order of the Monster Lord to defend the book. Alice pretends that she knows nothing of this despite giving this order. While Luka fights them, Alice uses books about Ilias to make a bonfire in order to cook her potatoes. The third monster, Page 65537 is revealed to have an immunity to sealing, but is weak to fire. Luckily, Alice accidentally burns her potatoes which sets the library ablaze, defeating the book monster once and for all. The guards appear and try to put out the fire, prompting Luka and Alice to leave. Alice apologizes for setting the library on fire, as fire is something she also tries to avoid in her castle library, and gives him the book when he accidentally left it behind.

After leaving the castle, Amira appears and mentions ghosts which the kids playing around also mention; Alice once again sternly refutes their existence however.

Southern Seas

Back in Port Natalia, after Luka accepts Meia’s request on helping her and her lover to get married, Alice helps guide him in the Southern Seas to find the Kraken. Along the way, Alice informs him that there are two requirements for lamias in her clan to get married; the male must be stronger than the female, and the man must want to marry her.

During the fight with Kraken, when Luka’s attacks prove ineffective against her Aqua Pentagram, Alice briefly shows up uses her magic eyes to put Luka to sleep, unlocking Luka’s hidden powers, and allowing him to defeat the Kraken. Alice returns when the Kraken loses the will to fight and wakes Luka. After Kraken weds Meia and her lover and all three give their respective “blessings”, Kraken asks if Alice is the Monster Lord, despite Alice having invoked her title to bless the couple mere moments prior.

Haunted Manor

When they decide to head to the Haunted Manor, Alice once again shows her obvious fear towards ghosts, and becomes separated from Luka. She falls into a small crypt and Luka later finds her praying to escape from the ghosts. After being informed of Chrome's nefarious schemes, Alice threatens Chrome, who promises to never again scare Alice and flees. After Chrome leaves, the ghostly spirits whose bodies were used by her appear, causing Alice to faint. Luka pulls her out of the mansion where he meets a strange woman in a lab coat who recognizes Alice as the Monster Lord, and then leaves. Upon recovering in San Ilia, she urges Luka to leave the ghostly infested kingdom with blank eyes.

Forest of Spirits

Setting up camp before entering the Forest of Spirits, Alice gets annoyed with Luka for telling a story of the origin of the Monster Lord to a Monster Lord, and corrects the story. Alice also teaches Luka Death Sword Chaos Star.

When Luka enter the Forest of Spirits, Alice refuses to enter, as it would send panic amongst the fairy inhabitants.

After he leaves and acquires Sylph's power, a bizarre monster known as the Chimera Dryad shows up; which Alice does not recognise. The Chimera Dryad mindlessly attacks both Luka and Alice, prompting her to use Omega Blaze against it in retaliation, however the creature does not flinch, much to her shock. Luka convinces Alice to let him handle it as it is his duty as a hero; Alice warns him to be careful. After Luka prevails, Alice returns and theorizes that the Chimera Dryad is some sort of parasitic creature that infected a female human.


En Route to Sabasa Castle

The two decide to journey to the Safina region to the Sabasa Castle. Along the way, Alice catches some scorpions and convinces Luka to cook them for her, much to his chagrin and horror.

After accepting a quest from the Sabasa King to rescue his kidnapped daughter Sara, the two decide to head to the inn. At the inn; Alice confronts Luka about his beliefs and why he believes he must die for them. Luka tells her about his father and explains his connection with Ilias Kreuz. Luka believes he must die in order to repent, but Alice tells him off, saying the crimes of the father do not extend to the child. After Alice encourages Luka, she proceeds to rape him with her breasts.


Heading to the Pyramid for the Sabasa King’s request, Alice decides to stay outside. Prior to completing the request, Alice demands a feast as a reward and happily attacks her dish.

Witch Hunt Village

Alice and Luka arrive at the village. A female villager tries to warn them not to enter the village, but is interrupted by the arrival of two guards. The guards accuse Alice of being a witch and subject her to a test: drawing a knife across her hand that, supposedly, will not cut her if she is a witch (though the knife is actually a trick knife that cannot cut people). Alice uses her unique biology to create a cut on her hand, frightening the guards as they think that she's actually a witch. They speak to the villagers to gather more information, then Luka heads to the mansion alone. He defeats Lily, the mastermind behind the witch hunts, and frees the villagers captured by Lily. However, many of the villagers are dead. Furthermore, the female villagers still have their tentacle arms, though they are able to hide them from the others. Alice and Luka leave.

Safaru Ruins

Right after entering the Safaru Ruins, Alice licks a rock and confirms that animists did once live there, which Luka defines as “the final skill learned by a glutton.” Once again refusing to help, Alice leaves Luka to pursue the spirit on his own.

Once he recruits Gnome, Alice returns and informs him that using the power of the earth is much harder than the power of wind. She mentions that the next two spirits, Undine and Salamander, have higher combat experience than Sylph and Gnome, and hints something special about Salamander but refuses to reveal it.


