Administrator Tower is a location in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox.


Just east of Sabasa Continent North Tartarus. This location is literally proof that the world is distorting around you with your actions. Good thing for that too, as not only is this place home to Shadow Girls, Paintgeists, Chimera Homunculuses, Super Iron Maidens, and Junk Doll Girls, as the basement has a few Mimic Girls and Honey Pots roaming about!. The place will be inaccessible after part 1 so open all chest level up and recruit as many monsters before you end Part 1.

Map Of The Area

Small Medal Locations


1F, B1F (Tartarus)

1F (Main World). 2F, 3F (Tartarus)

  • 3 Shadow Girls
  • 2 Paintgeists
  • Shadow Girl, Paintgeist
  • Shadow Girl, Chimera Homunculus
  • 2 Neo Iron Maidens
  • Shadow Girl, Neo Iron Maiden

B1F (Main World)

  • Shadow Girl, Paintgeist
  • Shadow Girl, Chimera Homunculus
  • Shadow Girl, Neo Iron Maiden
  • Mimic Girl
  • Honey Pot
  • Junk Doll Girl



  • Panacea, 1F, Barrel
  • Logical Gear, 1F, Red Chest
  • Cake, 1F, Barrel
  • Strawberry Jam, 1F, Pot
  • Rice Ball, 1F, Pot
  • Seed of Fortune, 1F, Pot
  • Beer, 1F, Barrel
  • Seed of Spirit, 1F, Pot
  • Honey Pot, B1F, Every pot
  • Seed of Promotion, B1F, Barrel
  • Small Medal, B1F, Bookshelf in the eastern room
  • Scalpel Scroll, 2F, Red Chest
  • Seed of Knowledge, 2F Rooms, Bookshelf
  • Mermaid Charm, 2F Rooms, Red Chest
  • Small Medal, 2F Rooms, Red Chest in the library
  • Divine Scalpel, 2F Rooms, Blue Chest
  • Seed of Race, 2F Rooms, Pot
  • Cheese, 2F Rooms, Barrel
  • Rune Blade, 2F Rooms, Blue Chest
  • Ultimate Herb, 2F Rooms, Pot
  • Crystal Flail, 2F Rooms, Red Chest
  • Yellow Thunder Stone, 2F Rooms, Barrel
  • Claymore, 4F, Blue Chest
  • Elixir, 4F, Barrel
  • Angel Seed, 4F, Barrel
  • Drill, 4F, Blue Chest

Main World

  • Seed of Promotion, 1F, Pot
  • Seed of Lineage, 1F, Barrel
  • Angel Seed, 1F, Pot
  • Honey Pot, B1F, Every pot
  • Drill, B1F, Bookshelf
  • Seed of Lineage, B1F, Barrel

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  • This location can be first accesed in Third Tartarus. After completing first part, it will appear in it's location in main world too. However, all floors beside 1F and B1F will be locked. Also, all Honey Pots in B1F will be respawned.
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