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Adramelech's Battle Theme

Adramelech is a high-class Apoptosis creature who appears in the first part of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox. She is the final boss of Chapter 1.


She first appears in the Third Tartarus, as Luka and his party explore a dying world (even Sylph and Gnome inform them that their respective elements are dead) with the only sign of civilization being the Administrator Tower. After learning from exploring the tower and from Radio, a robotic caretaker, that all the inhabitants are dead, they meet La Croix, who is the master of the tower. They then receive an explanation about the chaosization phenomenon that is responsible for the destruction of this world and which will affect their own sooner or later. Afterward, Luka and the party leave through the exit at the back of the room, accompanied by Radio.

After they leave, Adramelech appears shortly after. She asks La Croix to move out of the way, but La Croix refuses to back down, followed by La Croix and the Cirque du Croix attacking her. The actual fight isn't seen.

Before Luka and the party can leave the world, Adramelech appears and blocks their way to the exit. Her battle with La Croix knocked her down to only 10% of her normal power, so that gives Luka a chance.

Defeated, Adramelech collapses, presumably dead. Luka and the party run through the exit, as the world falls apart around them.

Adramelech isn’t quite dead yet. Her damaged form grabs Luka as they’re running across the bridge back to their world. She’s determined to drag Luka down into the “nothingness” with her.

Luka believes this is the end for him, but then a mysterious person shows up and cuts her in half with a sword. That person turns out to be Marcellus. Luka’s father. The family reunion doesn’t last long. Marcellus points out that while Luka is trying to save one world, Marcellus is trying to save them all. He leaves the dimension through a portal.

She makes her final appearance in Part 2 when Sonya becomes an Apoptosis and summon her. The Lilith Sisters and the Three seraphim band against Adramelech while Luka's group fight Sonya. While the two trio manage to hold their own and take her down several times, Adramelech keeps reviving and becoming stronger each time and starts destroying the world once and for all.

On Alice's route, Nuruko reveals herself as the spirit of chaos and expels Adramelech back to the void between worlds before sealing Sonya and turning back to her small self.

On Ilias's route, Sonya attack Adramelech and rewinds time, and leaves a copy of herself to accompany Luka before sacrificing herself and rewinding time to remove the fights that happened from the recent events.

Monsterpedia Entry

“A very powerful, high-class Apoptosis. Her nature and purpose are shrouded in mystery, and she does not appear to understand human language, making communication impossible. She has characteristics of both monsters and angels at the same time, and by wielding the mysterious power known as Chaos, her combat abilities are extraordinary. She is an organism whose very existence is an enigma, and it is uncertain whether she was really destroyed or not. There is also a theory that she becomes more powerful each time she appears…”


  • Attack – One Foe, Normal Attack
  • Wings of Destruction – One Foe, Physical
  • Tentacle Dance – 3 Random Foes, Physical
  • Meteor – All Foes, Auto-hit Time Magic 
  • Holy Light – All Foes, Auto-Hit, Holy Attribute, Ascension 10%
  • Necrosis – One Foe, Auto-Hit, Dark/Holy Attribute
  • Drain Sphere (Act.) – One Foe (Luka), Pleasure Attribute, Bind (2 Turns Break), Learnable
  • Drain Sphere(Cont.) – Rape, Learnable
  • Drain Sphere (F) – One Foe (Female), Pleasure Attribute, Bind 50%, Learnable


Adramelech can be disappointing for a final boss if you fight on normal or less difficulty. If you fight on a hard or higher difficulty, prepare your best equipment and party members. A Superstar (like Saki) who provides stat boosts is more than helpful.

As a whole, she's not exceptionally tough, but doesn't possess any glaring weakness either: She possesses resistance to the three magic elements, dark and holy, limiting the offensive options a great deal, and most status effects against her are useless.

Defending against her attacks is where things can get complicated: With several auto-hit attacks, including one that has a dangerous chance to insta-kill at least one party member, having someone ready to be a full time healer is a necessity. Slowing her down allows to better time healings, but even then, you're not free from a surprise party wipe. Your best call is to avoid bringing monsters with a holy weakness, as they also have a weaker resistance to ascension as well. Last, while dodge and physical resistance won't protect you against the most painful attacks, it can avoid getting finished by a weaker follow up.


Ilias: “Error code 695!? What in the world are you fighting? …I have a bad feeling about this, so let’s do this quickly. An analysis of your memory indicates that your opponent is named Adramalech. …No weak points found. You’ll have to do this the hard way, I guess. She makes heavy use of strong Holy and Dark element attacks, but I doubt there’s much you can do to mitigate their damage at this point. At the very least, don’t fight with any party members who are weak to those elements. Make sure you have plenty of healing, and don’t skimp on support spells. Abnormal status effects are wholly ineffective, although time magic like slow and stop can be useful. The odds of landing stop are so poor that you’re better off with slow. Just slowing her down should be enough to turn the tables. Her elemental resistances are all high, and-- --what’s going on!? Unbelievable!!”

Adramelech: “Class Two Cross-World Contact detected -- Intermundane contact is prohibited.”

Ilias: “How can anyone break into this world… Wait, how is this Class Two Cross-World Contact!? That means Luka, you’re a different-- No, perhaps it is I who--”

Adramelech: “Contact is prohibited. Eliminating--”



  • Adramelech was a form of sun god related to Moloch. The centre of his worship was the Mesopotamian town of Sippar (Sepharvaim).
  • Her second form is the only one that Luka doesn't need to battle.
  • She is the only known Apoptosis who can revive herself and actively invade other dimensions as the evaluation proves.