En Route to Grand Noah Castle

When Luka and Alice head to the Noah region and Grand Noah Castle, Alice convinces Luka to head to Yamatai Village to try out their cuisines.

Alice decides to cook for the night. Her attempts to make dinner herself culminate in a battle against Nabe, which she utterly annihilates. She admits that she was never taught cooking skills, only how to become the Monster Lord. She also reveals that she was tutored by Tamamo. During the night, Alice attempts to trains Luka once again but he's unable to learn anything. Alice then tells him the story of Heinrich using the Four Spirits to defeat the 8th Monster Lord, also known as Black Alice.

Before entering the Grand Noah Castle, the two come across a nun. Alice calls her out for having such a poor disguise and the nun reveals herself to be a Lamia who is devoted to Ilias. She informs them that the north is less harsh to monsters, which also prompts Alice to drop her guise.

Upon reaching Grand Noah Castle, they learn humans and monsters coexist peacefully in the town. While searching for information, Alice spots a tail ribbon that matches her clothes in a display of monster accessories in the Tool Shop. Luka buys it for her; he decides the money was worth it when he sees how happy Alice is. After heading to the inn, Luka asks Alice about the flower on her head and she explains that it is a part of her body. She uses her hair and the flowers to rape Luka for “nutrients.”

Grand Noah Colosseum

The following morning, they head to the Grand Noah Colosseum. Their commentary on the outcome of a battle catches the eye of the Grand Noah Queen, who has disguised herself as an noblewoman. The Grand Noah Queen eventually invites them to her hall where she recruits Luka to fight in the upcoming Queen’s Cup in order to restore the Colosseum’s former honor.

After Luka defeats the Cerberus in the semifinals, Alice appears and tries to persuade Luka into forfeiting the next match against a powerful unknown monster named “Kyuba” (who is actually Alma Elma). If Luka agrees to forfeit, he becomes afraid of many monsters and Alice leaves him, prompting a Game Over. If he refuses to forfeit, Alice lets him fight his next match.

Yamatai Village

On the way to Yamatai Village, Alice and Luka become separated when she leaves him to play in the snow on the mountain. After Luka defeats a Yuki-onna, Alice saves him before he freezes to death and carries him over the mountain.

While at the village, the villagers appeal to Alice as the “Mighty Snake” and give her food offerings. The chief appears and informs them of a monster named Yamata no Orochi who demands human sacrifices once every year. Alice agrees to root out the monster. They also encounter Tamamo in the village, and Alice picks one of her tails.

That night, Alice appears and gives Luka the Tamamo Ball (which is, in fact, Tamamo herself curled up into a ball), once again refusing to assist and leaves.

Plansect Village

Luka soon decides to head to Plansect Village despite Alice’s multiple warnings. It turns out that the plants and insects are embroiled in a massive war.

Alice briefly appears before Luka after being “seduced” into joining the plant’s side. She tells him that even if she were to order the monsters to stop fighting, war would once again soon arise. She says that sacrifice is needed in the end for coexistence.

Despite Luka’s triumph over the insects, the plants immediately betray him and continue oppressing the insects. After he defeats their army, Alice appears and tells him that his mistake was only listening to one side. Having lost his path, Alice tells him to follow his own convictions rather than the image of a hero he had used to drive his actions; she reminds him why he took up the sword to fight; to protect the weak who are being bullied by the strong, whether they be human or monster. Luka decides to end the stupid war once and for all.

After Luka ends the war, Alice appears to the self-questioning Luka and continues explaining the nature of war. She also tells him that despite his mistakes, he should still feel proud for ending the war. After the war, pacifists arrive and begin repairing the damage caused by the war, Alice is a bit surprised at the speed of recovery and tells Luka that despite his reckless actions the issues caused by him are being fixed and also tells him that the sealed monsters should learn from their mistakes, as well as Alice herself, but she refuses to elaborate.

Undine’s Spring

Progressing to Undine’s Spring, Alice once again decides to wait outside. Before Luka enters, a booming voice echoes from the lake; warning Luka not to enter. Alice recognizes it but refuses to talk about it.

After Luka returns from his rough battle with the Heavenly Knight and Queen Slime Erubetie and successful acquisition of Undine’s power, he notices that Alice has made crude drawings of the “Idiot Fake Hero” in the dirt. She explains to Luka that humans have endangered the slimes by polluting their water, causing their queen to act.


En Route to Grangold

On the way to the Gold region and Grangold, Alice tells Luka the story about her coronation as Monster Lord.

Alice tries to teach Luka the Serene Mind, but is unsuccessful. Instead, she teaches him Lightning Sword Flash since he has gotten better at using Sylph.


Upon reaching Grangold, they encounter the Golem Girl, which, like the Chimera Dryad, is unknown to Alice.

After they manage to enter the kingdom, they learn about the human use of Ant Girls and artificial monsters as slaves. A magical scientist reveals that they have kept the Queen Ant in custody, which surprises Alice.

While resting at the inn, an Automata Girl comes in to provide “service”, which Luka immediately refuses; his refusal leads to Alice “rewarding” him by raping him with a blowjob.

The next morning, the monsters go on a rampage and start attacking humans. Alice tells him to leave it as it is, and let the humans reap what they sow. Luka has the option to disagree and help the humans.

If he does agree to help, Alice later leads Luka down to the castle basement where they run into a scientist; Alice hypnotizes her and she reveals that a strange woman in a lab coat (Promestein) gave Grangold the technology to contain and control the Queen Ant, and supposedly the Monster Lord. However, recently the machines have stopped working.

Alice leaves to fetch the Grangold King while Luka fights the Queen Ant, who refuses to back down. Alice convinces the Grangold King that he must take action, and drags him back to the castle basement before Luka can deal the finishing blow. The Queen Ant recognizes her Lord, but Alice tells her that it is not important. Alice and Luka eventually convince Queen Ant to stand down, considering how her actions would be viewed by others.

Succubus Village

They then decide to head to the Succubus Village. Alice insults the human males as well as Luka, calling them “damn perverts.”  At the inn, Alice informs Luka of the true nature of the Purple Sabbath; senior succubi arrive in the village and transform the human females into succubi. Not concerned, Alice leaves him to deal with the problem himself.

After Luka defeats and seals all the succubi, he attempts to save the men who were drained to exhaustion. Alice returns and revives the men while accidentally unsealing all of the succubi, but they acknowledge that they cannot defeat Luka. The succubi and the human males agree to coexist, while the revived Lilith recognizes the Monster Lord, mistaking her as the Alipheese the Eleventh.

Lady’s Village

Luka wants to check out the rumor behind Lady’s Village, while ignoring Alice’s warning that he should stay away. After the women claim there is no truth to the rumor and Luka leaves, Alice appears and asks him if he had noticed something strange in the village (the absence of men). When Luka returns, the female inhabitants immediately drop their guise and attack.

He heads to fight the mastermind, Cassandra, before their battle is interrupted by Alice. She reveals that her mother once fought against Cassandra for the Monster Lord's throne and dreamed of coexistence, a dream that Cassandra mentions that Alice herself shares. Alice decides to take charge and enact her right as Monster Lord to be the judge, jury and executioner of Cassandra, as it is an issue from the last generation; she hypnotizes Cassandra’s flesh to dissolve her. Cassandra pleads for mercy, but Alice ignores her, stating that she would trample against Cassandra’s beliefs of the strong overcoming the weak, killing her and leaving the village leaderless and empty.

Gold Volcano

Setting up camp before arriving at Gold Volcano, Alice once again tries to teach Luka Serene Mind, but to no avail once again. Instead, she teaches him Earth Rumbling Decapitation, as his mastery with Gnome has increased.

After entering the volcano, Luka soon comes face-to-face with a Dragon Girl. Before the battle, Alice warns him that he must use Serene Mind or he will lose. He does attain Serene Mind, and a shocked Alice claims that his near-death experience “shortened her life”. Salamander shows up soon after and challenges Luka; before the fight ensues, Alice warns him that Salamander was the one who mentored Granberia.

After impressing Salamander enough to earn her power, Granberia shows up and challenges Luka to a battle. Alice chides Granberia for randomly attacking heroes again, but the Heavenly Knight states that Luka is different than those heroes. Alice allows this to pass and Luka accepts her challenge. However, Luka is still defeated by Granberia's Vaporizing Rebellion Sword. Alice convinces Granberia to “let the fruit ripe before picking it”, so Granberia retreats and decides to wait for Luka until then.

Gold Port

Luka is then taken to Gold Port where he recovers from his injuries in only one night despite Alice claiming it would take nearly a month. After he wakes up, Alice is shocked at Luka’s astounding recovery, then teaches him Serene Demon Sword as a reward for the mastery of Serene Mind. However, she warns him that she is unable to teach him Vaporizing Rebellion Sword, as it is a rarely used maneuver.

Looking for a way to enter Hellgondo, the sailors tell Luka that there is no way other than a Garuda Girl, which no longer exists. Alice tells Luka that he must gather the Six Orbs to hatch a Garuda Girl egg, one of which still exists, located in the Bird God Shrine. Luckily, Amira appears and informs them the location of the Six Orbs, and gives Luka the Red, Yellow, and Green Orbs if he does not have them at this point. Alice points out that the Blue one is in the hands of Kraken and the Silver one in the hands of Poseidoness'.

Search for the Six Orbs

Southern Seas

Heading back to Kraken, she mistakes having wed Alice and Luka, much to the Monster Lord’s chagrin. After apologizing, Kraken willingly gives them the orb and wishes them well on their journey. If Luka did not take Meia’s request and thus had never met Kraken, she refuses to hand over the orb. Alice appears and declares that it was an order from her. After thinking over it, Kraken agrees and expects much from the human the Monster Lord believes in.

Northern Seas

After Luka defeats Poseidoness and claims her Silver Orb in the Northern Seas, Poseidoness greets the Monster Lord. A bored Alice then urges Luka on.

Captain Selene’s Ship

While searching for the Purple Orb, they arrive at Gold Port once again and encounter Selena, the self-proclaimed granddaughter of the famed Pirate Queen Selene. Selena claims that the orb was one of Selene’s treasures, and agrees to take them to Captain Selene’s Ship where the Orb still remains, if they help defeat whatever her grandmother accidentally released from the Calamity Box.

Along the way, Alice discovers Selena is actually Selene’s ghost, frightening her. Shortly afterward, they encounter three Beelzebubs, and Alice explains that Alice I sealed them away many years ago. However, Alice is still frightened by Selene’s ghost. After Luka manages to defeat one of the Beezlebubs, Alice joins him and fights alongside him, stating that it is an issue with a previous generation. Alice promptly kills the other two Beelzebubs and the two are free to collect the Purple Orb.

Fairy’s Island

When Luka hears from a guard in Gold Port that Sara was kidnapped by inhabitants of Fairy’s Island, Alice sniffs the letter sent to the Sabasa King and learns the masterminds behind the kidnapping. However, Alice once again refuses to take part of this.

Confrontation with Lazarus

With the Six Orbs in hand, they proceed to the Bird God Shrine to hatch the egg. However, when they arrive, the egg is missing. They learn from a nearby Ilias Kreuz member that the egg was taken by his comrades to the Ilias Kreuz headquarters at Gold Port; Alice tells Luka not to worry for the egg cannot be destroyed by human hands. Luka decides to march right in and claim the egg; Alice seems worried - not about the egg, but about Luka’s attitude, given his own history with the organization and his father’s role in it.

Upon entering the headquarters, Luka confronts Lazarus who is trying to destroy the egg. Lazarus reveals the truth of his father's past and Alice's involvement. Alice soon walks in and interrupt Lazarus’ ranting, but it only takes a moment for her to be recognized by him. Alice tells Lazarus that she too shared the hope for peace with her mother, but Lazarus isn’t willing to listen to the woman who killed his companions. Luka finally snaps and draws his Iron Sword. However, Alice stops Luka, saying that he has no reason to dirty his hands on Lazarus and uses her eyes to turn him to stone instead, denying him his wish to die as a martyr.

Before hatching the egg, Alice takes Luka up to a hill overlooking Gold Port to recuperate. Alice reassures Luka, saying he is a true hero for standing up for the weak and persecuted. After cheering Luka up, Alice finally breaks down and tells him the events that happened before and after her mother's death. She feels she needs to atone for destroying her mother's wish, but Luka tells her that instead of atonement, she’s inheriting her mother’s will just like he is with his father.

After resolving their problems and determination renewed, Alice decides to give Luka an “experience” of the “pleasure of women”, and rapes him via vaginal intercourse in her human form, a loophole to Ilias’s commandment of not having sex with monsters. At the end, Alice reveals that she had just given Luka her virginity and was prohibited from having contact with humans at a young age.


Onward to Hellgondo

On the next day, they head back to Ilias Kreuz to hatch the egg; Alice suddenly remembers that the power of at least two monsters is also needed. Luckily, Amira appears and agrees to help. Alice names the newly hatched Garuda Girl “Galda”, a play on her original name. By Alice’s command, the harpy ferries her and Luka to Hellgondo.

As they fly, they are interrupted by a Wyvern who claims to be an aerial defense soldier of the Monster Lord. Alice hides under one of Galda’s feathers as Luka and the Wyvern battle.

Soon, they reach Hellgondo. Alice orders Galda to take her leave, and the harpy does so. Alice tells Luka that she wants to scout Remina to the west, but warns him away from the Sealed Sinner’s Prison to the east as it holds no significance to his goal.


At Remina, the duo find evidence that indicates that both humans and monsters were killed. However, numerous Chimera Beasts and the Chimera Dryad Vore attack, and Alice and Luka cooperate to take them all out. Afterwards, Luka discovers a feather, which a bloodied Alice identifies as angelic in origin. She tells him that it is time to leave, as staying around will not give any more answers.

Sealed Sinner’s Prison

At the prison, they learn that it was built by Ilias to permanently imprison souls, most of those who have rebelled against Ilias. An inscription on the prison says “Heinrich Hein”, leaving them to believe that Heinrich revolted.

Monster Lord’s Castle

Finally deciding to stop the Four Heavenly Knights once and for all at the Monster Lord’s Castle, the two set up camp for the final time. Alice teaches Luka the ultimate technique that Heinrich used to vanquish Black Alice: Quadruple Giga. Luka actually thanks Alice for teaching him a move that does not have a horrific backstory, though Alice says that from monsters' perspective, its backstory is horrific.

Upon arriving at the Monster Lord’s Castle, Alice takes her leave from Luka, wishing him good luck in the final stage of his journey, no matter how painful it may be.

Once Luka defeats the Four Heavenly Knights, Alice congratulates him and invites him to face her. Dumbfounded, he rushes and ignores Tamamo’s warning to wait. In the Monster Lord’s throne room, Alice confronts Luka, welcoming him and introducing herself as the 16th Monster Lord as if they’ve never met. At first, Luka assumes it’s a joke, until Alice reminds him that as the hero, it’s his duty to slay the Monster Lord. Alice intends to sacrifice herself for peace, just as her mother did before her. She thinks that his is needed to unify the people and stop the monsters raging throughout the world. Luka protests but Alice sternly maintains that it’s necessary. However, Alice doesn’t plan on simply rolling over and dying; Luka must put up a fight otherwise he isn’t worth entrusting the world to. The time for talk ends; ordering Luka to take up his Iron Sword, Alice attacks.

If Luka fails to put up a fight, Alice wonders if he was fighting for real, but then uses her powers to create an unbreakable barrier around the throne room, stating that as far as anyone will know, the Monster Lord simply vanished without a trace, but so did the Hero. She then coils around Luka and rapes him for eternity. However, this allows Ilias to take over the world unhindered and re-create it under her own image, bringing it to "peace."

After a heated battle in which neither holds back, Luka eventually prevails and strikes Alice to an inch of her life. With a sliver of health remaining, she tells him that she will always treasure their adventure, that the weeks spent traveling by his side were the best of her life, then finally asks him to finish the job and become a true hero by slaying her.

If he attacks, Alice commends him as a true hero and dies. If he uses Quadruple Giga, she notes that it is the same technique that defeated Black Alice. Ilias comes down to congratulate the hero, and allows him to claim the treasure chest in the room as it is rightfully his. Inside is the tail ribbon that Luka bought for Alice, revealing that she considered this a treasure.

If Luka does nothing by waiting or guarding for two turns, the battle will end with Luka refusing to strike down Alice. She calls him naive for thinking his dream can come true without making sacrifices, but he responds that killing her will go against his beliefs; he cherishes life, not death, and no ideal is worth killing and sacrificing a friend. Alice argues that her death is necessary, otherwise her mother would have died for nothing, but Luka doesn't budge. He eventually manages to make Alice doubt her original goal.

At this point however, Ilias comes down to express her displeasure and disappointment in Luka, who she accuses of being seduced by Alice and falling to the darkness; something that must be punished. Alice sneers and comes to Luka’s defense; if a hero doesn’t fight for others, then what is he? Ilias ignores her, stating only she has the right to determine what makes a hero. Luka questions the goddess and eventually realises that she is the true enemy, pointing his sword at her. After Ilias attacks Luka and misses, she announces that the castle will become a “Second Remina” and disappears.

Ilias’s Full-Scale War

“Second Remina”

Shortly after Ilias disappears, there is a sudden rumble; Erubetie enters the throne room and reports that angels and chimeras have laid siege to the castle, with Promestein leading the attack. Alice realizes that Ilias has declared a full-scale war, and they rush out to confront their attackers. Witnessing several monsters including Granberia and Alma Elma faltering as they meet their matches against the intangibility of the angels and specially-designed Chimera, Luka attempts to attack Promestein. Using an artificial wind spirit and revealing herself as an angel, Promestein dodges the attack and the armies she has brought to the Castle rally together. As Luka’s resolve falters, Alice reminds Luka that he’s taken on more difficult challenges, and this time, he isn’t alone - she will be his ally throughout the battle. With renewed hope and strength, they charge in to the fight side by side.

Alice takes on the chimera forces while telling Luka to confront the angels. After the angelic forces are out of the way, Alice decides to attack Promestein again. Arc-En-Ciel attempts to confront her, but Promestein orders her to back down, as there are already countermeasures placed on both the Monster Lord and the Fake Hero. After evading Alice's punch, Promestein uses a magic seal, similar to the one from Grangold used on the Queen Ant, to seal off Alice and she disappears. Promestein explains that the seal she used was the Six Ancestors Great Seal.

Promestein's Secret Laboratory

After Tamamo forces Promestein and her forces to retreat, Luka pursues the scientist and finds her hidden laboratory beneath the ruins of Remina. He meets up with a now-shrunken Alice. Promestein, taking advantage of her foes' weakened states, decides to deal with them once and for all, and transforms into a seaweed-like monster. Luka, however, manages to trigger a Serene Mind despite Undine being sealed, much to Promestein's surprise.

After they drive her back, Alice demands Promestein to undo the seal, but she states that it cannot be undone. The scientist then attempts to inject herself with a syringe, but Black Alice arrives and stops her, stating that it is too early to use "White Rabbit", then teleports her away. Alice confronts the 8th Monster Lord, assuming she is just a mimic, but her radiating power confirms otherwise. Before leaving, Black Alice informs the two that Ilias has begun laying siege all over the world.

The duo then attempt to search for way to undo the seal put on Alice, but there is too much data to go through. Tamamo arrives and reports that Ilias' angel army has begun laying siege to the entire world. Alarmed, Luka and Alice ride Galda back to Ilias Village, the very start of their journey.

Return to Ilias Village

While riding Galda back to Ilias Village, Alice calms down Luka's panicking. She then reveals that she sent her real body into subspace while creating her current smaller, weaker body, and laments her inability to do too much while in that form. She also reveals that Black Alice brought her to the laboratory. Luka is confused as to why, but Alice postulates that the forces of Heaven aren't a great combination, nor are they in unison.

Just as they arrive, they find the entire Ilias Village in flames, and most, if not all of the citizens dead. Archangel Ranael appears and taunts Luka, which causes his Keepsake Ring to shatter out of anger, finally revealing his angel form and he crushes the Archangel. 

Return to Enrika

Alice and Luka return to Enrika, now under siege by Ilias' wrathful angelic and chimera army. They help the elf defenders to repulse some of the invaders. Micaela arrives, and her aura causes the remaining invaders to retreat. Micaela reveals that she transported the majority of the villagers from Ilias Village to Enrika, and also reveals her true identity and the purpose of the village.

(work in progress)


Following the battle with Ilias, Luka falls into a one month coma, during which Alice orders her subordinates to amend the peace over the world while she stays with the bedridden Luka and waits for his return. Once Luka wakes up, the duo venture out to see the new world that he helped build and alter. During this, many monsters attempt to seduce Luka.

Once the duo returns to the Monster Lord's Castle, Tamamo greets them and congratulates Luka for resisting temptation from other monsters, explaining that it was a test for him to marry the monster lord, which she now approve. While Luka is left shocked at the sudden turn of events, Alice merely does not display emotion but after Tamamo's explanation she says only Luka is fit for her, which then Tamamo teases Alice for staying that one month at Luka's bedside. Alice asks what he thinks of her, and he wonders how to convey it.

If Luka says it the "Straight Out" way, Luka thanks her for helping him save the world as she gave him the strength and courage to fight on any enemy and made him who he is now, and tells Alice that he loves her. Likewise, Alice says that he saved her from regrets and self-sacrifice, and because of him she can overcome any difficultly, and also says she loves him. Tamamo is left completely forgotten in the conversation. If Luka says it the "Roundabout Way", he simply says he loves Alice despite the marriage being too sudden. Tamamo says that if he isn't dissatisfied then means he agrees. If Luka decides to "Remain Silent", Alice also stays silent, and Tamamo butts in and says that it means he agrees.

Regardless of however Luka conveys his feelings, Tamamo urges the newlyweds to breed; after Alice compromises of having a boy and a girl with Luka, she eagerly jumps hims and has sex with him via vaginal intercourse for three straight days and nights.

Half a year later, Luka kept his promise in traveling the world with Alice all over again, with their new goal of maintaining coexistence; their journey is still far from over.

Monsterpedia Entries

Alice (1)

“A mysterious monster only matched by her mysterious power. With her identity unknown, it’s unsure if there are even any monsters who can match her strength. Though it appears she means no harm to humans, she is merciless if one dares to challenge her. The price for challenging her is pricy, indeed.”

Alice (2)

“The 16th Monster Lord, outside of the founding Monster Lord, she is the most powerful of them all. Even though she’s very young in the monster world, she holds the loyalty of the Four Heavenly Knights.

Though she has a policy for monsters to only attack humans for self-defense, there are many who are seemingly going against it. But in fear of her overwhelming power as the Monster Lord, there are none who dare revolt against her.

She has been traveling with Luka for a long time. With Alice absent from the castle, Tamamo seems to be in charge of governmental affairs.”

Alice (3)

“The 16th Monster Lord, she is known to be the most powerful one since the first generation. She has inherited the will of her mother, and strives for peace with humanity. However, it’s rumored that many monsters are grouping in rebellion, conspiring against her.

After fighting Ilias once and losing, she realized that she cannot simply defeat a Goddess. Traveling around the world Ilias controls, she looked for a way to resolve the issue with humanity. But due to her trauma at destroying her mother’s dream as a young child, she can’t quite look at everything with a rational mind…

She herself couldn’t escape from the belief that if she, as the Monster Lord, were to be killed by a Hero, that everything would end happy. Finally freed from the temptation of self-sacrifice, she is walking on her own path for the first time.”

Alice (4)

“Alipheese Fateburn, currently the 16th Monster Lord. Said to be the strongest of her family, even exceeding the famed Alice the Eighth.

In response to the Six Ancestors Great Seal, she substituted her main body for one of a young girl’s. Since her mind was dragged into this body, it appears she had a tough time keeping her dignity, and avoiding acting like a child.”

Alice (End)

“The current Monster Lord, above all other monsters. After defeating Ilias, she declared the arrival of worldwide peace. A central figure of the attained peace along with Luka, she's currently traveling the world alongside her husband.

Cooperating with the current human rulers, she is a big pusher of social reforms to promote coexistence between all races. Since there are still minor troubles all over the world, she is still happily traveling with Luka...”


First Battle

  • *Concentrate Magic: Attack used as preparation for Monster Lord’s Cruelty.
  • *Monster Lord’s Cruelty: Prepared attack that damages four times and leads to a one hit KO.

*Non-requestable technique

Second Battle

  • *Attack: Normal attack described as “Alipheese attacks”.
  • *Omega Blaze: A scorching whirpool of flame attack and deals heavy damage for one time.
  • *Frost Ozma: Magical power that freezes the air and deals heavy damage for one time.
  • *Monster Lord’s Cruelty: Powerful attack that damages four times for a massive amount of damage.
  • *Magic Concentration: Preparation for Omega Blaze, Frost Ozma, and Monster Lord’s Cruelty all in one turn. Both Guard and Undine is needed to avoid this.
  • *Tail Bind: Triggers bind status and deals damage. Leads to Satanic Pressure or Pleasure Drain on the next turn.
  • Satanic Pressure: Binded attack that deals damage. Will trigger tail bukkake on loss.
  • Pleasure Drain: Binded attack with drain properties. Will trigger tail (tip) bukkake on loss.
  • Eyes of Temptation: Triggers temptation status. Will trigger hand bukkake on loss.

*Non-requestable technique

Battle Overview

First Battle

Her first battle is an impossible one; as Luka’s attacks only deal a very small amount of damage to her. She’ll use Concentrate Magic and end him with Monster Lord’s Cruelty.

Fighting her can be avoided, but is required to unlock her entry in the encyclopedia as well as achieving 100% completion.

Overwhelmed by her dark power, an opening within the tip of her tail devours Luka’s penis and forces him to ejaculate repeatedly until he ascends to heaven.

Second Battle

In her second battle, apply the power of the Four Spirits in any order, although it is optimal to use Salamander last for maximum SP, and wail on her with Serene Demon Sword. Alternatively, use mostly regular attacks and repeatedly Meditate to recover health.

As demonstrated in earlier parts of the game, her magic is very lethal, with Omega Blaze and Frost Ozma dealing large amounts of damage (over 800 hp) in just one hit, while Monster Lord’s Cruelty strikes four times each as powerful as the other two magic attacks, although Sylph and Undine should have no problem dodging them. If she uses Magic Concentration, both Guard and Undine is needed to avoid the simultaneous barrage of Omega Blaze, Frost Ozma and Monster Lord’s Cruelty. If she uses her bind, Struggle for three turns to escape. When Salamander runs out, immediately use her again; without the constant SP replenishment, the fight becomes nearly impossible.

With a sliver of health remaining, the background music will change and she will ask Luka to finish the job. If he decides to kill, attack with anything, although Quadruple Giga will provide a bit of extra dialogue. If he chooses to spare, Wait or Guard two turns; she will not allow a Surrender nor Request.

Succumbing to her deadly magic or pleasurable attacks, she asks if Luka was fighting seriously. She then creates an unbreakable barrier that even she cannot shatter, meaning they’re both trapped in the Monster Lord’s Throne Room forever. With this, the Monster Lord would have happened to vanish, and so did the Hero. Alice then binds Luka with her tail and skillfully uses her vagina techniques to make him orgasm, and this pleasure will continue for all eternity. However, it is mentioned at the end of the scene that Ilias still launches her world-wide assault and takes it over unhindered, allowing her to re-create it and bringing it to "peace."


Alice (1)

“Defeated effortlessly, huh? As you are now, you have no chance of victory. If you can't find a way to avoid fighting her, you will never be able to move on. Never forget the disgrace you suffered here. Sooner or later, you must defeat this person. Now go, oh brave Luka. I shall wait for the day you destroy the Monster Lord.”

Alice (2)

“Did you think it would be funny for a hero to lose to the Monster Lord? Though I cannot say I particularly dislike this ending, since she sealed herself away for eternity… I’ll give you one more chance. Don’t fail my expectations. Naturally the Monster Lord is the most powerful monster you’ve faced. If you don’t use all four spirits, you cannot win. Gnome is required to break free of her bind and Sylph is required to evade her temptation attack. If you aren’t guarding and in a serene state of mind when she unleashes a charged attack, evasion will be impossible. Without earth, water and wind your defeat is all but guaranteed. Make sure you always have enough SP to keep those summons up. In addition, her magical power is extremely strong. Wind and water will raise your evasion rate, but it isn’t guaranteed… As a precaution don’t let your HP drop below 900. You should try to be fighting at full HP as much as possible. When you reach the end, she may begin to prattle or something. Make sure you give her a decisive blow at that point… Do you understand, Luka? A true hero would use their strongest attack to give their finishing blow to the Monster Lord. Now go, oh brave Luka. At the time of your victory, I shall offer half the world to you.”


  • Alice is the first monster who uses normal attacks, that is, the phrase “Alipheese attacks” appears without a skill header in battle, and is also the only monster with that characteristic in Chapter 2. In Chapter 3, Knightroid also uses regular physical attacks, and in their respective player-controlled fights, all of Four Heavenly Knights can use non-named, basic physical attacks as well.
  • To Luka, “Alice” does not fit her – he thinks it is far too innocent a name for someone like her.
  • Luka considers Alice to be physically beautiful. However, monsters like Fairies or Nekomata consider Alice scary, the former calling her “scary snake lady”.
  • Alice is a classic example of a tsundere. Her reactions toward Luka span from being totally ignorant of his fate (especially during the first chapter of the storyline) to outright admitting that Luka’s near-death experience with the Dragon Girl “shortened her life”. In addition to this, her sexual moments with Luka grow increasingly intimate as the story progresses, indicating a softening of her stance against him.
    • Interestingly, despite showing signs of jealousy when the Four Spirits canonically rape Luka, Alice willingly goes with it. This may be because of how crucial it is for Luka to reconnect his bond with them. However this does not stop her wreaking havoc on the local environment in an effort to blow off steam (i.e. lowering the water level of Undine's Spring). This becomes a running gag of sorts in Chapter 3.
  • According to Alice's Monsterpedia entries, she is stronger than her predecessor Monster Lords. Tamamo also supports this, claiming that a disaster she would have brought would be worse than Black Alice's.
    • However, predecessors Alice XV and Black Alice (unmodified by the White Rabbit) have more levels and HP than Alice XVI. This could be due to the fact that the former was resurrected and possibly modified by La Croix while the latter was aided and also possibly (though unlikely) empowered by Ilias.
      • It is worth noting that in regards to Black Alice, the entry and Tamamo's statement were made in Chapter 2, at which point Black Alice was not known to still be alive. The noted difference in power may potentially be a result of the intervening 500 years of time to hone her experience and power.
  • Alice appears to be well-versed in toxins and poisons. She, along with Luka and Erubetie, immediately sensed Slime Bess’ magic mercury while also recognizing it as a poisonous miasma shortly before its effects took place in Undine’s Spring. She additionally appears to be able to consume poisonous substances without any problem, as she drinks the contaminated water in Undine’s Spring during Luka and Salamander’s re-contraction to where its water level noticeably drops. Alice also immediately recognizes Queen Alraune’s Aztec Rose poison when she announces she’s refining it while also informing Luka of its effects, and also recognizes and names several lethal drugs in Lily’s mansion from brief observations after repelling Lucia’s attack on Witch Hunt Village.
  • Despite showing high levels of sexual skill, she only uses three sexual attacks in her battle. Likewise, despite being capable of inflicting all kinds of status ailments with her eyes, the only status effect she inflicts with them in the battle is Temptation.
  • She is a virgin up until her final canonical rape scene of Chapter 2. Despite being a virgin until the aforementioned scene, Alice demonstrates full mastery of numerous vaginal techniques if Luka loses to her in the final battle. Whether this is because she is a monster girl or is a requirement as a Monster Lord is unknown.
  • Despite being a lamia and therefore a cold-blooded creature, the frigid environment of Yamatai Mountains as well as the ability to cast Frost Ozma has no effect on her. This may be due to her status as a Monster Lord.
  • Alice is one of seven characters in the game to canonically have sexual relations with Luka. The other six are Meia, Sara, Gnome, Sylph, Salamander and Undine.
  • Alice was named Alicefeeze for her English name by Torotoro, but was renamed to Alipheese by Rogue as he thought the spelling sounded stupid.
  • Alice happens to have a verbal tic: “Hora, hora hora!” (heard mostly during the sex scenes with Luka). “Hora” seems to be a word in the Japanese slang Jisho which is a cutesy way of saying “look” or “hey”. This same verbal tic is shared by the Four Heavenly Knights, most notably Tamamo and Granberia.
  • Alice states that the Fateburns have two requirements for them to marry a man:
    1. The man has to be stronger than the female.
      • If no men happen to be stronger than her, she would have to weaken herself and risk ultimately sacrificing her position as Monster Lord for love.
    2. The man in question must wish to be married to the female.
  • Before Ilias sent Alice crashing down near Ilias Village, Alice is strangely able to damage Ilias slightly with an attack, despite angels being immune to anything but holy energy.
    • According to Torotoro's blog, Alice was holding the Angel Halo's as she struck Ilias.
  • Alice is referenced in Corruption of Champions: sometimes while wandering the desert, the player will come across a naga with “blue skin” and “a flower in her hair”. She is found cooking a potato over a burning library, shouting “Hora hora!”.
  • According to Torotoro, Alice is capable of flying due to a pair of wings normally concealed at her waist.